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Whenever i pray i wish
my prayers are reaching directly into your ears
I think when i pray
you will open your eyes after hearing my prayer
and come to me for my help

The distance between you and me is so close
but still my prayers are revolving around you
and is not reaching your ears

When all this will be true
when i have to not pray for the same wish everyday
i will say' MY WISH IS A WISH '

Sometimes i think, i wish
to become an almighty
i wish to sit with you all
The day when i will talk to you
standing in front of you
Human wish never ends.
The heavenly drops fell on leaves and the leaves shed them away.
The Dust went to the ground to reunite with there friends and families.

Some flew in the air and joined the heavenly drops.
The leaves now look more green and fresh. The drops on them are the raindrops or the tears which they shed as they are separated from dust.

The long time of togetherness was washed away by the raindrops.
The dust might also have cried when they left the leaves.

Somewhere it is separation and at someplace it is a union
Lost in your thoughts
The heart was at war
And the memories fought

Your morning smile and my sun shines
You are the snow on my mountains
Under a blue sky

You silently murmur and I whisper aloud
Hold you in my arms
And listen to the lyrics of your eyes

You are my moon
And I am the wolf
I howl every night
To reach for your love.
People inside buses and trains
are called as a crowd
People inside a pub
are called as an environment.
I am wolf
you are my moon
I howl every night
To reach for your love which i can't
The mind thinks the odd
Bitter moments of defeat and loss
        Comes a s a memory
     In the vast forest of dark
Despite the interminable distance,
in a brumous and sunny path
Under   a  mysterious  &  transparent condition, alone in his way
He started his journey
He   spent sleepless    night  in  desire  of meeting his destiny
somewhere    in  the    way of   his journey

Sometimes the pouring drop of hopes
where blown   away  by  the blustery winds of despair
And      sometimes the     violently     rushing stream of disrupts drown him
Breathe of  zest sail him athwart
Halt came in his journey he gifted what he has
some   misused  it  &  some   preserved   it
he again started his illimitable journey
with his pals-faith & trust
in the search of new halt

And like this

— The End —