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I can measure, to a reasonable degree, the work I have done
but not the extent of my unkindness and inconsiderateness.
The scars are real, everyone loses ones that they Love.
The Pain that never goes away is real as well too.
But Christ is there strengthening us through this.
For we all have to deal with Loss, and Suffering.
For we all deal with Pain, Sorrow, and Hurt.
This is what causes Depression among other things.
Only through Christ , can we become Over comers.
For it's him that lead us out of terrible situations.
We all have things that we have to deal with Daily.
Keep living life fully, never give up on life.
Keep trusting in the God of Heaven above.
For the Christ loves you more then you know.
So walk with Joy for he has your back cover.
Listen to him child, for he is our everything.
There is no one like him only he can save us.
Be firm and walk in all of his ways and be blessed.
He shall then bless your going in and coming out.
If you always love him with a full heart in everything.
I  know that you hurt, I am here for you always.
I know that you hurt, you are in my prayers always.
I know that you hurt, I love you in Jesus name.
I know that you hurt, I am always here for you.
I know that you hurt, but I am praying for healing.
I know that you hurt, my heart is breaking for you.
I know that you hurt, I wish that I had the right words to say.
I know that you hurt I wish that I could make it all go away.
I know that you hurt, you are truly in all of my prayers.
There is nothing else to say but I am praying for your recovery.
becoming a poet since I read more
than I write
becoming a human
since I feel more
of others
becoming a man I stand tall in peace
becoming another
I hope for
You are so beautiful
so very desirable
You are slender
My kisses come from
Deepest parts
Kissing  You is like aroma of the sweetest perfume.
It lingers for days
My love for you
Isn't easy broken
It's greater than the most precious jewel
Each jewel is  a fine work of art
That never departs
Thank you for stalking me.  
You are my number one fan.
Thank you for stalking me and changing my poems on the internet.
Would you like my autograph?
Thank you Hacker you hack my poetry pages and change my poems around to let me know you're stalking me.  I feel so important.
Every Day

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
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