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When I lay down at night,
I wonder.
Can the stars see me lie here,
Can god see me cry here?
Why don’t they help me,
No one else sees what I see.
She’s not beautiful,
She’s not nice,
She’s messy,
Terrifying, haunting,
Radiant, breath-taking,
Just like art.
I’m always looking forward to the next thing. Thinking my life is going to get better.
I’ve gotten this far,
And it’s only gotten bad.
So what am I holding onto?
if I were going to leave,
Would anyone be sad?
  Mar 22 Phoebe johnson
Swallowing too many pills
will only leave someone else
When someone asks me if I’m ok it takes every ounce of strength I have to smile and say I’m fine.
The children danced around,
Not knowing what was coming.
The monster that was lerking.
Oh children please come in.
Come inside the house that he can’t come in,
I promise you it’s safe.
He wants you to fear him,
For you to bring you to your grave.
Don’t look right behind you,
The monsters there, don’t turn.
You let him in your house,
so now he will watch your house burn.
If you asked me everything I would change about myself,
We would be here all night.
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