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Aug 2020 · 47
ImpliedLines Aug 2020
She's been given a path that is all but manageable
This is given with a smile and a suffocating responsibility

She does her best,
To Give,
To Listen,
To Be Who They Expect.

But what if its not enough
What will happen if she chooses the illicit path

Do the rewards out way the losses?

Will the love being sought after come from enduring hardship
Or rather through adversity?

She must be absent from her mind,
To even question the 'life' GIVEN to her.

How ungrateful she must be to question this broken and distorted guidance.

My guardians are not as wise as I was made to believe.

So how do I function with the apprehension of my selfish actions.

I can not stay true to myself for the fear of hurting others.

But I can not keep living with the disquiet in my heart.
Dec 2019 · 92
ImpliedLines Dec 2019
I think of you day and night.
I dream of you.
And yet I cant see a future with us together.

I want you,
But why?
You've never given me a reason too
And yet I want you.

I could mean nothing to you;
or everything.
And you would never show it.

Your like no one I've ever known
But that shouldn't make the difference.

I cant find a reason to let go.
Nor can I find one to hold on.

So here  I sit between sanity and sadness
unable to pick a path
So here I pick indifference.

Ill forget my obsessions
And busy myself with nothings.

And Ill find joy
And cherish our few memories.
Dec 2019 · 208
ImpliedLines Dec 2019
Its your favorite color
From the last I had know

But in our separation
My heart has grown cold

Your favorite color is purple
And now I see it in a new light

Saying the word over and over gives a new perspective
And I can see even the name is a description of its beauty.

Purple is royal
it is the feeling of love when its warm;
loneliness when its cool

Purple is the color of a heart
when sacrifice has been made

Purple is how I remember you

Purple is how I express my love

Purple is what I show others when they will never know the memories of you.

Your favorite color was purple.
Dec 2019 · 233
Finding a Better Place
ImpliedLines Dec 2019
Laying in the fields
We scan the sky
Sitting in the sand
We watch the sea

Focused on the constellations
We find our place
Mesmerized by waves
We discover our future

What is there more than to search?
More than to wonder? And be amazed
We find awe in deepest spaces
And truth in the smallest

Counting the stars
Or living through oceans rhythm
Serenity and remembrance
We are here.
Dec 2019 · 95
Getting Lost On The Moon.
ImpliedLines Dec 2019
I'm the happiest me when around you.
But somehow loving you is like getting lost on the moon.
I am not sure how or if its even possible.
ImpliedLines Mar 2019
As you sit next to them and think...
As you walk and are at your happiest...
As you stand in the street alone...
As you go to YOUR -
No, OUR-
-Place; you feel it more now than ever...the pull in your heart
I don’t need to tell you what you feel.
I don’t need to give you a ending and finish your story.
You’ve already thought of one...
Feb 2019 · 126
Be A Simple Kind Of Man
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
The song starts of slow
My heart floods with an emotion only god knows what
His voice is low and southing
I can't help but wonder
Just what kind of spell this song had me under.
To be able to listen to it day or night, weather it's dark or light.
It makes me feel safe and washes all my worries away.
Jensen Ackles version of Simple Man is what I live for.
Feb 2019 · 160
Remembrance Of My Youth
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
Feb 2019 · 819
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
Sit at home and contemplate?
Or go to the gym and “get in shape”?
The choice was going to be hard and probably not very great.
But then a stranger made my day :)
i was and am in such a mood but just a simple “if you ever need to talk “  can mean more than you  my know. Thanks
Feb 2019 · 713
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
These are the thoughts
that are indefinitely
*racing across my mind
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
im Sorry I’m crying.


i Don’t feel that I’m dying  


i Don’t need to explain


dont Ask me to change, because im already trying

I cry in silence and in the Night because I’m afraid to Feel, and see the light

I love you or maybe not?

I’m to young to have a any sort of crysis

But down deep
I think I’ve had one all along.
Seriously I can’t handle the internal clash of feelings and thoughts
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
Imitating Essence
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
A few renditions are nothing at all
But if I copied their strife
Would you notice my fall
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
I watched the winters work
I continued to climb from off the earth
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
How can someone feel so alone
In a room full of people who love them
After being so happy
But only for just a second
And then to be helplessly falling
into an ever darkening hole
To go through hell
To know others have been there too
To see constantly the impression of those who didn’t make it
The ones who couldn’t see so didn’t believe
But to know that your not the soul survivor
Yet still through the  torment and hope
The love and pain
The knowledge of knowing it’s worth it
The unwavering loyalty of love and  faith
How do I feel forgotten?
ImpliedLines Feb 2019
To sacrifice for others.
Shows more than selflessness.
More than pain.
But always.
Through crushed spirits .
And the emptiness of our souls.
Sacrifice is love ...
This is my first!!

— The End —