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Yeah I’m the kid that you used to bully at school for acting like a fool

Who knew that you would be looking up to me now

But ima leave you laying on the ground blood pumping out your crown

***** you are the clown at the circus we all laughing at you now

Raise your brow at me
Questioning what happened
She happened life is a *****
Brings you up just to let you fall back down

You got me trusting no one
So I gotta keep my hands curled into fists
Yeah you know me by PA!N
Three letters and a exclamation
That’s ***** on point
Been through some **** it my time
**** my time ain’t been to long barley seventeen years
But I’ve cried too many tears
Carrying my fears like burdens
I can’t loose my peers
Family is all I got left
i need the few family members i have
i gotta thank them for all that they have done for me
My dad he’s dead
A couple week later I was taken in by the fed
And now Im without money to buy bread
Man ***** been going through my head
Making me wanna fill it with lead
Laying on my bed
Wrists running red
Won’t be too long until I am dead
I’m out of my mind
Suicide crosses my mind
If you ******* with me you are in for a ride
My Happiness is like the tide coming and going
Feeling like I’m in a canoe rowing up ***** creek
Yeah I know I’m a freak
I can’t go a week without takin a blade to my skin
Man I’m sat here wishing I was thin
Soon I will be rushing to hang
Take a gun and bang filled my head with lead
Let them shed fake tears for me

Nothing would be better than laying in my own coffin
Useless writings
Back to normality
I have suffered a casualty
What has happened to me
Me he who bleeds from his wrists

I am the mascot of my PA!N
But i am without gain
Ever day is the same

More pain
No gain

darkness and depression
Raining down on me
I started writing this the day my dad passed away, I haven’t been able to get into the right mind space to finish it
Sitting here wrists scarred
Legs cut, shut away
scared as the noose starts to fray
Who’s coming to help me
No one, I am left on the shelf
Alone, because my feelings are unknown, trying to keep myself to myself, smoking **** to make myself feel free, He is gone, the I **** I have done is wrong
It won’t be long until I return to my blades
I am struggling without my dad
**** man why am I here
**** looks like we doin it
yeah ..
***** they ain't no writ out for me
but I owe you
yeah I know you got me out of that hole I was diggin
I got all the people I need around me so don't come Wiggin
grew up singing em that wigga got me thru hell
Hell marshals the one who got me here writing this ****
so sit the **** down and listen to this white kid rapping
man I done my fair share or crime
But I'll always find time to make another rhyme
Yeah I was kicked out at 16
left to fend for myself
I'm ******* young but my mind is numb
actin dumb Leaving all the snakes in my rear view
the people round me be new
but who the **** are you to say boo
if only you knew where I have been
and the **** I've seen
I wouldnt wish the **** I been through on no one
Where am I in life?
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