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Lauren Aug 2019
A flame.
Bright enough to see, not enough to see past it
Let’s off sparks, without warning of later pain
Crackling, reminding of its presence
Heat, will burn with the wrong touch
Untouched, it will go until it flames out
A slight blow will end it before then.
Will it make it?
Or will it go out?
A flame.
Lauren Jan 2018
I will never have full trust in anyone, thanks to all the people who have broken that trust. They have made it harder for me to let people in. To be myself. So who knows what will happen now. It’s all in my head for a long time
Lauren Jan 2018
A relationship status doesn’t define who we are, it’s what we do when the status changes. That’s what tells what kind of person you are.
Clearly you were a bad one in my life who needed out.
  Dec 2017 Lauren
She Writes
If I could wake up tomorrow
And be someone new
I’d hope to be someone
That didn’t care about you

A person who wakes up
And smiles at the sun
Not a recluse
That hides from fun

Someone who looks in the mirror
And values themself
Not insecure
Loathing herself

I wish to be someone
Free as a bird
Not someone who cares
What others have heard

But when I wake up
I will still be me
Hoping and wishing
One day I’ll be free
Lauren Oct 2017
The song is on repeat
The song you sincerely want to defeat
You no longer need the sadness
Now it turns to madness
You notice a pattern
One you really wish would scatter
You think it all through
Let it all catch up to you
That feeling you had is long gone
Now it's time to skip the song
You can make it through anything as long as you forgive and move on
Lauren Oct 2017
You should have looked into her eyes
Did she look okay to you
The pain
The guilt
The hurt
It was all there
It was there the whole time
You didn't notice
No one noticed
The sudden change
You didn't care
The long sleeves
You didn't bother to look
The crying
You didn't pay attention
You were supposed to be there for her
You were supposed to be the one who helped her with anything
But you didn't
Now it's too late
It's over.
Just alittle inspiration from past events

— The End —