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Do you remember when we met?
Cuz I feel like it was so long ago;
That you handed me that flyer
And invited me to your show

I thought it sounded stupid
So I decided not to go
But you didn't hold it against me
And our friendship managed to grow

Eventually you became my person
The one that was always there
You held me in my hardest moments
And could always show me you care

Even when things got rocky
We knew how to work it out
And it was only ever a matter of days
Before a new level of friendship would sprout

But lately things have started to change
I feel that you don't have my back
And though I'm trying hard to forgive
I feel our friendship is starting to crack

   You started to call me less and less                I've started to give up on you
And then you just stopped coming by                  I've began to drift away    
   The worst part is you always defend             I don't want to put in the effort
    All of the people who make me cry               On a street that's just one way

       You never seize opportunities                I just don't have it in me anymore
       To have me in your life                            To always be fighting for you
   Then whenever we finally talk                  It should be this freaking lonely
   We usually get into another strife              It shouldn't make me feel so blue

And I'm not saying it's all your fault...    ....I'm not sure what went wrong
I'm just not sure what to think...                 ...How we got so disconnected
We just keep drifting apart...                               ...And you don't seem to care
We are just SO out of sync...                                                  ...And I just feel dejected
I decided to try something a little different, and...I'm actually REALLY proud of how this turned out...and I don't say that very often. But I've been working on this for quite a while, and then figuring out how to get it to lay out (pretty much) the way I wanted took me extra's not perfect....but basically, I am super proud of the result :) Hope you all like it too <3
Why would a Venus fly trap be sour when it could be sweet?
Why would Diablo have horns when he could have ****?
The devil wears prada. He is beautiful.
Hurting inside.
Pain is everywhere.
I feel it in my soul.
Or where it should be.
Try and try but everything is already set.
We have no choice.
Its time to leave.

— The End —