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SUPA SESH May 2021
thin board,
you've made me more me than I could ever ask for,
Time prison,
time slipping,
every move I make has you at the core
No chore,
to sweet,
you're someone that I thought Id never meet
Left feet,
bite the bullet then kiss my cheek
Thin frame,
big heart,
you make living look like a forgotten art
No choice,
to smart,
I know you'll be gentle with my heart
SUPA SESH May 2021
75 mixed with 500m.g
Not tryna feel high just tryna not feel empty

No more poppers has me coughing
My bed is turning in to my coffin

Did the dash and Landed on my face
Out my mind is better then out of place
Weird place
SUPA SESH May 2021
A remedy for the day, without a solution for tomorrow
Repetition looses value when you practice sorrow
Superheroes cry too and the pastor still gets paid,
A new church so the homeless can pray for saviour while their health degrades
No souls saved unless the soul pays
SUPA SESH May 2021
I'm sorry I've been distant,
You've been texting asking if I'm fine,
I could say anything to you, but you see through, if it's not a no it's a lie

I love you that's why I don't want to have you around,
Baby my ship is sinking and neither wanna watch the other drown

This **** unfair and confusing,
Last year it was drugs, this year it's love I'm abusing

It's not wisdom, beautiful it's experience, your my best look and I know you're sick of hearing this

Like this poem, I'm all over the place, lacking beauty, structure and a little ******,
But till the day I'm gone, you're the women I want to love
SUPA SESH May 2021
Oh Memories of the nights he can't remember,
King lost his crown and went on a 5 day ******,
His kingdom empty, only whistles from the breeze,
Yet he was so certain that his crown was taken by thieves
SUPA SESH May 2021
Weird head space
Common sense misplaced
Imma slide on the lies then smack my face
You're to hot to play it cool
Im to smart to keep playing fool
I've spent way to long governing my life in misrule
SUPA SESH May 2021
Sew my own lips shut
Feelings got lost in the cut
Demon's chilling on my porch with the tummy tuck
Blasting at the sun
Forget tomorrow kinda fun
One deep, six feet bury me and let the worms have a run
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