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Phoebe johnson Aug 2019
The tears run down my face
Onto the wrinkled linen
Because for you it was just the chase.
Phoebe johnson Apr 2019
Nostalgia is a ***** liar that insists things were better than they seemed.
Phoebe johnson Mar 2019
When I lay down at night,
I wonder.
Can the stars see me lie here,
Can god see me cry here?
Why don’t they help me,
No one else sees what I see.
  Mar 2019 Phoebe johnson
Priya Gaikwad
She’s not beautiful,
She’s not nice,
She’s messy,
Terrifying, haunting,
Radiant, breath-taking,
Just like art.
Phoebe johnson Mar 2019
I’m always looking forward to the next thing. Thinking my life is going to get better.
I’ve gotten this far,
And it’s only gotten bad.
So what am I holding onto?
if I were going to leave,
Would anyone be sad?
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