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Iris 4d
She says you got mad because she beat you at Connect 4.
        — I don’t care about stupid Connect 4!!
Why are the pieces all over the place then?
        — she said I’m only ever gonna work at  
Ohh, I’m sorry bab—
        — so I said she’s fat!!!
        — and then I threw the pillows at her!!
        —and then I threw the Connect 4 at her!!

😡😡 You need to say you’re sorry 😡😡

        — I’m not!! I hate her!!
        — she’s like a mean big sister!!
She probably thinks you’re like an annoying little brother
        — good! I never want to see her again!!

((walks away smiling))
(he knows what it’s like to have a sister!! 😍)
For my little sister. May our children grow up to love each other as much as we do.
Iris 4d
I was outside your window
the light was much too bright
if I was there
that light would be dim
or off
Iris 4d
my sweet gentle gecko
back in her tank? heck no!
she wants to explore nooks and crannies
then, I discovered this holiday
over a nice glass of Cabernet
she also likes to scare aunts and grannies
Iris 7d
what’s it been dear?
thousands of poems
hundreds of photos
dozens of songs
five profiles
four years
three websites
two smartphones

one man

what’s it been?
I couldn’t guess the inches
Iris 7d
It will be ok
We’ll have nice lives either way
Inside out
Happy thanksgiving!
Or whatever they celebrate in your country on the last Thursday of November
Iris Nov 23
I hope you have love
even if not for me
and if she find her tires slashed
it’s a coincidence, I swear
you know how the neighbourhood can be
Iris Nov 23
there is SO MUCH content
the world is busting with content
I could cover the universe in quilts with all this material
costume changes for everyone!!
on the house!!
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