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Remi May 2020
He looms, surveying the battlefield;
Watching, waiting; preparing
Searching for any man ready to yield,
On this battlefield; ****** and daring.

He walks, advancing the battlefield;
Drifting, gliding; anticipating
Approaching the man whose fate is sealed,
On this battlefield; hostile and devastating.

He seizes, possessing the battlefield;
Grasping, smirking; succeeding
Completing his mission, his work concealed,
On this battlefield; futile and misleading.

I am the man whose fate was sealed,
I am the one who was forced to yield;

Forced to yield my soul, to that looming shadow,
On that battlefield of tragedy and sorrow . . .

. . . where death was the only victor.
Decided to write from the perspective of a soldier in war.
No matter the strength of both sides, the only true victor in war is death himself.
Remi May 2020
Out of the day that smothers me,
    Thick as a wall from brick to brick,
I curse whatever person may be
    For creating a math textbook this thick.

In the fell clutch of math circumstance
    I have both winced and cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My brain has gone ******, and has bowed.

Beyond this place of pain and tears
    Looms but the freedom of the shade,
And yet the menace of the math entering my ears
    Finds and shall find me afraid.

It matters not the angle of the gate,
    How charged with questions the scroll,
I am not the master of my fate,
    Math is the captain of my soul.
A parody of William Ernest Henley's INVICTUS.
I just had to turn this inspirational poem into a representation of the lives students around the world, working on math textbooks as thick as brick walls and getting bludgeoned by questions about chance XD
Remi May 2020
Curry rice curry rice, burning bright,
In the microwave at the middle of the night;
What immortal bud or tongue,
Could frame thy fearful spice that stung?

In what distant flavor that sprung.
Burnt the fire in thy tongue?
On what buds dare it aspire?
Why my tongue, dare cease the fire?
Just another of my "famous poetry" parodies (parody of "The Tyger" written by William Blake)
Hope it puts a smile on your face :D
Remi May 2020
Oh fish sticks fish sticks
delicious crunchy fish sticks
where art thou fish sticks
Poetry to make you smile 😊
Remi May 2020
Oh watermelon
You make my taste buds tremble
I think i'm in love
Silly poetry XD
Remi May 2020
I am the maneless lion among the pride
The white horse among the herd
The black swan among the flight
The hornless ram among the flock
The flightless bee among the hive
The clawless kitten among the litter

Yes, I am different
But that's what truly makes me a wonder
Being different isn't always a bad thing. If you're different from everybody else, embrace your difference. Its what makes you a wonder 💖
Remi May 2020
If life was a sea
I would be rowing my boat
Against the high tides
Don't conform to life's expectations, row against them instead.
We do not need to follow the tide, we can all be independent, unique and individual 💖
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