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Gunnyr Johnson Feb 2016
Can you read the blackboard written clear as can be?

Can you read the mind, See that kids lost fantasy?

Can you find the one who died his red heart to black

Hey who could it be?

Hey someone tell me!

Can you solve the question with your abacus yet?

Can you stop the rope from hanging him by his neck!

You really choosing right saying were okay this way?

Hey just tell me how!

Hey just tell me how!
JubyPhonic - Lost Ones Weeping
Gunnyr Johnson Jul 2015

A lot on my mind
Pain in my heart

But utter a word?

**i instead say not one
Gunnyr Johnson May 2015
Your smile lights up my world
As the sun lights up the planet

Your eyes twinkle in the night
As the moon twinkles the rays from the sun

Your beauty reflects everything around you
Like the galaxy reflects the milky way

Your the only one i see
When things are down

The only thing i want
When things are in the ground

I love you
I hope you believe me

You'll find out in time*
That all you need*



  Apr 2015 Gunnyr Johnson
I am insecure*                                                        ­I am lonely
                                             I am bitter
         I am angry
                                                          ­             I am hurt
                              I am overwhelmed
                                                    ­                                    I am depressed
I am out of control
                                               I am lost            I am suicidal

             I am anxious             I am a cutter           I am ignored
I am fat              I am vindictive                  I am mentally ill
                 I am scarred                 I am in pain               I am an addict
      I am nothing       *I am ugly
  Apr 2015 Gunnyr Johnson
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