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Sep 13 · 296
The flood
Lorrin Sep 13
Skip the mirror
Hide my eyes
Cover up those razored thighs

Hide away
Cause “I’m just ill”
When oh when
Will this emptiness fill?

I’d just tripped
It was only the cat
My sanity slipped
And that would be that.

I yearn for the bleeding
I thirst for the flood
There’s pain for the healing
And it’s bathed in my blood
Lorrin May 13
To all the boys I’ve loved before
Thank you
For the pieces of me that now live without you
The bits of you that are now bits of me
That one song
That hobby
The skills you taught me
The passions you shared
The recipe from your mom that still tastes  delicious
But now with just a hint of melancholy
To all the boys I’ve loved before
Thank you
For helping me discover the different parts of me I never knew could exist
For all the laughter
And smiles
And beautiful memories
The melancholic lense doesn’t take away the wonderful moments we shared
To all the boys I’ve loved before
I’ll love you in my memories
Just not like before
Apr 22 · 151
Lorrin Apr 22
There’s Braille in my skin
It tells my secrets And my sins
The tales of all my heartaches
And the pain I hold within.

There’s Braille on my legs
Making patterns Where I’ve begged
For all my pain to go away
When I’ve drank out all my kegs

There’s Braille in my mind
Etched in firmly from the times
That sticks and stones Ignored my bones
For the tender spots they’d find

There’s Braille fading slowly
As my mind and body heal
Those silver pale reminders
of the pain I used to feel
Apr 14 · 59
Lorrin Apr 14
Waves crashing on sand
like bitter hopes against rock
watch it all fade away
Mar 23 · 72
Lorrin Mar 23

Who will pick her up?
Mar 23 · 91
Where I Walk
Lorrin Mar 23
The path I walk has been so straight
and narrow without a break
but now I've come upon a fork
with many ways to take.

Each one starts so smooth and benign
each one seems a brilliant sprawl
but around each shadowed bend
there lies a hidden fall.

With hidden paths and hidden joys
each one holds a different life
with new potential all its own
yet each holds a different strife.

With each new path is a new companion
a new "hello" to say
yet each path too, contains a split
a "goodbye, I've gone away."
Mar 18 · 108
Lorrin Mar 18
Give me wings; I long to fly.
What can I trade for that free egress?
Give me wings to touch the sky
alight on feathers and free from stress.
Weighted down with earthly worries
cares and pains that hold me firm.
My negativity is a rat that scurries
through my heart like a rotten worm.
Mar 15 · 197
Lorrin Mar 15
Let's play a game of Russian roulette
I’m the only player
So go ahead, place your bet.
I’m not scared, let’s have some fun
You bring the liquor
I’ll bring the gun
I know I’ll lose, but that’s okay
I’ll end it quick,
I don’t wanna stay.
Mar 15 · 80
Isn’t it dumb?
Lorrin Mar 15
Isn't it dumb?
How my heart works.
It latches on
- all or nothing -
But the things that I hold
All crumble to dust
And leave me with nothing
But shattered hopes and an empty heart
Mar 10 · 116
Lorrin Mar 10
I spent so long just trying
to hide the words inside
I don’t know how to say them
but heaven knows I’ve tried.

You’ve let me down another time,
and worst of all is this:
I’m not surprised about it,
I’m just deep in my abyss.

I cannot say a single thing.
I cannot tell you how
your lack of care still hurts me
all this pain that you allow.

It digs and cuts so fiercely
the bleeding just won’t stop.
I’ve given up on trying.
I’ll just bleed out every drop.

I’ve spent so long all quiet
with my words all bottled up
I’ve lost the will to say them
and I just don’t give a ****.

I’m always left forgotten.
Placed in the back to sit
brought forward when convenient
and you never give a ****.

I see I’m unimportant.
I’m not woven in your life.
But I wove you into mine, love
and know I need to find a knife.

To cut the cords that tie you
to the fibers of my heart.
But You’re woven in so tightly,
It’ll rip me clean apart.
Mar 10 · 58
From Above
Lorrin Mar 10
Hard and black, interspersed with bright sunshine.
Empty abyss spaced with warm glow.
Crossing everywhere, leading nowhere.
Cracks appear
to be filled and crack again.
Accompanied always by a pounding roar.
Glittering insects follow their paths,
diversion leading to disaster.
Mar 3 · 90
Those Moments
Lorrin Mar 3
I treasure the moments we share together
laced with pain but spiked with joy.
I fear the day those moments cease.
When our lives no longer mingle.
I fear the day you see my face
and no emotion crosses yours
because I no longer matter
to the you that is.
Mar 2 · 118
Lorrin Mar 2
No monsters lurk underneath my bed,
but many prey within my head.
Monsters of my own design
they lurk within and haunt my mind.
Whispering my deepest fears,
they follow me throughout the years.

I try my best to shut them out
ignore the vicious things they spout.
But every time they start to prey
they know the perfect thing to say.
Things that leaden down my heart,
things that come and won't depart.

They whisper deep within my mind
of things I've lost and cannot find.
Things gone wrong and things awry
they view my life and whisper "why."
"Why are you here, why not just leave
you're not even wanted, no one will grieve."

Temptation is there, opportunity knocks.
So many options to leave this foul box.
This cage I've created that lives in my head,
this small voice that whispers, "You're better off dead."
But **** them completely, at least for today.
For at least one more sunrise, I've chosen to stay.
Lorrin Feb 28
Maybe and Almost.  
It almost worked out.
Maybe it still could.
We were almost happy.
Maybe I could be happy without you.
I was almost OK.
Maybe I still can be.
I almost didn’t make it.
Maybe I’ll try again.
I was almost happy.
Maybe I still can,
maybe I never will.
Feb 26 · 342
Broken Generation
Lorrin Feb 26
I am a part of a broken generation
Our economy
Our climate
Our very way of life
- broken -
I am apart from this broken generation
I will strive
To fix
To heal
To love
The hatred that spreads like cancer
Blackening the hearts of the world
I will stand apart
I will love the broken
And heal the hurting
And perhaps
The next generation
Will be a little less broken.
Feb 24 · 47
Lorrin Feb 24
Hope is a beautiful lie
that preys upon your soul
it's siren song is whispered soft
and claims to make you whole

Within the midst of every gale
It’s voice is in your ear
“Just keep going little one,
the end is almost near.”

So you press on stoutly trusting
those  whispered words are true
You fight and trudge all the while
Convinced you’re almost through

But Hope has lied once again
And now you look to find
You’re only deeper in the gale
And your life was left behind.
Emily Dickinson was incorrect
Feb 23 · 243
Lorrin Feb 23
Sometimes I feel invisible.
I feel all too visible.
Perfectly seen.
Utterly ignored.
Feb 21 · 116
In the end
Lorrin Feb 21
In the end
Don’t remember me
Remember how I made you feel
In the end
please don’t be sad
I only ever tried to heal
In the end
When I’m gone
I hope you’re happy and free
In the end
Bury me in a garden full of trees
With an oak for a pillow
And a blanket of sunflowers
In the end
Let me brighten your life
Just one more time
Feb 20 · 140
Cold Blanket
Lorrin Feb 20
Falling through the sky
stinging cold makes the world right
a blanket of white
Feb 19 · 78
Lorrin Feb 19
Save me,
I'm drowning
In all the tears I've left unshed.
Catch me,
I’m falling
Away from hopes I’ve left unfed.
Heal me,
I’m broken.
Hopeless voices fill my head.
Leave me,
I'm fine.
My lonely path looms up ahead.
Feb 18 · 62
Lorrin Feb 18
           wooden stand, oval mirror,
reflecting all my inner fears.

hours spent
                     primp and preen
endless pursuit of nonexistent perfection.

a life
        blown by the wind
chasing shadows of supposed happiness

Life, without purpose
Feb 17 · 60
Lorrin Feb 17
I do not begrudge the night
for I dearly love the stars.
I do not begrudge the night
though it holds my lonely hours.

I do not love the dawn
for the days are full of pain.
I do not love the dawn
when it touches my windowpane.

I dearly love the twilight
for it's filled with dusky magic.
I dearly love the twilight
it promises life's more than tragic.
Feb 16 · 121
My Bottle
Lorrin Feb 16
I collect my tears.
And keep them in a bottle.
Not one shall escape from my grasp.
Not one shall escape for my fearless façade
would crack and shatter like glass.
This bottle can only hold so much
before it is ready to burst.
Its river runs fast and cannot be stopped.
This bottle I hold is a curse.
Feb 16 · 115
Hollow Heart
Lorrin Feb 16
All of my feelings
I hold in my heart
But my heart has a hole
And nothing will stay
It will fill for a moment
But then will depart
My happiness drains fast away.
Empty and numb
This hollowness echoes
Mocking with all that I lack
I try and try but never can manage
To take that happiness back
Feb 15 · 70
Into Black
Lorrin Feb 15
Lost in a sea of indifference,
my soul aches but my heart is numb.
Stumbling through waves of sorrow
my heart is numb.
My mind wanders, dreams, longs,
Something unknown, out of reach.
It wanders into black and wonders
                                     should it return?
Return to numb longing, reaching,
hoping, despairing.
Wandering ever into black.
Feb 14 · 62
The Universal Fear
Lorrin Feb 14
There is a universal fear we all hold inside.
To walk this world alone without a hand to hold.
We all crave the love of another.
We all fear a life lived without.
Why can we not be satisfied with ourselves?
Why do we crave the love and attention of others
at such a deep
that people will put up with
just to feel some semblance of love or affection?
Feb 13 · 255
Insomniac Nights
Lorrin Feb 13
Sleep won't come.
The gates of my dreamland remain firmly locked.
The hands of time turn slowly,
inching away in agony.
Is my life to be one sleepless night after another,
one broken dream after the next?
Why does my head feel so utterly blank?
Why am
                 so utterly
Feb 12 · 618
Harsh Reality
Lorrin Feb 12
What’s the point
What’s the ******* point in any of this
What we do what we say
No one gives a ****
Everything is meaningless
Everyone will leave
What’s the point of trying
When all we do is grieve

This endless ******* circle
That eats away my brain
I hate the way I’m feeling
My soul is steeped in pain

But there’s not a way to fix it
It’s just round and round again
I wish that I could do it
I wish that I was brave
I’d pull the ******* trigger
I’d slice the sharpest blade

But here I sit, a coward
Lonely and aware
That nothing really matters
And no one really cares
Feb 11 · 115
Lorrin Feb 11
A speck of rage that quickly spreads
throughout our hearts and to our heads.
That tiny thing that starts so small
will quickly make the body fall.

When anger flits across the mind
vengeful deeds are quick behind.
But stoking up that angry fire
will burn the one who starts the pyre.

When pain is what you wish to serve
pain for you will be reserved.
If you become your anger's slave
your path will lead you to the grave.
Feb 10 · 692
The Villain Black
Lorrin Feb 10
A boy then fought a villain black,
on shadowed steed with shadowed tack;
and when he thought his end was near
he heard a whisper in his ear.
"Courage, courage, little one.
Fight until this villain's done.
And should you fall unto his blade,
then this day was a hero made."
So he fought the villain black
on shadowed steed with shadowed tack.
He fought till he could not fight back,
the shadowed steed, the villain black.
And as the villain fell to die
he looked the boy clear in the eye.
"You boy, a hero be,
for with thine sword you conquered me."
Feb 9 · 92
Lorrin Feb 9
I cannot run.
I cannot hide.
They haunt me like ghosts,
those monsters inside.
They cut like steel,
burn like fire.
I wish they weren't real.
My deepest desire.
Slicing deeper than you know,
always, always my greatest foe.
Feb 8 · 72
Lonely Animals
Lorrin Feb 8
When I was a child
I was taught we are born with a god-shaped hole in our hearts
So I tried
To fill that hole with all the god I possibly could
But still I was empty
So I built a mask
And covered the hole
Because what else could a “good Christian girl” do?
I desperately hid my emptiness
until you.
You saw my mask for what it was:
A lie to hide my misery.
You saw the toxic lie long before me
And you opened my eyes to the truth.
You were the spark
That burned my mask away.

And I am finally free

The void exists in all of us
And we all search to fill it
We try gods of every form and color and character, and once we realize gods are worthless we try:


What fills the void we all hold?
What? When we are all just lonely animals existing
and longing for more.
Feb 7 · 246
Lorrin Feb 7
Love is a poison that must be given to others
Before it can be neutralized.
To stay only within
Will burn a hole into the heart
Until it can love no more.
Feb 7 · 74
The Untouchable
Lorrin Feb 7
When we met you were shining,
vibrant and alive,
fearless to the world around you.
I watched from the sidelines as you conquered your world.

Then we were friends and I learned of your darkness.
It made me love you all the more
for the light you brought my world.
We were friends and I loved you but I realized too late.
The wall had been built and our line was drawn.

Friends we remain and my love still continues
tainted by sadness
and the echo of what might have been.

So I search for someone who will bring as much light to my world.
While you sit on the pedestal I've built you.
Shining, and untouchable.
Feb 6 · 152
My Path
Lorrin Feb 6
The easy path I thought to take
Has grown up many thorns.
The easy life I thought to make
its glamour down has worn.

Away it’s gone, away from me
swiftly into the dark.
Everything I thought I’d be
has hidden from my mark.

Veiled away by stormy clouds
my plans fade swiftly away.
Hidden among the darkened shrouds
they dwindle more each day.

Please, oh please, just make it clear
where it is my feet should go.
What my life should be from here,
please I need to know!

My unknown path is veiled away
still hidden from my sight.
I’ll follow towards the light of day
And put to rest the night.
Feb 5 · 111
Lorrin Feb 5
Sometimes I touch the heavens
I take a leap and taste the clouds
I feel the rush of sky around me
And distance myself from the world below
I am utterly free
And all I can do is smile.
Skydive once. You will fall in love with the sky and then you can never let it go
Feb 5 · 125
Over You
Lorrin Feb 5
many times
I think I’m almost over you.
I think I can move on.
I think I can find someone to love
and have them love me back.
But then,
we talk
and I see you smile
that ****** smile.
I see
The way your whole face lights up
and your eyes twinkle with mischief.
The sardonic wit
and the kindness buried underneath all your hurt.
And then I’m stuck again
Stuck loving you.
Stuck seeing
that ****** smile.
Feb 4 · 151
Open Skies
Lorrin Feb 4
A blanket of blue
atop the world's great shoulders
full of warm delight.
Lorrin Feb 4
Circle and circle - around it goes.
pulling him outward
before anyone knows.
Sinister core
flawless face.
It catches - corrupts - consumes
scorning his father's grace.
Eating the mind
decaying the heart.
Fearlessly marching
when did it start?
It started so simple,
It started so small.
Now look how its grown,
eclipsing it all.
Feb 3 · 94
Bleeding Heart
Lorrin Feb 3
Your frightened eyes look to me for
How can I hide that I’m frightened too?
Scared I’m
Too slow
Too stupid
Not good enough
To fix you
Help you
Heal you.
I try to keep moving
I try keep strong
But inside I’m terrified
“What if I’m wrong?”
“What if I hurt you?”
“What if you die?”
It’ll be all my fault
When your family cries
I want to help
I want to heal
To ease the pain and fear you feel
I’m not enough.
I’m not enough.
I’m not enough.
My heart bleeds with you
my hands will shake
My voice comes out strong
You don’t see.
You don’t see.
You don’t see.
The me that goes home
Slams her whiskey
And cries herself to sleep.
I didn’t save you.
I couldn’t help.
They tell me I’m
But they don’t see
The me in the mirror
The me that bleeds
I’m not enough.
Not enough.
Not enough.
From the bleeding heart of a paramedic.
Feb 3 · 307
The Coming Dawn
Lorrin Feb 3
Slowly rising now
over mountains the sun comes
to welcome the day
Feb 2 · 220
When September Ends
Lorrin Feb 2
Summer fades away like mist.
Autumn comes a'calling.
Winter swings his mighty fist.
Leaves like angels falling.
Frost invades the heart and soul,
snowflakes drifting down.
Fallen souls no longer whole
littered all around.
Feb 1 · 260
Hold Me
Lorrin Feb 1
Hold me closely as your bones.
Grab me tight and don’t let go.
Let me be a part of you,
I’ll  hold you up and see you through
all the dark times you may see.
Never alone, always we
who face it together, never apart.
Hold me closely as your heart.
Feb 1 · 384
Lorrin Feb 1
Downy feathers float
free without limit or care
aloft in the blue
Jan 31 · 89
The Cross in the Sand
Lorrin Jan 31
A man kneels gently down
tears bubbling in cloudy eyes
cracked hands hold close
her cross as he softly cries.
Jan 31 · 79
Lorrin Jan 31
The screaming presence of silence.
The sharp chill of the world around you.
The grey haze that covers your eyes,
and the heavy ache that leadens your heart.
The ghost of a body not present.
The lack made all the more apparent for the wanting.
The building pressure of all the love inside you,
with no one on whom to bestow its warmth.
The sharp ache, as that love turns to stagnant poison
building up and lurking inside of you.
Jan 30 · 258
The Devil Within
Lorrin Jan 30
I’m afraid of the silence.
That’s when It comes around.
I’m afraid I will hear it.
I’m afraid of the sound.

The Devil Within
creeps up, then it starts
to whisper my failures
and darken my heart.

The noise is my safety.
I’ll drown it away.
My mind quickly fractures
the more that it stays.
Jan 30 · 116
Here, but Gone Away
Lorrin Jan 30
Her wand'ring mind doesn't know us,
but we're written on her heart.
Her spoken words have faltered,
they've stopped and just won't start.
Her shaking hands no longer hold
the ones she once held dear.
Her eyes see blind
and her ears no longer hear.
The memories she had of me
are slipping further each day.
Her glassy eyes are showing
she's here, but gone away.
For the grandma I never got to know, because Alzheimer's took her mind away long before her body.
Jan 30 · 72
Lorrin Jan 30
Chasing fireflies in the star-flecked night,
watching lightning burn by so bright,
carving deep powd'ry rifts through the snow,
my big sister and me.

Teaching me to tie my shoes,
math problems come in ones and twos
all that seems so long ago
for my big sister and me.

Then, for so long, you went away,
with me missing you every day.
College came and went so slow,
but my big sister was back with me.

Now you've gone away once more,
and won't come back like you did before.
But that's alright because, you know,
I'll cherish the memories of my big sister and me.
Jan 29 · 71
Lorrin Jan 29
There is a bird I hold inside,
she’s very dear to me.
I hold her deep and hold her tight
so close that most don’t see.

She’s small and meek and gentle
as an August’s tender breeze.
She’s proud and strong and fierce
as an eagle in the trees.

She sings a song from deep inside
so softly most don’t hear.
But there are some so close
in love they listen and draw near.

She’s a shimmering mirage -
different each time you see.
Free to wander free to change
as swiftly as the sea.

She changes as we walk through life
sometimes good, sometimes bad
But she always carries memories
Of the good times that we’ve had.

Soaring high above the clouds,
her spirit flying free,
with her wings she holds aloft
a little piece of me.
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