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keepsake7 Dec 2017
They say being different makes us unique
But when our skin is different we become incomplete
If we are born to that of a race that is to dark
And not white
We become outcast
I'm not being racist but why is it that being black
Is looked down upon
Growing up id feel the constant stares the hate filled looks
Being a little kid i didnt understand
Just miss understood
I never knew what i consider my beauty others consider my flaw
Because i'm not like them i had to fight each day
Because i'm not white
I had to worry about being shot
Or getting killed by the cops
I'm not saying this because i'm black
And i may seem racist but i'm stating facts
I'm am a person of colour but why does my colour define me
My skin is just a part of me like colour on a canvas there's a bigger picture
I am not the colour of my skin
I'm me
And why is that so hard to understand
When did our value become our skin
If i'm black and they are white
Why am i treated like i've got no right
The colour i am isn't me
Why does no one understand
To be seen as something other than right
I'm human not paper
Dipped in the wrong colour
but black isn't a colour its a shade
so what am i if not just human
I don't want to be name called and looked down upon
Have my colour become an insult
And hate myself because i'm
Not white
im not saying this because im racist ive just had so many people exclaim
oh your black
like it was out of the ordinary and people stare at me constantly on the street its weird suddenly being screamed at because of your skin
632 · May 2019
Family ties I am fine
keepsake7 May 2019
Hey dad I’m sad
He pushes me aside
Hey dad I need help
He gets mad says do it yourself
So I do
I stop asking for help
And even though my scars grow
I’m fine
Even when they call me names even when my friends go away
I’m fine
Because I don’t need help
Hey dad today was a good day
555 · Dec 2018
keepsake7 Dec 2018
i'll forget you even if it takes me my lifetime
i'm trying to move on but i have to write down my feelings otherwise i won't forget
383 · Dec 2019
half full or half empty
keepsake7 Dec 2019
the glass is refillable
361 · Dec 2017
thorns of a rose
keepsake7 Dec 2017
i forget my hygiene
Like showering and brushing my hair
Sometimes it's not changing my clothes
And i don't mean for two or three days
Sometimes it's two to four weeks
Sometimes my effort leaves me in bed
And when i say sometimes i mean
I'm swallowing glass
That leaves my body though
New fresh cuts
its hanging around friends that feel like complete strangers
but not leaving because your afraid of being asked whats wrong
It's breaking down crying but not shedding a tear
Because your mascara will run
it's turning the hot tap but getting cold water
Staying in the bath until you feel something more than numb
It's getting out but sitting on your bed trying to be cold
It's staying awake till four only to sleep to four the same day
It's forgetting to eat but not wanting to
Craving something you can't have
It's knowing that you need to move
but staying still until you Can manage to drag
yourself away from the only place you feel safe
Sometimes it's forgetting how to breathe
But there's no instructions on how to breathe
Everyone says "your body know how don't think about it"
But now i'm more aware and i'm gasping for air but
It's not that i won't breathe again it's just the
"Everyone can breathe why can't you
It's easy  She can breathe why can't you"
"Nothings wrong you can still breathe
Don't ask for help just breathe"
"Why can't you be more like her she can breathe
Without making a big deal out of it"
"Stop pretending you can't breathe"
Why can't you?
why don't they understand
"i just can't"
355 · Dec 2018
keepsake7 Dec 2018
I never liked coffee
But it reminds me of you
So I drink it anyway
And when it becomes lukewarm
I’m reminded yet again
That your gone...
349 · Jul 2019
keepsake7 Jul 2019
Sometimes I wonder if the stars never shone in your eyes or I lost them in the darkness
336 · Nov 2021
keepsake7 Nov 2021
I’m drowning and my only lifeline left me
Throwing the rope to someone else
I wish I learned to swim
Because I can only save myself
334 · Dec 2017
her is i we are broken
keepsake7 Dec 2017
she always had a smile never showing how much it hurt
hiding her pain away from the world
building walls so high she couldnt see over them
a broken girl with a heart of a child
all she ever wanted was to be fixed
but she always says sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
so why does she cry herself to sleep because of the lines etched on her skin and the demons repeating ever word that made her feel worthless
when i was in a mood again i typed because i didn't want to cry
319 · Aug 2019
keepsake7 Aug 2019
I want to stop worrying about all the things I should forget
316 · Dec 2018
keepsake7 Dec 2018
These days everything taste gray
The flavours i once knew
Become memories laid to waste against tastebuds burned by your kiss
It is the last taste I remember clearly and also the one I can’t forget
Cliche yes but when I remember your lips on mine, butterflies erupt and I recall how it felt to call you mine
315 · Dec 2018
keepsake7 Dec 2018
Nights like this are when mornings come to quickly
Title is when I wrote it because I have to many untitled
306 · Dec 2018
keepsake7 Dec 2018
In my chest
You keep my heart alive
By giving it a reason
To beat
300 · Dec 2017
our love
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I love the memories of us
The ones that kissed me on highways alone at night
The ones hugging me in bed
The memories in old songs
And at the bottom of my coffee cup
The memories of us that keep me up
That are at 2% battery
That hide in your smile
And the ringtone of us
272 · May 2018
Am i real?
keepsake7 May 2018
Why do i exist
The answer always changes
You were born to be loved
So why don't i love myself?  
Your here for a reason
Can you tell me why or do i just believe i'm meant to be
Why is it that i feel like i Shouldn't exist that i don't feel ok in my own skin that the safest i feel is around no one else
Most days i can't leave my house
i never make a noise when i scream or i cry so much vomiting becomes easy
I'm better off saying i'm fine pretending i'm not hurt
Only to question why am i alive

My rooms a mess and no matter how many times i clean
it ends up the same way over and over again
I could write off my sadness as beautiful torture but my red shot eyes and chapped lips don't seem beautiful my reflection is something i hate and my scars taunt me every single day

If you were to ask me why i'm writing this i couldn't tell you maybe right now i'm to emotional to think
Or prehaps i'm questioning my own sanity
I am feeling odd i wish saying i'm happy and meaning it were the same
243 · Jul 2019
keepsake7 Jul 2019
I cannot remember my happiness
I can find it in dandelions and sleeping under the sun at just the right peak
I can find it in figures and posters that make me excited but I can’t remember the last time I just went to sleep
When I didn’t crumble beneath the bedsheets
That good day I had was a distant memory
When I want to wake up for tomorrow
Not wishing to stay in my bed
When my excitement becomes disappointment because I have no one to tell
I am happy in a way that makes me sad
232 · Dec 2019
keepsake7 Dec 2019
and what if there chains i think tie me down aren't tied to anything and the only thing holding me back is my fear of being free
221 · Jul 2022
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I’m walking through fog
The future Blurry and Unknown
I wish I could say I like surprises
That I look forward to where I end up
I’m terrified
I’ll make one mistake and there’s no retry
No quick fix and I’ll end up walking miles to nothing
213 · Oct 2021
keepsake7 Oct 2021
I wish to know if you miss me but I
Can’t ask I’m to afraid of your answer
Tell me on your own so one day
You and I will be happy together but
I know dreams are just dreams I’d
Love for mine to come true but
You will always be so far out of reach
Because someone else deserves you
I’m waiting for you but I’m
Afraid we will miss the timing.
I’m still stuck unsure if I can really ask someone else to love me so I’ll hold off on telling you for now
210 · Dec 2017
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I'm scared
It's in my dna
They always say that
'You'll turn out just like her'
Thats the road i'm heading down
A twisted fate almost a curse
I'm afraid and i've starting believing
Every word they said
Like a disease
I let it spead
My mind became a ball of bad thought
Repeating everything they said
I'll turn out like her
A mother who doesn't remember having kids
A person who tries to find themselves
At the bottom of a bottle
Smoking away everything thing she found happy
A mother who forgot
Her own daughters birthday
After all turning into her
It's in my dna
206 · Dec 2017
once was
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I know what i say
Sometimes my heart just hurts
His got a girl
And i've got a boy
I liked him once
But im in love now
Honestly im happy
But even in a crowd
I see him first i say his name
when i mean someone else
And sometimes
It hurts
i have a boyfriend and i love him alot
but i start thinking of old crush
(maybe because i see him with his gf)
204 · Jul 2022
keepsake7 Jul 2022
Love yourself more
Love yourself enough that when you meet someone you do not cry when they leave because you were enough
Love yourself until the heartbreak no longer feels like pain and you can love someone else with as much love as you give yourself
Love yourself More
203 · Aug 2019
My knight
keepsake7 Aug 2019
My knight in rusted armour
I wanted to write more but I couldn’t
199 · May 2018
keepsake7 May 2018
when i'm mentally incapable of leaving my bed
i force myself to leave my comfort zone
stays behind and i head to school
i head Outside
and sometimes i'm fine
i forget were i am
but other time i linger outside of the classroom door
knowing i should enter but i walk away instead
other times i hide in a four walled bathroom stall
only hearing my silent cries as i wait for next period
192 · Jul 2022
keepsake7 Jul 2022
You told me you liked me but then we continue like friends I don’t know why you act as it never happened if only you had asked I would’ve said yes
He said I “liked” you because we were sacred but if he had asked me out then it would be different now
190 · Feb 2018
doubting love
keepsake7 Feb 2018
Is love much more than a word
Because that's all you ever say
i love you over and over
Like a broken disk on replay
I don't know if you can show me love
Because our romance seems fake
Is i love you more than a word
Is it more than just
189 · Dec 2017
caramel milkshake
keepsake7 Dec 2017
Caramel milkshake everyday I would sit here with her
Her eyes showed happiness
Her laughed breathed it
She with everything she was defined it
Not once when she got sick did she stop smiling in fact she shone brighter
Just a little bit brighter Then she started fading like a candle in the night
She was swallowed by darkness yet she smiled the doctor said she’s fading
She just laughed and said she’s not going yet
Even though I knew what she said was a lie
I believed it because she sat the old and pale with eyes that once showed happiness
And everything she was defined it
I finish my drink Grabbing my cane I realise
A Carmel milkshake
Brought her back every Sunday
182 · Dec 2017
keepsake7 Dec 2017
Why do you beg with your hands cradled in your lap?
Why do you beg for forgiveness from those in power?
Why do you lower you expectations because it’s too hard?
Why did I let you leave so easily?
i loved them but i gave up
because i wasn't good enough
that was my limit on someone i loved
keepsake7 Jan 2019
I spew words about you onto pages you’ll never read
Pages everyone else see
I write down my fears and doubts
That I didn’t tell you
Instead we made out we kiss like lovers but my heart always stayed in a safe far away because my fear that it would shatter was what caused it to break
177 · Aug 2022
keepsake7 Aug 2022
Am I in love with you?
Or just wanting you to like me
Is it a fear of commitment
Or am I confused
Sometimes I think this feeling is jealousy
But when I think of you kissing someone else I don’t really care
Do I love you
Or the idea that you love me
Is it attention I want
Or your arms wrapped around me
Am I scared of loving you
Or loving the idea of being loved
169 · Jul 2019
keepsake7 Jul 2019
Sometimes when you say I love you
I wonder if you drank poison
Because you spit it out
Like it’ll leave a bad after taste
167 · Dec 2017
complete me
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I wish life was easy
Simple yet demeaning
I wish i could dream of bigger things
Know where i want to go and who i want to be
Im always just daydreaming
I want to breathe
To see streets packed and kiss strangers
To have a romance with every heart i touch
And love on the deserted streets
I want nothing more than to leave my
Worth to others who praise me like a star
And worship me like the sun
I want someone to say i'm worth it
Because up till now i've been
Nothing more than worthless
So can someone cherish my heart
And kiss every part of me
keep my heart in a trophy case like its a diamond
Can you look into my eyes and tell me everything
Say you love me and let me believe it
I want my soul to stop yearning for a love it'll never reach
I don't need strangers to kiss me on the street
Just a man who can love me
And make me complete
164 · Dec 2018
keepsake7 Dec 2018
the one you like isn't me
you only know the me
that i made up for you
the "me" you like
doesn't exist
someone i'm friends with online told me he likes me
but online i'm different idk
161 · May 2019
keepsake7 May 2019
I hope someday I’ll be where you are
161 · Aug 2019
My knight 2
keepsake7 Aug 2019
My knight in rusted armour
Lay down your beaten sword
Your brethren are below your every step
Our king is upon a throne to a burning kingdom
Your princess lays asleep in an open casket
159 · Nov 2018
keepsake7 Nov 2018
i just want to forget that you were once my reason to breathe
159 · Dec 2019
growing up is terrifying
keepsake7 Dec 2019
I am worried about my future
Everyone says it's fine
That i can take it slow
I’m young i don't need to know what i
Want to do
But I am lost in a backstreet road that i have never walked down
A forgotten town that i don’t know the streets too
I am lost and everyone says it's fine
Without knowing the way or the destination
They tell me too keep going but what if the places I find
Are not what i wanted
What have i wanted
Were am i wanted
i don't know what i want to be or even where i want to go but time won't stop just for me
159 · Jun 2019
keepsake7 Jun 2019
This mask of mine remains on my face I can’t remember when I started wearing it
When the “I’m fines”
were anything but
when the stress became to much
I can’t remember why I wear this mask of mine all I know is it’s stuck
155 · Dec 2017
A+ girl
keepsake7 Dec 2017
She was perfect in every way
Yet she still managed to find flaws
I told her how amazing she is
She smile and said im not
But i know how hard she tries
When she got disowned
She still had her smile
Her father doesnt care
He pretends she's not there
Her mother loves her dearly
Its her stepfather whos made her hurt
I could write forever
Typing everything she's gone though
But its not my place to say
I might not be in her life when im older
I might be far away
We might not be  best friends
But i want her to know
I notice i care i owe her my life
Id be dead if she wasnt here
So that girl who puts her effort into everything
Rely on me
Because i know your hurt
And you say its ok but
I've felt like you
I've been hurt in a way that
Made me forget what to say
and taught  me how to pretend its ok
So don't look at me with eyes of pain
And pretend to smile it all away
153 · Mar 2023
keepsake7 Mar 2023
I don’t want to be embraced and told it’s ok to be this way I want to be moved not told to stay
148 · Mar 2018
blues war
keepsake7 Mar 2018
he was only seventeen
when he went to war
he left with a smile
trying to tell his mother he'd be fine
i still remember the bluest eyes i've
ever seen walk into the distance gun in hand

he was only seventeen
when he went to war
i'd send messages back and forth
he'd tell me about the friends he made
and lost along the way
he'd say he was doing fine
a few misses with bullets raining down
on him but i know he was smiling
happy to fight for his country
it filled him with pride

Its been a few years now
since i saw him the messages
stopped a month ago
i thought maybe...just maybe
he was coming home
but then we got the letter
"killed in action"
the man with the bluest
eyes I've ever seen
wasn't coming home again
148 · Dec 2017
My Sunshine
keepsake7 Dec 2017
Your smile was gold
For someone whose
Never been anything but silver
146 · Apr 2018
keepsake7 Apr 2018
she made his name her password
he deleted her number
she cried into her pillow feeling stupid and asking why?
he went on dates and delete every trace of her
shes still trying to pick up the pieces
and he cant even remember her
145 · Jun 2018
where am i going
keepsake7 Jun 2018
its so hard to explain my feelings and thoughts i want to leave or maybe just escape i hate school or maybe i hate myself?
i'm scared because i'm 17 and yes it seems like forever but i don't want to be like this at 20 i want to have a life do something be someone
but at the same time i don't know if i want to be here at the end of the year
its confusing i'm lost and i have no one to help me maybe i'll stay..stuck? :/
144 · Dec 2017
friendship deceit
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I once loved my best friend
More than a best friend should
Her smile made me happy
And i was sad on my own
I started falling for this girl id known
But i realised that this love was unrequited
And it should never of happened
So i pushed it away pretending that i loved another
And she already had someone she loved
So i ignored the pain in my heart and the voice that  said
Its ok to fall in love
Its been a few years and i still see her like that
But i've found someone who makes me happy
Someone whom i adore
Beside i pushed her away
I gave up this love
And allowed my cousin to make her smile
In things i could not
before i turned 15 i started falling for my best friend im 16 now and still love her very much but i wanted her to be happy i owe her that much i knew if i said i love you it would of fallen on deaf ears
144 · Jan 2018
relationship pain
keepsake7 Jan 2018
i know i shouldn't be as jealous as i am but
seeing the heart on every profile pic hurts
and realising she wasn't just another girl
that you truly loved her
enough to say you'd **** her still
especially to me your current girl
maybe for you losing your virginty
was the same to me were you didn't care
but maybe for you it was a meant to be
so when i realise ill never amount to her
and your feelings could be lingering
it hurts
and i know im just thinking but its the thoughts
the thought that you'd go back to her if she asked that scares me more than anything
the problem for me is i know her and i thought it be better to write how i feel down then not say anything
141 · Dec 2017
keepsake7 Dec 2017
you teared down my heart and used the pieces to rebuild your own
138 · Nov 2018
keepsake7 Nov 2018
you came back
because you wanted love and knew
i would supply
137 · Jan 2019
keepsake7 Jan 2019
I’m afraid of that terrified even
I push people away because I want them to stay
To show that I’m worth fighting for
Or maybe it’s my defence because no one chooses me
So I push you away before you can pick to leave
This is my apology that will never be enough
I should of said
I know you love me
Not question why
I should of showed you I loved you
Instead of fighting it  
I shouldn’t have thought it was better if you loved someone else
Because at that moment you loved me
And that should of been enough
And It was
But my fears and self doubts held me back
So when I love someone again
I’ll love them
How I should of loved you
I just want to stop loving you so why is it this hard to move on? Is it guilt? Pain? Or that I didn’t love you how I wanted to?
136 · Sep 2023
keepsake7 Sep 2023
I didn’t realise how much of me held you
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