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  May 2018 Nadeah
Poetic T
Directions swerve from visualizations of
reflections that are kept
                                          within the above.

                Dismay verses  acute desperation,
stray reflections deflect
                                          systematic dictation.

Where all shards of what lingers before us,
pair unto parts that collect for us to

But eventually  they show true form,
               cut deeply they delegate in uniform.
internal rhyme, stretch your thoughts to new avenues took me ages :)
Nadeah Jul 2015
Your lips is a like a red red rose,
It has the moisture like dew.
Oh how I love to contribute mines n yours.
Together we are the world world.
Apart we are simple girls.
Love has its limits to tests.
But the love we have is the best .
I look forward into gaining a future.
Nadeah Sep 2014
I am looking at the moonlight
Wondering when my life begin
Swimming in a pool of sin
Letting others take me in
Making me think when
When would I be me
Stuck in the ground like a tree
Women is all I can see
Why won't my mind let me be
I'm always thinking
I'm always wanting
I'm always saying
That **** would ok
But like Barbie I'm fake
Likes everything's okay
But I have problems like the rest saying my future could be the best
But I'm wearing suicide like a vest
And the t shirt is pressed
My pants on set
My life is a mess
None hears my cry
It so silent I could die
I could die right now
And not make a sound
I'll look back and say
That every things okay
But it's not
My head is in a lock
My mind won't set me free
Every body thinks I'm filled with glee
But can they see the real me
Can they feel me crying
No they can't
Because it's all in my mind .
The emailing when I'm drunk as of now
Nadeah Jun 2014
Let's agree to disagree ,
With  the thoughts in my head ,
About  you not me .

You lie to decieve ,
You eat to get relief ,
And yet you still haven't  paid me back my money,
You ******* thief .

You say you love me for who I am ,
But yet you have no time to be  with me mam.
Nadeah Jun 2014
Tears rushed down her face .
Winter cold hardened her heart.
Memories were lost.

Her eyes dismissed his .
As the rain poured hatefully.
The rose was no more .
I hope you guys love it .
Nadeah Jun 2014
Dear gorgeous ,
The way you flip your hair ,
I can't control the feeling,
Because I know you are here,
You got my whole being .

I'm never going to hurt you like the others,
You have to believe and trust me ,
When you said  the four lettered word ,
That made my heart stutter,
Please I'm telling you ,
We have a connection ,
And for that I'm stuck like glue .

Yes I am not there right now ,
But everything  is possible ,
Because I believe in the how,
It's nothing for us to see each other,
Nothing will stop this lovely weeather,

I am guessing this is nothing like you felt before ,
But open up your heart and let me restore,
I want to show you that life is beautiful,
Love is gorgeous with and like you .

I'll wait til hell freeze over,
And then I'll wait til heaven has boulders,
Nothing will stop me from thinking about you,
Nothing will stop me from being into to you.

Never think or  fear,
I am  going to remain loyal my dear,
I promise this to you and more ,
And stick with me we will soar.

Distence is never ever a issue ,
Because all it does is make our love stronger and make me want to be with you.

So just be brave and take a chance ,
I promise you the love and romance,
Not just promise but this is who I am ,
Keep me in your heart ma'am.

You make me your one and only ,
I promise I won't leave you lost ,
You could have anyone you could have many ,
But you chose me to be the boss .

I want to show you everything ,
I want to give you anything ,
My soul is true to you ,
Please don't think I'm just talking .

So with all this being said ,
I trulley hope I am in your head ,
Listen to your heart,
Because your mind is scared and lart.

And yes I think and know I am blessed,
So I am stuck like glue ,
And yes I love you .
This is about how people get scared to love again.
Nadeah May 2014
Hmm is the next word to mmmm
I have no feelings for drama
Neither do I play soccer
Have the heart like a lion
It aims to poison
I'm just running near the streams
My heart is racing ,so it seems
Like what is I was made to just stand
Made to lop down in the sand
I want just time to breathe
But time only deceives
My eyes are my lookout
Do I got you going hmmmmm yet

I bet ......
Welcome to my mind of thoughts
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