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Heather Feb 2023
I wouldn’t dream of making anyone wait
Everyone! Proceed as you will!
Heather Feb 2023
the morning rolls in on women’s voices
and bright empty landscapes
they sing optimistically, don’t worry
something new will grow here again

yet I still can’t get out of bed
or smile
Heather Feb 2023
I remember once
years ago
tripping on acid
seeing things that weren’t there
far away things
easy distant realities
then closer things
intimate fictions

then closer

so close

right in front of my face

close as anything could be

the last thing I saw

nose to nose

Heather Jan 2023
I don’t know why
I built my heart a house
so many times
out of cards

I thought it was made of
indestructible dreams
or regenerating fates

but he keeps dealing
from the deck

and I keep stacking
in the wind storm
of his love
Heather Jan 2023
it strikes several time a day
—the dread—
carves me out like a soft squash
my torso becomes a vast painful cavity
the will to live stares morosely down,
frayed wires of puppet strings snap about my head
the soul holds me paralyzed over the void
lest I throw myself in
     it is not my time

I don’t remember how the episode passes
I just know that it does
and I am free to move again
mechanical and numb through the day
at least, for a few more hours
Heather Jan 2023
someday I will live on a water,
it will love me
I will spend my days discovering it’s mysteries
spinning them into fantastic tales,
cinematic grays of storm,
kaleidoscope colors of dragonfly spring

I will live in the cocoon of its beauty,
in the folding space of beings from every world
I will story the breath of pirouettes,
the creation waves of slumber
finding uncommon lives
woven through fertile riparian fabrics  

the water will know me as no human could
it will absorb me into it’s rhythm
I will disappear from causation
cherished and protected the remainder of my days
I, devoted witness and biographer to a landscape
Heather Jan 2023
it’s a testament to my spirit that I believe
I won’t malign myself any longer for it,
neither hold myself hostage to fantasy
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