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Talia Yeager May 2019
I enjoy the night
When my thoughts are free to dance around outside of my head
Where they come alive
And I dance alongside with them
The darkness does not judge me
And the moon encourages me
The stars smile
And I’m at peace,
The world is asleep
And I am in my purest form
Talia Yeager May 2019
I’ve never had a home but I’ve always wanted one.
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand what that word means.

Some say you carry your home within your heart
Others say your soul  knows where home is and it’s beyond this earlthy realm.
And if you feel like an alien here on earth chances are that resonates with you.

I’ve always searched for home in my family, my friends, lovers.
Nothing ever felt quite right.
Never gave me that feeling of content or made my heart feel whole.
Nothing ever made me lose that urge I would feel in the center of my body to stop searching.

Not until I found you.
You smelled like home, you tasted like home, you felt like home.
I’ve never had a home, but I don’t need one anymore

You make anything feel like home to me.
Talia Yeager May 2019
Like loose strands on a t shirt

The harder I pull on you desperately trying to hold on

The more we fall apart.
Talia Yeager May 2019
I Wait

Doesn’t it feel strange
To be surrounded by those who carry no substance, no depth within their souls?
They walk around with an empty shell of a body.

One they poison, one they forlorn in spite of themselves.

Living amongst them, I feel the tug and pull of their energy, their hopes and desires.
I feel the urges that burn somberly from the billows of their souls.

I feel the cries they keep buried inside just waiting for someone to answer their call for help.

They wait in unconscious silence to be awakened to the life they are numb to.
I wait for them to join me..

— The End —