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Jul 2019 · 142
Hintayan ng Langit
Lacuna Jul 2019
Kung hintayan ng langit ang huling saglit
Huwag mo sana ipag-kait
Na ika’y umakyat na sa langit
Dahil ang pagmamahal sa lupa’y nakamit

Kung ako man ay hintayin sa gitna
Asahan mo na habang ako’y nasa mundo
Ang pag-ibig ko’y buong-buo
At hind kailanman nanghina

Kung lahat ng bagahe’y iwan
Sakaling ika’y aakyat na
Huwag kang mag-alala
Dahil ito’y sagot sa aking dinasalan

Humantong ang buhay sa huling saglit
Isa lamang ang aking dinggin
Sa langit ako’y salubungin
Mahal ko’y hindi ka na maghihintay muli
This is a poem dedicated to a superb Filipino Indie Movie called: Hintayan ng Langit by Juan Miguel Severo
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Constants and Variables
Lacuna Aug 2018
Life is full of Constants
and Variables

Constant Romance
Variable Choices

Constant Lessons
Variable Pains

Constant Joys and High
Variable Vices

Constant Maintenance of we Love
Variable ways of Winning Them

Constant Effort
Variable Options

Love is constant
what we do with it is variables

You are my constant
and I’m yours
Constant and Variables
Aug 2018 · 122
Lacuna Aug 2018
When can you say you’re no longer happy?

When I no longer fear that you be gone
Letting Go
Jul 2018 · 137
Fire Thief
Lacuna Jul 2018
Welcoming embrace
Warm and tender kiss
Feelings could never be erase
Now, but a bittersweet miss

Your fervent hellos
To out bitter goodbyes
Becoming mellow
Succumbing to only a sigh

We were bright flame
Until the fire thief came
Slowly becoming blind
Till we no longer bind
Song interpretation of The Fire Thief by HEM
Apr 2017 · 165
Lacuna Apr 2017
If we have never met
would fate bring as together?

If you knew my flaws
would you still love me in the morning?

If you were given the chance to go back
would you still see me?

If you meet someone better
would you take him?

If you get bored of me
will you still make it worth your while?

If you see this
would you answer
and still love me
despite my follies?

If I answer this questions
would you still be the same

"If" are the questions that I'm afraid to ask
because what if you answer
and leave me hanging
making me ask
what if I just love you
no questions asked
Apr 2017 · 132
It never was
Lacuna Apr 2017
It never was the distance
We could reach borders

It never was the trust
My word is your word
and so was mine to yours

It never was our difference
we always compliment each other

It never was our doubt
with your smile I feel secured


It was time
it rots everything
it rots my hope
of being with you
Apr 2017 · 155
Lacuna Apr 2017
yet silence

yet blank

It's in the written word
we find solace

Written words
speaks louder

Show what really is
Show what must be

Yet left
never imagined
never created

Just written
behind this
white slate
Aug 2016 · 421
Blank Slate
Lacuna Aug 2016
This blank paper
never touched
never have been written onto
filled with limitless stories never told

Be it a happily ever after
It may even contain secrets never told
It may even be the saddest
prose ever spoken

Be it something academic
or something creative
for what ever is written
is immortalize

This paper
once blanked
now filled with words
ideas and emotions
one never knew
For every writer's block
comes an inspiration
even in the most
simplest ways
Aug 2016 · 383
Lacuna Aug 2016
Young but not naive
helpless but you never came back
The scars that run so deep
can never be fine

Falling asleep is a blur
never dreaming
just empty stares
as reality starts to wake

After all this time
all this why's
still you can't see
that I was never blind

I loved you more
but you never knew
part of me still dies
every time I remember I'd let you go
A poem for a song that speaks so much content
Lifehouse- Blind
Jul 2016 · 279
Lacuna Jul 2016
We are two souls destined
yet time intervened

For every tick of the clock
is a second never gotten back

What was once a unison flow
is now a mismanagement of pause

Now two clock strikes
but never in the same phase
Thanks to Lang Leav's poem: Time
Jul 2016 · 463
Lacuna Jul 2016
My silence
doesn't mean fortitude
it hides weakness
behind solitude

My smiles
doesn't mean happiness
it masquerades pain
behind this face

My apathy
doesn't mean endurance
an illusion of problems
behind every assurance

My insights
doesn't mean being wise
a deception of madness
behind every eyes

For every clear picture
lies something twisted
an ironic mixture
of life that existed
Things are not what they are
Jul 2016 · 899
A choice
Lacuna Jul 2016
Love is blind
But it doesn't mean physical attraction
It goes beyond that notion of mankind
It means love is a passion

It is a choice
to become better
to stay
despite the flaws that never goes away

A choice
to pick her
despite the wrong
no matter how strong

A choice
to fight for what you had
whether it be good
or bad

A choice
to make a difference
even if years had passed
you make it last

A choice
to make her see
that she is worth it
after all this years

A choice
to see the whole spectrum
in amidst
of every storm

A choice
to love her
no matter what
no matter when
no matter where
and no matter how
Loving is a choice
Jun 2016 · 329
The Answer
Lacuna Jun 2016
All my life
I protect the ones I love
from the hurt and pain
but never for myself

I felt I was alone
I felt sadness grips my neck
I felt sick
I felt nothing

Then you came
so sweet and good
you saw my demons
yet you stayed

I saw you were like me
and alone

I wanted to protect you
even if it means
for me to die and live
again and again

dance with the toughest tempest
masquerade with our demons

Your question
is also my question
"What did I do to deserve
someone like you"

Then the answer came to me:
You've done so much for others
you felt all the **** in the world
it is time for you
to have someone do it for your

I will always make you see
the good
even in darkest times
I'll be by your side
What did I ever do to deserve you?

You've done so much, it is time for you to experience it
Jun 2016 · 324
Is it?
Lacuna Jun 2016
I felt so much pain
So much sadness

I felt alone
I felt all hope is lost

I know it may seems greedy
But is it wrong
to ask for happiness?

To pray
that I could shield the ones I love
from the **** I've gone through

To ask
that they would only see the good
while I take all that is not

To protect
the ones I love
in this world full of imperfections

To wish
all the negative things
would never happen

I would do anything
give everything
to protect

Even if it means
to die
and die again
You have gone through hell
and you don't want the ones you love experience it...
May 2016 · 752
I know.. But why?
Lacuna May 2016
I know I should be happy
But why is there fear?

I know I should be excited
But why is there anxiety?

I know I should be grateful
But why do I feel spiteful?

I know I should respect you
But why do I feel I shouldn't?

I know I should look up to you
But why can't I?

Your past mistakes maybe forgiven
But I have never forgotten it

Maybe that's why
I'm like this

Maybe that's why
I feel like this

I know I should say I'm sorry
But why is it hard to say?

Because you mean the world to me
yet I never felt that I was to you

Still I Love you
Because you are my father
For the issues left unsolved
Lacuna May 2016
How happy are the forgetful?
Their blunders never remembered

How can they have bliss?
When part of them never existed

What do they pray for?
when all of their wishes resigned

They forget the world
and the world forgot them

Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
never have I wanted you more
for the pain that stayed
can easily be erased
A poem for one of my favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Is ignorance truly a bliss?
May 2016 · 315
The death of me
Lacuna May 2016
For every fight we make
Is equal to the smoke I take
For every tears you shed
A day of my life is spent

For every disappointment you feel
Is a bottle of bear that drowns me to sleep
And for every darkness you see
Is death for me

All of my vices come to life
When I can never make you smile
For every emotions I ****
Is equal to the life I spill

Sorry for my imperfections
And sorry for being me
But I thank you
For still loving me
The times you can't say sorry, the times you wish you can say all the things you want. It all ends up of killing yourself by the vices you take
Lacuna Mar 2016
The only palette of red
amidst the spectrum of grey
laying beneath the green bed
you beauty won't decay

I love you in blue
I love you in white
I love you in every hue
but most of all I love you, when you're just right

No matter how many thorns
No matter how long the time you grow
you will always be adorned
by the radiance you show

By the time you wilt
by the time you decay
all the guilt
comes to stay

But still I thank thee
for showing me
the true meaning of radiance
in every color variance
Another poem for one of the best songs: La Vie En Rose
Feb 2016 · 647
Lacuna Feb 2016
Oh what wonders you contain
when I traverse you in style
All of my pain
turns into smile

There's such places to see
same ends to meet
all are paradise for me
produces memories so sweet

you shine during the day
you radiate beauty by night
all my troubles be away
when I see you in my sight

You dream maker
My sweet lover
let me drift
in your eternal rift
A poem for one of the best songs: Moon River
Feb 2016 · 484
Gentle Tempest
Lacuna Feb 2016
You who blew a gentle kiss in my cheek
You who makes the light weak
You who is silent
You who brings unspeakable violence

You who are cloaked with grey
You who comes to stay
You who cry
You who are in the sky

You who brings life
By the means of strife
A dim light produces evermore
When you shout a roar

Serenity is what you are from the start
Destruction is what you leave when you part
The sky is once again clear
with a bright color sphere
Feb 2016 · 303
Lacuna Feb 2016
We used to walk
We used to talk
Now that you're six feet under
Until we meet, I'll always wonder

You used to make me laugh
You used to be my other half
Now that you're gone
I'm all alone

I miss your sweet kiss
I miss our bliss
Now that you're in eternal slumber
Our days are already over

I'm sorry if I ended it
But I must admit
I was satisfied
When I saw you died

Now that I'm free
Would you be
My next
Feb 2016 · 284
Lacuna Feb 2016
Beyond a world full of distortion
Lies a substance of purest emotion
Above the realm of insanity
shows the clearest picture of reality

For every light that shines
darkness shows divine
For every time that moves
cessation improves

For every chaos that arise
serenity never dies
To every peak we reach
in each blunder we speaks

Life is oxymoronic
It what makes it iconic
for every up that goes
every down must follow

Even I couldn't comprehend
this simple truth, my friend
Feb 2016 · 270
Lacuna Feb 2016
You who are construed as a diabolical entity
You who haunts the evening sky
You who distorts reality
You who puts tears in mankind's eye

You who haunts while we sleep
You who watches while we walk
You who knows the demons we keep
You, a being that doesnt talk

You're nothing more but a friend
You're always by our side
You're not the ghost we used to know
When luminescence divide

Oh! Darkness why do you hide?
Behind the masquerade of our mind
You who appears when the light dies
You who is the most kind

I will always now delight
the sweetest night

— The End —