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Lorrin 1d
Falling through the sky
stinging cold makes the world right
a blanket of white
Lorrin 2d
Save me,
I'm drowning
In all the tears I've left unshed.
Catch me,
I’m falling
Away from hopes I’ve left unfed.
Heal me,
I’m broken.
Hopeless voices fill my head.
Leave me,
I'm fine.
My lonely path looms up ahead.
Lorrin 3d
           wooden stand, oval mirror,
reflecting all my inner fears.

hours spent
                     primp and preen
endless pursuit of nonexistent perfection.

a life
        blown by the wind
chasing shadows of supposed happiness

Life, without purpose
Lorrin 3d
I do not begrudge the night
for I dearly love the stars.
I do not begrudge the night
though it holds my lonely hours.

I do not love the dawn
for the days are full of pain.
I do not love the dawn
when it touches my windowpane.

I dearly love the twilight
for it's filled with dusky magic.
I dearly love the twilight
it promises life's more than tragic.
Lorrin 4d
I collect my tears.
And keep them in a bottle.
Not one shall escape from my grasp.
Not one shall escape for my fearless façade
would ***** and shatter like glass.
This bottle can only hold so much
before it is ready to burst.
Its river runs fast and cannot be stopped.
This bottle I hold is a curse.
Lorrin 5d
All of my feelings
I hold in my heart
But my heart has a hole
And nothing will stay
It will fill for a moment
But then will depart
My happiness drains fast away.
Empty and numb
This hollowness echoes
Mocking with all that I lack
I try and try but never can manage
To take that happiness back
Lorrin 6d
Lost in a sea of indifference,
my soul aches but my heart is numb.
Stumbling through waves of sorrow
my heart is numb.
My mind wanders, dreams, longs,
Something unknown, out of reach.
It wanders into black and wonders
                                     should it return?
Return to numb longing, reaching,
hoping, despairing.
Wandering ever into black.
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