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Lilliana Dupre Mar 2019
Your existence is insulting.
Lilliana Dupre Feb 2019
It’s clear to me that you are never going to grow up.
I can only hold myself back so much.
I’m glad I made the choice to walk out tonight.
Anywhere is better than here.
Lilliana Dupre Jan 2019
Sitting in the windowsill wondering where the sun disappears to every night
Looking at the moon when it sparkles after dark
Lilliana Dupre Jan 2019
One text.
You sent me one lousy text.

“I found a new gf so ion need u no more”
(English translation: “I found a new girlfriend so I don’t need you anymore”)

Was I just a toy?
Yours to use?
So insignificant that you couldn’t say it to my face?

I couldn’t even respond.
You blocked me.
Now I know why.

You wanted her.
My best friend.
I knew it all along but I told myself it couldn’t be true.

I hope you’re happier or whatever it is you were looking for in her.

I already deleted your photos and threw away your belongings.
I never needed you anyway, chump.
I’m actually much happier without him. I just wanted to vent how I felt in the moment.  (2018)
Lilliana Dupre Jan 2019
I’m searching through years of poetry and none of it clicks
I’m moving quickly, scrolling for what seems like eternity
Is there anyone out there who is like me
For I am dying slowly and wishing to write a beautiful work with somebody
C - o - n - t - r - o - l,
What would happen
If your walls just fell?
If you lessen your grip
And loosen the reins?
I know you love leadership,
But do you love the chains
That bind you to what you control?
It's good for production,
But is it good for your soul?

Sometimes the current,
The wind, are enough.
A subtle guide,
A gentle touch.
Your life's like a glass
You cling to so tightly
Trying to hold it together
But cracking it slightly.
Lilliana Dupre Jan 2019
Are we flying or hovering
My stomach is filled with butterflies
I’m floating above ground
It’s a euphoric feeling
So come pull me closer
Kiss me
I’m dying for your touch
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