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Beautiful Ruins Jan 2019
Inside me
Tears keep falling
While pieces keep breaking

Inside me
The sound of emptiness

Inside me
The walls are caving in
I can't breathe

Then I heard
Familiar steps
One after another

Inside me
Darkness, my old friend
Came visiting
Beautiful Ruins Jan 2019
Won't you carry me away?
Away from this darkness
I find myself enveloped in
Won't you find a way to get me out of here?

I'm holding on by a thread
With a few words you could save me
Or you could let me fall
Into the depths
Won't you save me?
Beautiful Ruins Jan 2019
How do I make sense
Of the longing inside me
Of the groaning and panting
Of the restlessness that won't let me sleep?

I feel overwhelmed by sorrow
I feel out of place where I am
Where is my place here on earth?
Where do I find me?

Please find me.
Beautiful Ruins Jan 2019
I feel like I am merely
Fragments of my old self
So broken beyond repair
Even I couldn't recognize me

How do I exist?
From where do I go from here?
If only I could be carried away by the wind
Then I would cease feeling this emptiness
Beautiful Ruins Mar 2018
Woke up this morning
With deep feelings of sadness
Don't know where it came from
It was just there

I rose up trying
To put my pieces together

This deep sadness I cannot understand
More and more it gets out of hand
Don't know what to make of it
I just want to give up

I feel alone again
In the midst of the crowd
Across the sea of people
I feel alone

Emptiness fills my heart
It tores the inside out

Will someone ever understand?
Beautiful Ruins Mar 2018
Help me find me
Seems I have lost myself
Trying to prove my worth
To people who don't even care

Help me find me
The me not defined by anybody
Not someone who dies trying
Being someone she's not

Help me find me
Beautiful Ruins Mar 2018
I'm drowning.
With pain too much
I can no longer feel.

I want to let it all out.
All the anger
All the sorrow
All that have been buried deep.

But every time I try
I always feel numb
I couldn't breathe.

The child within me
Is still cowering in fright.

Someone please take me out here.
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