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 May 11 Sam
Memories encroach on a star speckled consciousness,
How the sun felt in years gone by.
What was life like when happiness sprouted from the earth?
How mud splattered flower child was taught to be quiet.
We spend years relearning that we are birthed of stars,
Only to let simple vibrations of air
Crumble war torn castles of consciousness.
God I miss who I was when I wrote this
 May 3 Sam
 May 3 Sam
She sang a song
of ice and snow
and dreamed of oceans
swaying slow
She swam through clouds
and flew near stars
Fell so proud
and dove so far

She was a sad harmony
A song she unsung
A silence unheard
A deed undone

She hummed a tune
of fish and birds
and bore with devotion
The beasts she herds
She swam through life
and flew from death
Fell from strife
and dove bereft

She was a sweet melody
A smile she unsmiled
A violence in violet
My hope she defiled

She sang a song
that twists the mind
and played my emotions
Leaving me blind
I swam near folly
and flew through sin
I fell in love
and dove right in
 Apr 26 Sam
Clair de Lune
 Apr 26 Sam
The galaxy dances above the ether,
and the moon smiles at the melody,
knowing all the while
that it was written
just for her.
 Mar 2022 Sam
We soften our No's
with Thank You's and apologies
We have to tell you we're important
to people like Mother and Father
before you see us as valuable
It's like being Someone's daughter
is more important than just being
But we're privileged, of course
We can have jobs like you
and isn't Free the Nip a thing, too?
'Feminism is outdated'
you say to all the women you claim
you never hated
You tell her to cover up
(she's just feeding her baby)
but you never think to look away
You use the bible as your excuse
but never want to pluck out your eye
or pay for your version of the truth
What's wrong with her?
Why is she so rude?
That's a funny question to ask
Let's not ask it twice
when so many women have bled
(and died, or worse)
for the simple act of being nice.
 Jan 2022 Sam
Lost Indeed
I am tired.
I just want want to watch TV.
And write poems.
I want to lay by the sea.
And love someone more than me.

I wanna cry.
But I have no tears.
I want to dance.
But I have no ears.

But then, you came along.
And I realized that we are both sinners of the same kind.
Singers to the same song.
Both are pieces of a broken mind.
 Jan 2022 Sam
 Jan 2022 Sam
I tried to bury the hurt
deep, deep inside.
But it returns to haunt me,
because I buried it alive.
 Jan 2022 Sam
our lips will never meet
nor our fingers intertwine
and so bless my dreams
for indulging what's not mine
 Dec 2021 Sam
 Dec 2021 Sam
Why do I crave
Your attention
This late at night
All I need
Is your breath
In mine
To stay alive
 Dec 2021 Sam
 Dec 2021 Sam
can i tell you a secret?
some days, when the sky is its darkest hue
and the clouds are a light gray-blue
i write poetry.
it's all about you.
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