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Dec 2023 · 35
I’m not a boy
keepsake7 Dec 2023
If she was the garden of eden
I would eat the apple willing
God is her word
And as the poison invades my lungs
My last words will be her name
Sep 2023 · 136
keepsake7 Sep 2023
I didn’t realise how much of me held you
Mar 2023 · 101
keepsake7 Mar 2023
I want to date for the fun of it
Wake up in someone’s bed because I can
But I keep scattering my heart about in hopes someone will see me
Choose me
And stay
I’m 21 now and I feel like I’ve got so much time yet I want to just love without being left maybe I come on to strong or too timidly I know I’ll find someone but I m tried of falling for now
Mar 2023 · 153
keepsake7 Mar 2023
I don’t want to be embraced and told it’s ok to be this way I want to be moved not told to stay
Mar 2023 · 86
keepsake7 Mar 2023
We didn’t even date and yet you get angry like you have a claim to my person
We didn’t even date and yet you try and change my choices
We didn’t even date
We liked each other mutually at one point even talked about it but we didn’t make a move and I moved on apparently he decided to be passive aggressive without speaking his feelings out loud and I’m done now
keepsake7 Mar 2023
I made a playlist while we were together and it’s been left untouched because you left before I got the chance to give you songs that reminded me of you
I feel like everytime I write on here it’s just of love that happened and failed or love that didn’t I wish the people I liked where better but my choices always seem wrong
Aug 2022 · 177
keepsake7 Aug 2022
Am I in love with you?
Or just wanting you to like me
Is it a fear of commitment
Or am I confused
Sometimes I think this feeling is jealousy
But when I think of you kissing someone else I don’t really care
Do I love you
Or the idea that you love me
Is it attention I want
Or your arms wrapped around me
Am I scared of loving you
Or loving the idea of being loved
Jul 2022 · 78
Every little thing
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I fell in love with you
In everything you do
Your scent your smile
Your anger your happiness
I fell in love because I liked the way you contemplate which Ice cream to get
How you explained why stars are beautiful
I fell in love with how you loved
I fell in love with how you felt
I fell in love with everything that makes
Jul 2022 · 85
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I’m scared of living to late
That I’ll miss the best chance of feeling alive
Because I can’t take failure
I’m tired of spending days trying to feel okay again
And one day I know I will need to fail
To go through the feelings of being alive
I don’t know if I can handle that
Stress got to me today and I just feel extremely anxious that I’m doing everything wrong
Jul 2022 · 221
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I’m walking through fog
The future Blurry and Unknown
I wish I could say I like surprises
That I look forward to where I end up
I’m terrified
I’ll make one mistake and there’s no retry
No quick fix and I’ll end up walking miles to nothing
Jul 2022 · 204
keepsake7 Jul 2022
Love yourself more
Love yourself enough that when you meet someone you do not cry when they leave because you were enough
Love yourself until the heartbreak no longer feels like pain and you can love someone else with as much love as you give yourself
Love yourself More
Jul 2022 · 192
keepsake7 Jul 2022
You told me you liked me but then we continue like friends I don’t know why you act as it never happened if only you had asked I would’ve said yes
He said I “liked” you because we were sacred but if he had asked me out then it would be different now
Jul 2022 · 70
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I still see you in my living room but you no longer sit on the couch
I see you in the backyard smiling into the sun but whenever I get closer you fade away I hope we will meet again and my heart can bare this pain until then
I had to put my dog down due to old age and I just keep missing him thinking his here but then I see his urn and feel this sadness all over again I’m glad I could say goodbye but I wish there was just a little more time
Jul 2022 · 76
keepsake7 Jul 2022
One day you will not be on my mind
And when I no longer think of you
I hope I am happier than right now
Nov 2021 · 336
keepsake7 Nov 2021
I’m drowning and my only lifeline left me
Throwing the rope to someone else
I wish I learned to swim
Because I can only save myself
Nov 2021 · 76
keepsake7 Nov 2021
I find reasons to message you
Only to get a one word reply
Why do I try to get you to see me
I just wish you’d see me
Oct 2021 · 67
keepsake7 Oct 2021
I’m sure you like me
like I like you but
I’m unsure of myself
we had this conversation before
we said I like you before
but if I ask you again
am I hoping you do
or feeding my ego
Oct 2021 · 213
keepsake7 Oct 2021
I wish to know if you miss me but I
Can’t ask I’m to afraid of your answer
Tell me on your own so one day
You and I will be happy together but
I know dreams are just dreams I’d
Love for mine to come true but
You will always be so far out of reach
Because someone else deserves you
I’m waiting for you but I’m
Afraid we will miss the timing.
I’m still stuck unsure if I can really ask someone else to love me so I’ll hold off on telling you for now
Mar 2021 · 80
keepsake7 Mar 2021
I’m dancing in a club to forget you our song comes on and I stop breathing how am I supposed to move on if I stand still at the memory of you.
Nov 2020 · 66
One sided
keepsake7 Nov 2020
I could fall for your smile
I could fall for your charm
I could fall for your face
I could fall for your voice
But they do not belong to me
And you are not happy because of me
I could fall for you
But you are loved already
Nov 2020 · 75
Wrong reflection
keepsake7 Nov 2020
You were everything I wanted to be but you were not me
Oct 2020 · 68
keepsake7 Oct 2020
This chess game of ours will end in a draw  Neither a win nor a loss just a game with no outcome
Even the right moves will not always end in checkmate
But with you I’m stuck in place
Oct 2020 · 57
I like u
keepsake7 Oct 2020
We tiptop around our feelings in hopes the other will say it first but I’m to untrusting and you’re worried about change
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I want to live well but I don’t think it’ll happen where I am and who I am can’t change in a day I want to get a job but there are non around me so I’m making it by off government money and my father tells me I can stay but I don’t want to live this life staying forever out of fear nothing can change
It’s real hard to want to live when I have no way of moving forward maybe it’s just I’m comfortable here so I stay because I’m stuck
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I hope you live well
That you are loved and happy
And one day when you miss me
I hope I’m somewhere there
Oct 2020 · 60
keepsake7 Oct 2020
She was beautiful
I couldn’t even look at her eyes afraid I’d stare forever if I did
I don’t know what it was that made her amazing
Plain and boring a normal person you’d never think twice about but
She was beautiful
And that was suffocating
I hate attractive people because most don’t realise and I could see them in a crowd and fall in love
Oct 2020 · 47
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I’m choking on my existence
Didn’t even want it in the first place
Now I’m struggling
Dealing with the consequences of being born
I just want to live
But surviving seems to be my way of life
Just let me disappear or let someone else live my life because I don’t deserve to
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I feel like a ghost in my own home I keep to myself even though I live here I feel out of place like I’m visiting someone for the first time
That weird thing you do on the couch were you try to not take up to much room were if your offered food you politely declined feeling like a nuisance to get the food they paid for trying to not touch anything but also clean up because even though it’s not your mess your a guest so it fine but this is my home I walk so quietly like I’d disturb the dead I know this is home so why do I feel like a stranger when it’s all I know
keepsake7 Oct 2020
If your love was poison I’d drink it gladly if only to know in my dying breathe you stood there and realised how much you meant to me
Jun 2020 · 75
I loved you
keepsake7 Jun 2020
You broke my heart like you were use to it
I took you back trying to find the pieces of me
You came back with a grin if only I had know I was there for your humour
Weeks go by and you leave again and I was more shattered than the first time even though some part of me had realised you’d go
I guess I’m use to it
When people leave they take a piece of you with them maybe it’s so you always have a missing part of you or because that’s the trophy they collect once they finish their game who knows I don’t but I’ll move on because a part of me will always love them but I will not stay chasing my past to not see my future
Sometimes I get stuck of what if’s and wonder why I didn’t do something I let it consume me I don’t want to do that anymore so this is my last post for this person because he is in my past and I can’t final move forward
May 2020 · 73
Conversation starter
keepsake7 May 2020
I want to make friends
But it always ends in failure
From beings terrible at keeping a conversation
To being left on read
I want to expand my bubble
But that’s hard to do
When even thing I say
is just not worth your time
From lol and wbu  
emoji face and seen :10.30
maybe I’m just hard to talk to or I just haven’t tried enough
But I didn’t know talking to people my age was as hard as it was
May 2020 · 79
Missing me
keepsake7 May 2020
I miss the smile you had when you saw the sun the way stars were the best part of the day
Talking about things you enjoyed didn’t stop at once sentence
I loved how you fell so quickly finding love in anyone how running felt
falling in the grass
Swimming in the pool
I miss the parts of me I lost growing up
I’ve falling out of love with myself
Feb 2020 · 74
keepsake7 Feb 2020
Sometimes I imagine your tongue lightly kissing my neck with your eyes the smile into my memory your name I could not whisper enough for the stars to know and the bittersweet taste of regret has made its home in my bed
agony curls its self around my bones like chains that remind me I belong to you and even if I turn into the land we stand on I will see you again.
keepsake7 Feb 2020
I can’t wrap my head around my thoughts
Sometimes all I can do is think
Think like a tv with a static screen
A buzzing that won’t go away
The constant this or that
And then nothing at all like an empty house whose floorboards creek with a whisper from the wind
Sometimes I prefer nothing at all the silence
The empty streets that echo my step when I walk knowing it’s just me
But then it can be to much its hail on my roof as I toss an turn trying to get everything to stop when silence is loud
A blizzard that comes so quickly like a scream from a man with no voice to be heard
To the fly I hear buzz in the dark
I wish my silence was peaceful enough that I could sleep
Jan 2020 · 57
where do i stand with you
keepsake7 Jan 2020
Sometimes I wonder why I go back to you
When every time it ends in one of us leaving
You say you miss me but never message
Maybe you want me too crawl
But your not worth that much
I don’t need you
But i go back anyway
Maybe it’s being alone
That i fear so much
Jan 2020 · 55
Maybe my pain will lessen
Jan 2020 · 80
Give it time
keepsake7 Jan 2020
I’m the one who locked myself in
But I still look outside
Jan 2020 · 70
keepsake7 Jan 2020
I say i love you like hello
Missing you quietly
Your warmth seeps into my bed sheets
Remind me of your embrace
You reminding me of dew in the morning
Sticking to everything i have including myself
Jan 2020 · 84
nothing waits for you
keepsake7 Jan 2020
I am worried about my future
Everyone says it's fine
That i can take it slow
I’m young i don't need to know what i
Want to do
But I am lost in a backstreet road that i have never walked down
A forgotten town that i don’t know the streets too
I am lost and everyone says it's fine
Without knowing the way or the destination
They tell me too keep going but what if the places I find
Are not what i wanted
What have i wanted
Were am i wanted
Dec 2019 · 159
growing up is terrifying
keepsake7 Dec 2019
I am worried about my future
Everyone says it's fine
That i can take it slow
I’m young i don't need to know what i
Want to do
But I am lost in a backstreet road that i have never walked down
A forgotten town that i don’t know the streets too
I am lost and everyone says it's fine
Without knowing the way or the destination
They tell me too keep going but what if the places I find
Are not what i wanted
What have i wanted
Were am i wanted
i don't know what i want to be or even where i want to go but time won't stop just for me
Dec 2019 · 232
keepsake7 Dec 2019
and what if there chains i think tie me down aren't tied to anything and the only thing holding me back is my fear of being free
Dec 2019 · 383
half full or half empty
keepsake7 Dec 2019
the glass is refillable
Oct 2019 · 88
keepsake7 Oct 2019
Depression is the demon in my bed that keeps me warm
It becomes my only friend when I push everyone else away
It knows my fears and wishes
Depression walks with me at night we talk to the stars and whisper with the trees
Depression nodded along when I told my father I’m suicidal depression hugged me in the backseat when he didn’t reply
Depression has kept me company when no one else did it shows me how beautiful the world can be because I know I will miss it
I will miss life but I don’t with to be living maybe my ghost will wonder the world and if that will be the case maybe happiness will come along
Sep 2019 · 114
keepsake7 Sep 2019
You may be your fathers kin but you are not your fathers sin
And you are not becoming a monster just when you look in the mirror you see one
The alcoholic mother who couldn’t kiss you goodbye and the father who seeped in toughness always telling you to be a man I’m sorry
Sorry he hit you because you wanted a doll that was to girly or had your nails painted to the boys who got called names and home life’s weren’t to great do not become that man or woman in your life don’t see them in your reflection because I know you don’t like bullying the nerdy kids I know you miss the life in your photo that hides in your bookshelf the one where your mum was shining and your dad still a hero in your eyes
I’m sorry you grew up to quickly and can’t cry to your friends that boys are tough is a saying because showing your pain shouldn’t make it worse I’m sorry our society couldn’t save you
Still unfinished only my thoughts currently
Aug 2019 · 319
keepsake7 Aug 2019
I want to stop worrying about all the things I should forget
Aug 2019 · 161
My knight 2
keepsake7 Aug 2019
My knight in rusted armour
Lay down your beaten sword
Your brethren are below your every step
Our king is upon a throne to a burning kingdom
Your princess lays asleep in an open casket
Aug 2019 · 203
My knight
keepsake7 Aug 2019
My knight in rusted armour
I wanted to write more but I couldn’t
Jul 2019 · 81
keepsake7 Jul 2019
And some days I wish I could tell myself I’m okay
Without crumbling beneath the weight
Jul 2019 · 112
keepsake7 Jul 2019
If this bed is to be my burial ground
I will lay in it anyway
Jul 2019 · 243
keepsake7 Jul 2019
I cannot remember my happiness
I can find it in dandelions and sleeping under the sun at just the right peak
I can find it in figures and posters that make me excited but I can’t remember the last time I just went to sleep
When I didn’t crumble beneath the bedsheets
That good day I had was a distant memory
When I want to wake up for tomorrow
Not wishing to stay in my bed
When my excitement becomes disappointment because I have no one to tell
I am happy in a way that makes me sad
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