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Makayla Wofford May 2019
We wait for that sweet summer day
To go swim and camp
To hang out with friends
Then it comes
You get bored of that summer day
And you start wishing
Wishing that it would go away
Then winter rolls around
And you miss that sweet summer day
You only want what you can't have them when you get it you want something new
Makayla Wofford Mar 2019
I wish I were
more brave then the rain
because their not afraid to fall
Makayla Wofford Mar 2019
Blood is red
Bruises are blue
Air is my lifeline
And so
Are you
Makayla Wofford Mar 2019
She colored on my scars
So no one would know where they are

She colored a smile on my face
When the color washed off because of the tears
She stood right here and drew a new one
Makayla Wofford Feb 2019
My body's a temple
That's what people say
If that's true this temples coming down
And extremely fast
This temple has been poisoned
Poisoned by the apple
Apple of shame,dought
and every thing in between
Makayla Wofford Feb 2019
Look me in the eyes and call me pretty
Stop telling me lies
Just look me in the eyes
Why can't you just look me in the eyes
Am I not good enough
You can tell me if I'm ugly
Makayla Wofford Feb 2019
Love is a four letter word
Love is a noun
Love can be an action
Love can be a feeling
Love can be a person
Love can be a place
Love is when you get butterflies in your stomach just hearing their name
Love is enjoying how your first name fits perfectly by his last
Love is enjoying every second you get to look at them
Love is not caring what people say about you two because you know what you feel
But most importantly love is love
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