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Lorrin Sep 13
Skip the mirror
Hide my eyes
Cover up those razored thighs

Hide away
Cause “I’m just ill”
When oh when
Will this emptiness fill?

I’d just tripped
It was only the cat
My sanity slipped
And that would be that.

I yearn for the bleeding
I thirst for the flood
There’s pain for the healing
And it’s bathed in my blood
Lorrin May 13
To all the boys I’ve loved before
Thank you
For the pieces of me that now live without you
The bits of you that are now bits of me
That one song
That hobby
The skills you taught me
The passions you shared
The recipe from your mom that still tastes  delicious
But now with just a hint of melancholy
To all the boys I’ve loved before
Thank you
For helping me discover the different parts of me I never knew could exist
For all the laughter
And smiles
And beautiful memories
The melancholic lense doesn’t take away the wonderful moments we shared
To all the boys I’ve loved before
I’ll love you in my memories
Just not like before
Lorrin Apr 22
There’s Braille in my skin
It tells my secrets And my sins
The tales of all my heartaches
And the pain I hold within.

There’s Braille on my legs
Making patterns Where I’ve begged
For all my pain to go away
When I’ve drank out all my kegs

There’s Braille in my mind
Etched in firmly from the times
That sticks and stones Ignored my bones
For the tender spots they’d find

There’s Braille fading slowly
As my mind and body heal
Those silver pale reminders
of the pain I used to feel
Lorrin Apr 14
Waves crashing on sand
like bitter hopes against rock
watch it all fade away
Lorrin Mar 23

Who will pick her up?
Lorrin Mar 23
The path I walk has been so straight
and narrow without a break
but now I've come upon a fork
with many ways to take.

Each one starts so smooth and benign
each one seems a brilliant sprawl
but around each shadowed bend
there lies a hidden fall.

With hidden paths and hidden joys
each one holds a different life
with new potential all its own
yet each holds a different strife.

With each new path is a new companion
a new "hello" to say
yet each path too, contains a split
a "goodbye, I've gone away."
  Mar 18 Lorrin

love runs cold
and fills my cavities
in a relative heat
that i mistake for warmth

love runs cold
and rattles my bones
in a conscious effort
that i mistake for movement

love runs cold
and gives watery oxygen
to my lungs
that i think i can breathe

love runs cold
and floods the air
in such a way
that i think my tears are part of it

your grip is hot in mine,
your pulse weak

and i mistake you for human .

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