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Early in the morning laying awake
Body aches
Clothes are fakes
All my friends are snakes
Every turn i take is a dead end
Last night i shed my tears
Unknown to my peers
I am still full of fears
Hear them chear
As i down these beers
Wasting my years
With these stupid affairs
I'm not sure who i am anymore
i'm Sat here contemplating existence
waiting for my family to rise from bed
my heart pUlsating
stIll hating those in power
always stating my beliefs
thoughts of suiCide rotating In my minD
concEntrating on my poetry
Look deep
Im sick
Quick light the candle wick
Grab the handle of a knife
i feel like its time to give up

Or is it time to outlive the thoughts in my head
Being dead isn't the way
sat on my ones in the dark
earphones blastin some peep
i always was a sheep
its time to live by me
he who bleeds
thinking about all my life's misdeeds
anger pain happyness all speeds through my mind
i'm one of a kind
left everyone and everything behind
but this cloud above me is silver lined
this road i walk is unsigned
one direction to go
down cause
i aint gonna see the pearly white gates
at this rate im going straight to hell
or a cell cant you tell
im ****** up
Think about you everyday
Can you even remember my name
Yeah you were my dame
Now you with someone else
Left me on the shelf
****** up my health
Wanting to **** myself
Fronting to everyone
Smile on My face

I was a moth to your flame
Losing my game
Wrote this a while ago not In That place anymore
Alone once again
Left to roam the expancess of sadness in my own mind
They think i am getting better but my sadness has only grown
if only they had known
Sat here upon my throne of thorns
Mourning my losses
I didn't get a warning that my life would be like this
My life should be good and full of smiles like theirs
I didn't volunteer for this pain
My anxiety is like a ball and chain
Helphelp me
I ******* broke down yesterday
And all i can think about is suicde
i just wanna slit my wrists and have this over with
Sitting here wrists scarred
Legs cut, shut away
scared as the noose starts to fray
Who’s coming to help me
No one, I am left on the shelf
Alone, because my feelings are unknown, trying to keep myself to myself, smoking **** to make myself feel free, He is gone, the I **** I have done is wrong
It won’t be long until I return to my blades
I am struggling without my dad
Standing over me while i sleep
Handing me the pain i don't want
Commanding me to stay inside
Demanding i lay here alone
Branding me with these scars
Stranding me alone on an island of tears
Expanding darkness in my mind
Longstanding upset
If pain is beauty
I am gorgeous
Courtney you and i have been friends forever , And i will never sever our tether, although at time you are my aggressor the love i have for you has no measure, I will lock you in my cellar during the cold weather, together we are best friends
it was my birthday 26/03 i should have been happy
But i was feeling ******
Being snappy
feeling like ****
It is natural
for me
Holding on so desperately to what i have left of my life
Crying in the dark
Teary eyes
He who loves dies
She never tries
All i know is goodbyes
She was my high
Now im just low
I cry
I try to dry my eyes
But the tears keep falling
I am calling out for help
but no one sees my struggle
Its like im inside a bubble
Set aside to rot alone
No one in my phone
And my pain is not known
Hmm one more small shallow cut won't hurt anyone
Done that felt good, But now the relief is gone, another one, But now i have begun i can't stop, the longer and deeper i get the better i feel, but just the same as the first cut the relief lasts a short span of time,
Another one and im fine
Ripping my arms to shreds
thoughts of suicide in my head
i am filled with dread
no one listened to what i said
a pull of a trigger and i am
Help me
Walking into the room
My mind goes boom
There he lie
As I try
Not to cry
I realise he's
I'm calm
My mind feels no harm
am I sick in the head
my grandad lays
And I show no emotion
brewing inside me is a
Potion of feelings ready explode
it hits he again
oh **** he's
but instead of crying I
hold it in am
dying inside
my mind is on a rolercoaster ride
what do I do
should I hide from my
grandad instead of any upset
I feel glad he had
a great long life
but now he's
from this day on I will strive
to be alike my
Dead grandad
I'm not okay
I must stay strong
can't break
stay calm
Its me the one who bleeds
From his wrists
Sweet bliss

Don't try to diss me
Your rhymes are ****
done some crimes
and i paid my time

when i wanna die
I turn to rhymes
And i will climb up
up To the top

No matter how many times i drop
I will just pop another pill

Don't try me
I will **** you
spill your guts
With zero *****
You can try to duck
but my left hook
Will ******* up

I will never grow up
Wont blow up
time to throw up My last meal
yeah that's the ******* deal
It's just how i feel
A smile on my face
A real one i chase
My life is a race
from my problems i run
Im happy
i am fake
Yeah you know me by PA!N
Three letters and a exclamation
That’s ***** on point
Been through some **** it my time
**** my time ain’t been to long barley seventeen years
But I’ve cried too many tears
Carrying my fears like burdens
I can’t loose my peers
Family is all I got left
i need the few family members i have
i gotta thank them for all that they have done for me
Yeah you know me by PA!N
Three letters and a exclamation
That’s ***** on point
Been through some **** it my time
**** my time ain’t been to long barley seventeen years
But I’ve cried too many tears
Carrying my fears like burdens
I can’t loose my peers
Family is all I got left
I need the few I have left
I gotta thank them for all they have done for me
I have blades and rope in my basket need that release
She only wants to see me in the casket
***** i'm practically the mascot of self harm
I bet she already forgot about me
Moved on to some ******* prolly named scot
All i want to do is put that lugger to my head and pull the trigger
And i know you all snigger at this ****
But it ******* help me get through my **** so who **** are you to put me down when ***** i was made to FLY
I follow her
On everything
To see her every thought
Always thinking of her
Never out of my mind
Sometimes it kills me
Other times it builds me up knowing,
I made you smile a laugh
But then you never loved me
You told me so many times
I love you baby
I love you too
Help The One Thing I Need
While i sit here and bleed
I found the blade and did succeed
now there is no more plead
Should i feed
the beast that hurt me indeed
I love you but all you do is misleed
Me,Its over that is agreed
Thoughts of suicide keep crossing my mind
i just keep getting lied to
who am i to try to survive
i am deprived of happiness
all i know is loneliness
i write to help with my depression and anxiety thanks for reading this
Laying in my bed
Praying for help

The voices in my head
Telling me to Die

Thoughts of suicide
Revolving rotating in my mind

Try my best to be kind to
everyone i meet

But i'm just some ofbeat

Hit my walls with my fists
till i bleed

Blood dripping from my knuckles

I buckle under all this strain and pressure
Try to forget
But there's always a refresher
I treasure the few i have left
Suicide is preventable
There is never a need to harm yourself
Just remember i love you and there's always someone somewhere rooting for YOU
She brings the smile back to my face
It's not a race let's take this slow i don't wanna lose you
But she takes the blues from my life
She takes the knife from my hands
This is my final stand and i take it with her
When we are together all i see is a blur
And i will never tear our tether
Im feeling really happy today thanks for everyone's support on my "poetry" i haven't been writing for long and i find that it is a stress relief for me <3 you all
Sat here smile on my face
Once in a while I don't have to force it
She is the source of my smile
Im not feeling ******
She is healing my broken heart
Putting me back together part by part
When i talk with her my pain is as light as a feather
Rope tied in a noose
Who's coming to save me
Pea she is the one here for me
Love her but not trying to give her the D
She dries my tears
The best eyes
I'm surprised she can't fly
She is my angel
I have been advised to take thing slow
So i'm a tortoise in a hare race
Looking in the mirror at my face
No need to chase a smile
Think of her and it comes so naturally
I follow the beat she drums
And here she comes running through my mind
So kind, always know i can find her here in my
That's just it
I am so low in this moment, I need help
You read my poems, But don't know what i mean
I put up a screen, To keep you out
I'm in the ring with depression, I'm losing this bout
So i crank out another poem, Thinking of my mother
How she hates that im not like the rest, How i am myself
pain is a thing of life
I use my writings to cope
But i am sliding down this ***** of
Getting worse
Thoughts of that rope
Tied in a noose
To bleed away my youth
And that's the truth

but when i need you the most
You are nothing but a ghost
If you are ever down i do
The utmost to be there for you

You the one who is never there
for me

I see the tree
i planned to tie that rope to
That rope tied in a noose

You made me feel so used and abused
You whose initials are signed on my skin
But i will not let you win
**** im so ******* up mentaly
I have a choice
I will make some noise
I have a voice
I will rejoice
I have a choice
I have been doing better lately
The man in the mirror doesn't hate me
it seems like my fate has changed or maybe its destiny
She brings a smile to my face
With such grace i laugh
i'm having a ball
I love you all
Its time to shove my depressive thoughts
Into a hall full of smiles

There was a while when i couldn't smile
My eyes were full of tears
But i hope you hear me when i say
I love you
Don't ever forget YOU are beautiful and I love you for who you are
I'm trying
I'm dying
I'm lying
I'm crying

I'm trying to fight my mind
I'm dying to let you know how I feel
I'm lying about being ok
I'm crying alone

I'm trying to help myself
I'm dying to save you
I'm lying I don't want to be here
I'm crying because I'm scared

I'm trying to fight back the tears
I'm dying with the thoughts
I'm lying I'm not trying
I'm crying out for help

I'm trying
I'm dying
I'm lying
I'm crying
I'm alone my grandfather died a few weeks ago my father has 24 hours to live.
I am angry
People shouting at me
why the **** are you doubting me
and outing me

And i don't want to eat my ******* meal
I no longer want to feel

THis **** got real
and its no big deal
That i don't appeal to you

I will not conceal
How i feel
and i know i am no big deal

no longer will i kneel to you
Get on your ******* knees and **** the cheese from my burmese
And i dont give a **** about your crews

And i will pleasure
Your ***** without measure
That **** for me is just leisure

This don't mean ****
I'm just having a seizure with a pen
Spazzing without you

I make do with what i have
i am no wordsmith
But i aint a ******* myth
Drink a fifth of *****

Tell my momma i love her
Before i throw her off a balcony
Expression of self
This means nothing
Im in a bad mood
I like angry writings
All i am is a **** up
Don't look up you might see me falling from that building rope around my neck hanging publicly
Laughing in the night
Fight the days away
Gaze at my life
Take a knife
Make a incision
Look to religion
Turn to god

Pray on my knees
Freeze look up to the sky
And i get no
Over protecting
Very depressed
Everyone wants to be us
Love for me isnt real
Cuts on my wrists
hands curled into fists
will i even be missed

Writing a note
i wrote
i love you and it wasn't your fault

That's a lie
i want to die and
its partly your fault

I can't tell you that so i
Sit and i cry

Why do i
Live like this

Will i even be missed
I am not in a good place anymore
I don't want to be here!
To move on i go back
My thoughts are wack
My mind is full of black

Being kind to the one i say love
she is a pure white dove
Making light of the darkness of my mind
Helping me to find myself

In her arms
rest the scars i put there
From when i said i didn't care
My words are never fair

Marielle hurting her is hell
Fell into her heart
Tore her apart
**** why did i do it?
Your love is like the purest dove, your hand fits mine like a glove, My falling for you was unplanned But it is ever evolving, you are the possessor of my heart, although this is the start I will never let you go, i will never throw you... are my one and only
Wrote this thinking of my girlfriend
Flicking through the unforgettable pages of your life,
Choice of wording and choice of rhyme,
Besides the unknown meaning behind your eyes, you don’t know the numb feeling inside.

Numb, empty, emotionless expressions cast across your perplexing complexion,
Hid behind multiple scars traced by its redemption,
It stopped at the flash of a red light,
Pulling on the cords of its life. Tight.
Morgan wright
I didn't write this poem out of spite
I just thought she was my knight in shining armour
She was the daylight in dark night
Now i'm stuck in this everlasting twilight
Her love left me overnight
She left me at the speed of light
And now it's time for me exit stage right
Had a rough breakup but i have to get over her
MW on my arm yes it is self harm
Yet that does not alarm you
Who hurt me so bad
You who caused the cuts on forearm
Why do you have such charm
You still have me
but you don't want me
happiness is a word i no longer find the meaning for
i loved her but now i think of her as a *****
as i lay here on the floor
as my tears pour out
i have doubt
that i meant anything to her
was i just a chauffeur to her from A to B
did she love me
what did i mean to her
life is just a blur
it's like she was a curse
that briefe happiness before it all came crashing down
now all i wear is a frown
its like i'm in a wedding gown
but i'm not walking down that isle
i am being carried in a black box
while the few who are there
watch on and cry
i fly
I'm Not Sure If I Can Take This Anymore
The letter i sent you
The teddy bear i bought you
The necklace i gifted you
The love i gave you
My heart you sole
ripped it from my chest, stood there and watched me bleed
watched me die
Why do i still love and miss you?
When did you realise its not me you want?
Who will you be without me?
What did i mean to you?
Where are you now?
How will i ever get over you?
Still not over her  i cant be she was, is my everything i don't mean **** to her
I don't know what the **** happened
but the night ended with me being blown my eeyore,
***** on my bone tomorrow i go home
got something going for me made the ***** moan with my fingers,

raise my hand just to spank that ***
She put on a show to make my **** grow
whoa ******* didn't think i wrote this ****
we both know you love my flow

******* taking off their clothes
who knows how many girls my **** blasted in
make a ***** *** faster than fast
****** you but i didn't make love
***** forgot about me so moved the **** on You aint **** to me now ***
I'm feeling low at this moment
Kneeling in my room staring at the ceiling i can't find my bearings
Starting to sweat I close my eyes and  all i see is her silhouette
How could she forget about me
She was juliet to my romeo
I know i need to let it go
Let her go
But my love for her ever grows
Her love is like a crossbow bolt through the heart
I am falling apart without her
And there's no doubt that she is fine without me
I wish i could breakout of this depression
This borderline obsession
It feels like a big joke
But where's the
I still love her
Moving on she is gone
he is hers, she is his
Back to being me myself and i
And that guy will get a fist if i see his cocky **** face
And i will tell him upfront

Moving on i aint proving ****
Not to her Ought not to talk to her
Thought it was forever nah
Never going to fall again
Stick to hoes
Take **** slow
Gotta disclose that **** **** a ***
My blood will flow
what do i have to show for my life
The scars that i left upon my skin with that knife
I never asked for the pain in my life
Am i just a stain you are trying to remove
I'm trying my best to improve
I just want to **** myself
I tried to save myself
But im falling into this hole
My heart is no longer whole
People looking at me and seeing me through a keyhole
Like an animal at the zoo
Who am i do you know
No you don't and you won't
Because your all at my throat
You can't buy my love and respect with a banknote
I wish i was perfect but that won't take affect
I'm no architect but i will build myself up from the ground
But i tear myself down with these wounds i inflict upon myself
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