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Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I miss how boys
                           Wouldn’t like you based
                    on the size of your body,

But...    instead of how fast you could run and how nice you were to their friends.

   I miss  when cussing, drinking  and smoking was weird and not cool...

                     I miss when getting a high
               streak on snap wasn’t a chore

        I miss when our parents would support our choices, and would actually understand us.
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
Shielding our imperfection into a twist
                                                                      Of concealing veils

                        As to MR.clowns  

                                                         HE was long, mis-shapen and forlorn
                                              All his wifes ran away without a smile,

                                 But full of a gaze unhallowed eyes of stone
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I might know the ending of my time,
but pity for you is all I’ve got, since I wake knowing that I’m dying, but you wake pretending that your not.
  Jun 2019 Nsmith15
Alyssa Gregory
Red as the blood gushing from her wrist.
Purple from the bruises on her body as the beating
Green is her eyes yet she doesn't want to see
Yellow is her body from the **** her father impacted her
She wishes that she had a normal life
Her body aches for love, as when her father whispers "I love you babe" she cries
Her mother calls her fat and ugly while she beats her
She slits her wrists while she cries
Shes now dead as she was hanging by a thread
Tbh something I made up in art randomly
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