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keepsake7 Mar 2018
She dressed in white wandering the halls
dancing under moonlight
he showed up black as midnight
begging for her to love him again
she vanished at dawn as dewdrops
fell down his cheek
and he waited for
night to come again
keepsake7 Oct 2021
I’m sure you like me
like I like you but
I’m unsure of myself
we had this conversation before
we said I like you before
but if I ask you again
am I hoping you do
or feeding my ego
keepsake7 Dec 2018
Nights like this are when mornings come to quickly
Title is when I wrote it because I have to many untitled
keepsake7 Dec 2018
I don’t like cigarettes
But I need a new addiction
Something else that can
slowly **** me
torture me like
Loving you did
Because without you
What am I supposed to do
To stop my itch?
I want to move on
But I still miss you
keepsake7 Dec 2017
She was perfect in every way
Yet she still managed to find flaws
I told her how amazing she is
She smile and said im not
But i know how hard she tries
When she got disowned
She still had her smile
Her father doesnt care
He pretends she's not there
Her mother loves her dearly
Its her stepfather whos made her hurt
I could write forever
Typing everything she's gone though
But its not my place to say
I might not be in her life when im older
I might be far away
We might not be  best friends
But i want her to know
I notice i care i owe her my life
Id be dead if she wasnt here
So that girl who puts her effort into everything
Rely on me
Because i know your hurt
And you say its ok but
I've felt like you
I've been hurt in a way that
Made me forget what to say
and taught  me how to pretend its ok
So don't look at me with eyes of pain
And pretend to smile it all away
keepsake7 Feb 2018
Was i only air to you
A passing faze gone like the wind
I Loved you…
I loved you
And you don’t care
You left me.
And i vanished like the wind
keepsake7 May 2018
Why do i exist
The answer always changes
You were born to be loved
So why don't i love myself?  
Your here for a reason
Can you tell me why or do i just believe i'm meant to be
Why is it that i feel like i Shouldn't exist that i don't feel ok in my own skin that the safest i feel is around no one else
Most days i can't leave my house
i never make a noise when i scream or i cry so much vomiting becomes easy
I'm better off saying i'm fine pretending i'm not hurt
Only to question why am i alive

My rooms a mess and no matter how many times i clean
it ends up the same way over and over again
I could write off my sadness as beautiful torture but my red shot eyes and chapped lips don't seem beautiful my reflection is something i hate and my scars taunt me every single day

If you were to ask me why i'm writing this i couldn't tell you maybe right now i'm to emotional to think
Or prehaps i'm questioning my own sanity
I am feeling odd i wish saying i'm happy and meaning it were the same
keepsake7 Feb 2018
Our souls dance in the night
When our heartbeats are dormant
And our eyes only open to dreams
Our souls whisper to each other
And dance atop stars
keepsake7 Dec 2018
I never liked coffee
But it reminds me of you
So I drink it anyway
And when it becomes lukewarm
I’m reminded yet again
That your gone...
keepsake7 Mar 2018
he was only seventeen
when he went to war
he left with a smile
trying to tell his mother he'd be fine
i still remember the bluest eyes i've
ever seen walk into the distance gun in hand

he was only seventeen
when he went to war
i'd send messages back and forth
he'd tell me about the friends he made
and lost along the way
he'd say he was doing fine
a few misses with bullets raining down
on him but i know he was smiling
happy to fight for his country
it filled him with pride

Its been a few years now
since i saw him the messages
stopped a month ago
i thought maybe...just maybe
he was coming home
but then we got the letter
"killed in action"
the man with the bluest
eyes I've ever seen
wasn't coming home again
keepsake7 Dec 2017
Caramel milkshake everyday I would sit here with her
Her eyes showed happiness
Her laughed breathed it
She with everything she was defined it
Not once when she got sick did she stop smiling in fact she shone brighter
Just a little bit brighter Then she started fading like a candle in the night
She was swallowed by darkness yet she smiled the doctor said she’s fading
She just laughed and said she’s not going yet
Even though I knew what she said was a lie
I believed it because she sat the old and pale with eyes that once showed happiness
And everything she was defined it
I finish my drink Grabbing my cane I realise
A Carmel milkshake
Brought her back every Sunday
keepsake7 Dec 2017
Behind a single screen
I continue to write
Bound by the sentences I type
Type type type I breathe life into poems
My chest gets heavy and I swallow
My eyes become blank and I stare and the screen
It rings in my ears the words I could write
The words I should write
But I can’t think
It’s become undone the reason I wrote
I sit back
once i started writing for others i forgot how to write my emotion and wrote more for what they'd like then for what i chose
i love writing i want to get better but if someone asked me to write i wouldn't refuse and thats a problem because i have no emotion no effort because i didn't see it
it didnt bring life
for me it was more of a wall that wanted t be a house but im not a builder
i need to change that
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I wish life was easy
Simple yet demeaning
I wish i could dream of bigger things
Know where i want to go and who i want to be
Im always just daydreaming
I want to breathe
To see streets packed and kiss strangers
To have a romance with every heart i touch
And love on the deserted streets
I want nothing more than to leave my
Worth to others who praise me like a star
And worship me like the sun
I want someone to say i'm worth it
Because up till now i've been
Nothing more than worthless
So can someone cherish my heart
And kiss every part of me
keep my heart in a trophy case like its a diamond
Can you look into my eyes and tell me everything
Say you love me and let me believe it
I want my soul to stop yearning for a love it'll never reach
I don't need strangers to kiss me on the street
Just a man who can love me
And make me complete
keepsake7 Jan 2019
I spew words about you onto pages you’ll never read
Pages everyone else see
I write down my fears and doubts
That I didn’t tell you
Instead we made out we kiss like lovers but my heart always stayed in a safe far away because my fear that it would shatter was what caused it to break
keepsake7 May 2020
I want to make friends
But it always ends in failure
From beings terrible at keeping a conversation
To being left on read
I want to expand my bubble
But that’s hard to do
When even thing I say
is just not worth your time
From lol and wbu  
emoji face and seen :10.30
maybe I’m just hard to talk to or I just haven’t tried enough
But I didn’t know talking to people my age was as hard as it was
keepsake7 May 2018
Alex said she couldn't wait to grow up
Alex said every thought in her head
Alex didn't leave home without a smile everyone who knew said she was a "happy girl"
Alex went away for a few days and was different afterwards
Alex screamed about demons in her head
Alex arms started having scars
Alex once said she couldn't wait to grow up
So why did Alex **** herself
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I'm scared
It's in my dna
They always say that
'You'll turn out just like her'
Thats the road i'm heading down
A twisted fate almost a curse
I'm afraid and i've starting believing
Every word they said
Like a disease
I let it spead
My mind became a ball of bad thought
Repeating everything they said
I'll turn out like her
A mother who doesn't remember having kids
A person who tries to find themselves
At the bottom of a bottle
Smoking away everything thing she found happy
A mother who forgot
Her own daughters birthday
After all turning into her
It's in my dna
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I feel like a ghost in my own home I keep to myself even though I live here I feel out of place like I’m visiting someone for the first time
That weird thing you do on the couch were you try to not take up to much room were if your offered food you politely declined feeling like a nuisance to get the food they paid for trying to not touch anything but also clean up because even though it’s not your mess your a guest so it fine but this is my home I walk so quietly like I’d disturb the dead I know this is home so why do I feel like a stranger when it’s all I know
keepsake7 Feb 2018
Is love much more than a word
Because that's all you ever say
i love you over and over
Like a broken disk on replay
I don't know if you can show me love
Because our romance seems fake
Is i love you more than a word
Is it more than just
keepsake7 Nov 2018
you came back
because you wanted love and knew
i would supply
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I fell in love with you
In everything you do
Your scent your smile
Your anger your happiness
I fell in love because I liked the way you contemplate which Ice cream to get
How you explained why stars are beautiful
I fell in love with how you loved
I fell in love with how you felt
I fell in love with everything that makes
keepsake7 Dec 2017
She kept falling in love
Falling for strangers on the street just to feel loved
Because she was born with a heart to big to fit
And tears to small to see
So she smile like a song
Never really falling in love
Not with anyone
keepsake7 Dec 2017
He never liked you a sentence made laughable by a child’s scream.
She believed it and a tumour grew
He lured her in begging her to stay the thread of fate became tinted
To her he was a leaf twirling and spinning floating, endlessly waiting to fall
She was the wind blowing relentlessly beneath him lifting him up
Hoping he would never fall but he decided to lower himself to the ground
And she waited for another falling leaf.
keepsake7 May 2019
Hey dad I’m sad
He pushes me aside
Hey dad I need help
He gets mad says do it yourself
So I do
I stop asking for help
And even though my scars grow
I’m fine
Even when they call me names even when my friends go away
I’m fine
Because I don’t need help
Hey dad today was a good day
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I once loved my best friend
More than a best friend should
Her smile made me happy
And i was sad on my own
I started falling for this girl id known
But i realised that this love was unrequited
And it should never of happened
So i pushed it away pretending that i loved another
And she already had someone she loved
So i ignored the pain in my heart and the voice that  said
Its ok to fall in love
Its been a few years and i still see her like that
But i've found someone who makes me happy
Someone whom i adore
Beside i pushed her away
I gave up this love
And allowed my cousin to make her smile
In things i could not
before i turned 15 i started falling for my best friend im 16 now and still love her very much but i wanted her to be happy i owe her that much i knew if i said i love you it would of fallen on deaf ears
keepsake7 Jan 2020
I’m the one who locked myself in
But I still look outside
keepsake7 Dec 2019
I am worried about my future
Everyone says it's fine
That i can take it slow
I’m young i don't need to know what i
Want to do
But I am lost in a backstreet road that i have never walked down
A forgotten town that i don’t know the streets too
I am lost and everyone says it's fine
Without knowing the way or the destination
They tell me too keep going but what if the places I find
Are not what i wanted
What have i wanted
Were am i wanted
i don't know what i want to be or even where i want to go but time won't stop just for me
keepsake7 Dec 2019
the glass is refillable
keepsake7 Dec 2017
she always had a smile never showing how much it hurt
hiding her pain away from the world
building walls so high she couldnt see over them
a broken girl with a heart of a child
all she ever wanted was to be fixed
but she always says sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
so why does she cry herself to sleep because of the lines etched on her skin and the demons repeating ever word that made her feel worthless
when i was in a mood again i typed because i didn't want to cry
keepsake7 Feb 2018
Dancer upon piano
A melody missing one
   She stood t
Never falling off the tightrope
He came along gave her a smile
Loved her but she never intended
To fall off that wire so he
keepsake7 Aug 2018
I think about leaving
A lot more than I should
I know I love you so much
That’d it’d break my heart
If only I could stay
But three more months
Is my limit
And I feel like
I’ve started counting down days
I enjoy being with you
But there’s more flaws than I can handle
And I know we’d have tough times
I didn’t know I’d be alone though them
Because when I need you most you seem to become a blank screen
A video game is all you see
And you say you love me but honestly I don’t know what you mean
You show it when it’s meant to but do you ever want to text me
I love you ?
Because the conversation only starts if I talk
Otherwise it’d be silence and nothing more
And maybe I’m looking at this wrong maybe it’s my anxiety and I’m staring at a mirror that only shows my flaws
I’m reading the book backwards
And knew the ending from the start
keepsake7 Dec 2017
They say being different makes us unique
But when our skin is different we become incomplete
If we are born to that of a race that is to dark
And not white
We become outcast
I'm not being racist but why is it that being black
Is looked down upon
Growing up id feel the constant stares the hate filled looks
Being a little kid i didnt understand
Just miss understood
I never knew what i consider my beauty others consider my flaw
Because i'm not like them i had to fight each day
Because i'm not white
I had to worry about being shot
Or getting killed by the cops
I'm not saying this because i'm black
And i may seem racist but i'm stating facts
I'm am a person of colour but why does my colour define me
My skin is just a part of me like colour on a canvas there's a bigger picture
I am not the colour of my skin
I'm me
And why is that so hard to understand
When did our value become our skin
If i'm black and they are white
Why am i treated like i've got no right
The colour i am isn't me
Why does no one understand
To be seen as something other than right
I'm human not paper
Dipped in the wrong colour
but black isn't a colour its a shade
so what am i if not just human
I don't want to be name called and looked down upon
Have my colour become an insult
And hate myself because i'm
Not white
im not saying this because im racist ive just had so many people exclaim
oh your black
like it was out of the ordinary and people stare at me constantly on the street its weird suddenly being screamed at because of your skin
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I hope you live well
That you are loved and happy
And one day when you miss me
I hope I’m somewhere there
keepsake7 Oct 2020
If your love was poison I’d drink it gladly if only to know in my dying breathe you stood there and realised how much you meant to me
keepsake7 Oct 2020
We tiptop around our feelings in hopes the other will say it first but I’m to untrusting and you’re worried about change
keepsake7 Jun 2020
You broke my heart like you were use to it
I took you back trying to find the pieces of me
You came back with a grin if only I had know I was there for your humour
Weeks go by and you leave again and I was more shattered than the first time even though some part of me had realised you’d go
I guess I’m use to it
When people leave they take a piece of you with them maybe it’s so you always have a missing part of you or because that’s the trophy they collect once they finish their game who knows I don’t but I’ll move on because a part of me will always love them but I will not stay chasing my past to not see my future
Sometimes I get stuck of what if’s and wonder why I didn’t do something I let it consume me I don’t want to do that anymore so this is my last post for this person because he is in my past and I can’t final move forward
keepsake7 Dec 2023
If she was the garden of eden
I would eat the apple willing
God is her word
And as the poison invades my lungs
My last words will be her name
keepsake7 Mar 2019
i want to watch movies
have sleepover and buy silly things
i want to have friends
i just don't think i can trust
another person again
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I want to live well but I don’t think it’ll happen where I am and who I am can’t change in a day I want to get a job but there are non around me so I’m making it by off government money and my father tells me I can stay but I don’t want to live this life staying forever out of fear nothing can change
It’s real hard to want to live when I have no way of moving forward maybe it’s just I’m comfortable here so I stay because I’m stuck
keepsake7 Mar 2018
i hope you find someone better to love
keepsake7 Feb 2020
I can’t wrap my head around my thoughts
Sometimes all I can do is think
Think like a tv with a static screen
A buzzing that won’t go away
The constant this or that
And then nothing at all like an empty house whose floorboards creek with a whisper from the wind
Sometimes I prefer nothing at all the silence
The empty streets that echo my step when I walk knowing it’s just me
But then it can be to much its hail on my roof as I toss an turn trying to get everything to stop when silence is loud
A blizzard that comes so quickly like a scream from a man with no voice to be heard
To the fly I hear buzz in the dark
I wish my silence was peaceful enough that I could sleep
keepsake7 Apr 2018
its hard trying to find a job when all i can do is try and write poems
its not something in demand right now and even if it is i can find how to apply
i don't know how to do anything
maybe it's because i stay up to 2am and forget to eat
or im turning 17 in about 4 weeks?
maybe it's trying to find effort to go to school every morning
for teachers who say im whats called a "problem child"
i can't push my problems away or use excuses like "they didn't help" or "it's not my fault" because i know my problem
i can't get a job
i don't know what i'm gonna do with my life -_-(sign~) i'm gonna go sleep now
keepsake7 Nov 2018
maybe the reason we love from the heart
is that we can't live without it
maybe thats why
i can't live without
keepsake7 Feb 2018
Roses are a symbol of love
But i prefered lilies
I liked the shape
And how pure they looked
Roses were nice but
For me to red
Too loved
To much like you
Everyone wants you
But your thorns need to be removed first
I like roses the come and they go
you always get another rose
Same with lilies but there not tainted yet
Pure and white
Not stained not colourful
But beautiful nevertheless
i don't know :/
keepsake7 Jul 2018
Death is boring
A dark void of nothingness
Some people choose death
Others accept
But life
Life is feeling a soft breeze though your window
It’s listen to the crickets at night
Life is children’s laughter and....false hope
It’s the chance to breathe underwater
And death is knowing you’ll suffocate
keepsake7 Feb 2018
She danced in my dreams
like a ghost she faded from memories
And i know it's been a year now
but i still hear her heartbeat
Caressing me in bed and
Her smile destroys me because the last words she said
With the smile that shone like a jewel i’d never find
“ g
i had no idea what to call it and all i can imagine is someone reminiscing over a heartbreak
keepsake7 Jan 2019
I’m afraid of that terrified even
I push people away because I want them to stay
To show that I’m worth fighting for
Or maybe it’s my defence because no one chooses me
So I push you away before you can pick to leave
This is my apology that will never be enough
I should of said
I know you love me
Not question why
I should of showed you I loved you
Instead of fighting it  
I shouldn’t have thought it was better if you loved someone else
Because at that moment you loved me
And that should of been enough
And It was
But my fears and self doubts held me back
So when I love someone again
I’ll love them
How I should of loved you
I just want to stop loving you so why is it this hard to move on? Is it guilt? Pain? Or that I didn’t love you how I wanted to?
keepsake7 Dec 2017
I loved him once when a kiss on the cheek was happiness
I loved him once when I was six and he told me his feelings
I loved him once when I was twelve and he said it wasn’t working
I loved him when I was fifteen and he came back to me
I love him when I was twenty one and caught him cheating with someone
I loved him when he hit me
Even when he said they never find the body
Yes I loved him once when the world above
Needed me and the police tried finding my body
I love him when happiness was a kiss not a missing person’s poster
I truly loved him once when I had a heartbeat
keepsake7 Apr 2018
and all the lovers i'll never have
caress their lovers in bed sheets
that hold their hearts with
smiles i'll never see
and sometimes i
wonder if i was them would i feel complete
their souls skinny dipping in the gold heat
of the oven light as the open bay window
shows a galaxy
with a thousand stars baring their hearts that
makes me wonder
if i enough will my dreams come true
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