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May 2019 · 145
Arya May 2019
We are on the edge
Of us just being apart
I don't know if I could say sorry
Or it's way too late.

Sometimes just saying sorry
Sometimes it's harder than I thought
I can only pray
It's not too late.

I just wanted to say
I'm sorry
For your regrets and pain
Shouldn't have survived
Should have just drifted away
Because I'm sorry.

It seems like we are on the edge
Of each other splitting apart
One last words before I'm gone.

I'm so sorry
I'm just so sorry
I'm so sorry
I tear us apart.

Yes I'm so sorry
For what I've done
I'm praying to you
To let me in
For second chance.
May 2019 · 192
Arya May 2019
I feel so cold
And my skin and bones
Feel like they're frozen
And my body begins to shut down
To shut down.

My eyes are closed
My ears are blocked
I don't know what's going on
It doesn't feel like I can make it on my own.

I need
To set me free
Because I
Do it on my own.
May 2019 · 123
Something So Small
Arya May 2019
I'm so small
but seem so big
trough the troubles
of the day.

I come so randomly
out of sight
making you frown
and cry all night.

Sometimes I
will reveal myself
as something in your
big hollow head.

Apr 2019 · 286
Arya Apr 2019
When everything seems that dark
And nobody's there
I promise I will stick up for you
Before this sky hits Dawn.
I hope I'm still alive
When the world's about to end
So I can have my last hug
Before we split up again.
Just know
I still love you
Either alive or dead.
Just know
I'm going to be there
Either day or night.
I just need you to do something
You'll never forget
Put my name on the sticky note
And put it on your head.
Until I'm gone.
Okay so I'm really sorry if this actually makes you cry but I just wrote this poem in the middle of the night so I hope you enjoy.
Apr 2019 · 259
Arya Apr 2019
               From a
                          Trying not
                                To be seen
                                From darkness.
He didn't say you couldn't write a poem about nightmares.
Apr 2019 · 173
Arya Apr 2019
Look at all these people behind the window.
Now look at the same people with angry faces.
Finally, look at the people with no faces at all,
Those are the survivors out of them all.
Because when people tell them they're useless
And when people tell them they are ugly
Those are the people who hide their faces
Hoping not to upset us all.
But inside their lonely hearts
Are where all the feelings drift apart
It's where all their feelings start to break
And all their hearts, start to fall.
Arya Apr 2019
We shouldn't have met,
I should have walked away.
But I had to stop
To see that beautiful face.
I understand
This ain't no daydream.
It's more like life
It's more like life.
Don't give a frown
You little Brat
Cuz behind those tears
Is a little smile.
A dark little smile
That always lies
Beneath that tiny little innocent face.

That tiny little innocent face.
Apr 2019 · 82
I got no time
Arya Apr 2019
I always wonder what you're doing
Looking for something else to do
I don't give no hoot of what you're thinking
Cuz my mind's not racing after you.

Girl just saying it's all your fault
From what you did a long time to me
You think I'm ever going to forgive you
And that just breaks my heart day by day.

You got to stop
And think about what you're doing.

I got no time to think about your praise.

I understand it's only me that feels this way
But I'm sure
You can understand.
My account has been officially previewed and now I can post poems on here so yay.
Apr 2019 · 92
Drama Queen
Arya Apr 2019
You walk around this place,

like it is your palace.

You act like you are the queen,

when you are just like every other human being.

You smile in front of me,

but you stab me in the back.

You get mad when I do something,

then you turn around and do the exact same thing.

You say that you always get ditched,

then your words get all switched.

You say you want your space,

to get out of your face.

And when I do walk away,

you say you want me to stay.

You attract all the drama

which just adds to my trauma.

You say your a queen,

you are, but only a drama queen.

— The End —