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Grace Turner Jan 2016
I keep trying to write,
Over and over,
But my words are reduced to murmurs
In my mind as your moans echo
Around and around
And I slowly drive myself
Grace Turner Jan 2016
Lust is a strange thing,
That can turn you from
Predator, to prey,
Can make you pray
To a God you know doesn't exist
And beg and beg and **beg.
This is a power play, beautiful boy, and I'm starting to think I'm losing.
Grace Turner Dec 2015
This is what it is to hurt, right?
People hold so much power that
What makes me happy is their choice.
I'm not going to do anything,
But if I show any attention to someone
Who isn't the boy I'm in love with,
I'm a cheater, right?
Grace Turner Dec 2015
Lust is like a butterfly
Caught under a glass,
Left in the sun
To burn.
Grace Turner Nov 2015
You don't make many noises,
But God, when you do,
I lose my mind just a little bit.
If my principles
It has to be
Never before me.
Grace Turner Nov 2015
Late in the night
Or early morning,
I long for your hands on me;
To feel the flutter
Of your eyelashes
As you kiss and bite
Down the skin of my neck,
Then *******, then stomach.
It is a curse to lust
After you so much,
To feel the echo
Of your fingers inside me.
My body responds
To the thought of you now.
I am burning up,
Set alight by you,
Your breath turning me to cinder.
Oh I wrote this about a month ago.. Oh dear
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