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May 2018
Why do i exist
The answer always changes
You were born to be loved
So why don't i love myself?  
Your here for a reason
Can you tell me why or do i just believe i'm meant to be
Why is it that i feel like i Shouldn't exist that i don't feel ok in my own skin that the safest i feel is around no one else
Most days i can't leave my house
i never make a noise when i scream or i cry so much vomiting becomes easy
I'm better off saying i'm fine pretending i'm not hurt
Only to question why am i alive

My rooms a mess and no matter how many times i clean
it ends up the same way over and over again
I could write off my sadness as beautiful torture but my red shot eyes and chapped lips don't seem beautiful my reflection is something i hate and my scars taunt me every single day

If you were to ask me why i'm writing this i couldn't tell you maybe right now i'm to emotional to think
Or prehaps i'm questioning my own sanity
I am feeling odd i wish saying i'm happy and meaning it were the same
Written by
keepsake7  22/F
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