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keepsake7 Sep 16
I didn’t realise how much of me held you
keepsake7 Mar 5
I want to date for the fun of it
Wake up in someone’s bed because I can
But I keep scattering my heart about in hopes someone will see me
Choose me
And stay
I’m 21 now and I feel like I’ve got so much time yet I want to just love without being left maybe I come on to strong or too timidly I know I’ll find someone but I m tried of falling for now
keepsake7 Mar 5
I don’t want to be embraced and told it’s ok to be this way I want to be moved not told to stay
keepsake7 Mar 5
We didn’t even date and yet you get angry like you have a claim to my person
We didn’t even date and yet you try and change my choices
We didn’t even date
We liked each other mutually at one point even talked about it but we didn’t make a move and I moved on apparently he decided to be passive aggressive without speaking his feelings out loud and I’m done now
keepsake7 Mar 5
I made a playlist while we were together and it’s been left untouched because you left before I got the chance to give you songs that reminded me of you
I feel like everytime I write on here it’s just of love that happened and failed or love that didn’t I wish the people I liked where better but my choices always seem wrong
keepsake7 Aug 2022
Am I in love with you?
Or just wanting you to like me
Is it a fear of commitment
Or am I confused
Sometimes I think this feeling is jealousy
But when I think of you kissing someone else I don’t really care
Do I love you
Or the idea that you love me
Is it attention I want
Or your arms wrapped around me
Am I scared of loving you
Or loving the idea of being loved
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I fell in love with you
In everything you do
Your scent your smile
Your anger your happiness
I fell in love because I liked the way you contemplate which Ice cream to get
How you explained why stars are beautiful
I fell in love with how you loved
I fell in love with how you felt
I fell in love with everything that makes
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