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Aug 2019 · 313
Katherine Storm Aug 2019
He said... I've no feelings no more,
I'm just bleh.
I said...
That's okay, darling...
Bleh is not that bad,
Bleh is good for us.
As long as we bleh together...  (^-^)/
As long as you are with me, Bleh is just fine.
Jul 2019 · 718
Katherine Storm Jul 2019
I'm so broken..
I wish I was stronger.
If not for myself, at least for you.
I want to lend you my shoulder to cry on,
but my soul is too weak to ease your burden.
I wish I could take all of your pain,
and bear it as my own.
I yearn for you to see my real face, my heart.
But the fear that surrounds me,
keeps my love locked in.
Unable to reach you.
I'm calling out to you.
Do you hear my voice?
Do you hear my cries?
I'm trying to break open this prison,
I'm trying to reach out to you.
Do you hear me, love?
I'm here. I'm right here...
Please don't walk away...
I swear. I'm trying...
I'm just so broken.
We are all broken. We're human, after all.
Jul 2019 · 14.7k
Love Trap
Katherine Storm Jul 2019
He stretched out his hand
& Caught Me.
That's how I fell into the abyss.
Love is a double-edged sword. Wield it well.
Mar 2018 · 483
Rant of the Mentally Ill
Katherine Storm Mar 2018
When anxiety takes over,
it feels like you are choking.
Like an invisible hand is suffocating you.
Is it the hand of God?
Is it the hand of the Devil?
Whoever it is,
they have no mercy.
Because even if you beg and cry,
you still suffocate.
Your chest is heavy
and your breath is shallow,
till you are broken and useless inside.
There is no escape from this depression,
from the walls that are closing in around you.
There is no way out.
And there is no one to help you up
as you fall into the deepest of abyss.
Alone and afraid.
Feb 2018 · 260
The Mask
Katherine Storm Feb 2018
Who am I?
I look in the mirror,
I see a familiar face.
But who is this?
These eyes that look back at me,
desperate, on the edge.
A silent tear escapes,
A cry without a voice.
A moment passes...and two.
A forced smile plastered on,
I walk out with a mask unknown.
Feb 2018 · 614
Pills; Hope
Katherine Storm Feb 2018
He said it might not work,
I hoped it would.
He said it will take time,
I hoped that in time, I would heal.
He said it might only just ease my pain,
I hoped, it would be enough to let me survive.
He said I might feel weaker than ever,
I only just hoped it would be enough to make me want to live another day.
I hoped.
Hope, it was the greatest side effect of the pills.
There are lots of things about medication for mental illnesses that the doctors conveniently forget to mention.
Feb 2018 · 959
Deep Within
Katherine Storm Feb 2018
There's a lone, dark place
Deep inside my heart.
A place where none has been
Not you, Not him.
Just me.
When the world turns away,
I dwell far into that place.
It gives me the chills
More than the cold places I've been.
I tried to open the doors to you
But you said it's too dark and scary.
For you, who have stood in the light
This place is damp and rotten.
For me, who has lived within the darkness
It is like coming back home.

— The End —