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Jessie A Nov 2017
There will be times where I will fall, and I won’t want to get up. Instead, I will pretend that the ground is like quicksand dragging me to the earths core. I will imagine that I am nothing but a speck being pulled by the wind. I will believe that I am nothing to make the time go by. Take my hand and pull me up. Tell me that I am worth being saved. That I will one day be able to understand my worth. Have faith in me, because I can’t. Don’t let me sink.
Jessie A Jun 2017
It's midnight
There's no light
Just me and the tingling sensation
I give it much appreciation
My head is swaying back and forth
But then everything goes north
My heart beating fast
My panic is so vast
I close my eyes
I listen to all of the lies
That my head is feeding me
Things that I can see
All the monsters in my head
Makes me feel like I'm dead
The monster is my faults
My self inflicted assaults
My mind is growin tired
I tell it its time that it's fired
I close my eyes and go to sleep
And I let the thoughts sink in deep
I wake up and repeat it all again
Another day and and everything still sinks in.
Jessie A Apr 2017
My life feels like it withers away,
Like a leaf with nothing but the wind in its way,
Like a leaf I have my cracks too,
Sometimes those that aren't visible to you,
Like a leaf that goes with the sway,
Never withering further away,
Like a leaf that goes from green to brown,
I too can go from happy to a frown,
Like a leaf that flows away,
I too like a warm sunny day,
Like the leaf that seems to fly too high,
I want to wave and say goodbye,
But like a leaf that is tied to its tree,
I too have a tie between my choices and me.
Jessie A Apr 2017
The thoughts that sneak into my brain,
****** im going insane,
My mind draws pictures that I don't want to see,
But its obeying the inner part of me,
I know that im all ****** up,
The thoughts can be gone but suddenly erupt,
I think im worse than I used to be,
I hate the inner part of me,
My appearance is a sweet little girl,
But in my view im one that deserves to go to hell,
The images keep coming to mind,
I need to set them far behind,
It gets me once and then again,
Eventually I am right in it's hand.
Jessie A Apr 2017
Death came fast in which I wish I had known,
To us the after life was never shown,
Our lost souls wish to stay,
But the devils trying to take our withering souls away,
I try to grasp onto what little life I thought I had,
But in an instant I felt the devils grab,
I kick and I kick him away,
He says ill be back soon, maybe today,
I look down and see his imprint on me,
Lord please have mercy on me,
I feel the pain each time I look upon my scar,
Each time it gets a little more hard,
The imprint resembles the temptation and guilt laid on me,
**** the devil and what I see,
He comes back every day to retrieve my soul,
But it continues to say no,
Each time my resistance weakens,
Soon it will break my beacons,
I don't want to wither away,
***** the devil and the temptations he throws my way !
Jessie A Mar 2017
Laying in bed,
Knowing soon, I will be brain dead,
All my thoughts and memories rush to my brain,
Im dying, and it's making me insane,
Im sitting in a room that's full of silence,
But in my mind that is violence,
Thinking of my family makes me sad,
Thinking about all of the memories that we had,
Now my time has come,
Now, everything will be undone,
The darkness is on it's way,
Now my memories are fading away.
Jessie A Mar 2017
In a dark corner there stands,
A man with a knife in his hands,
His heart is beating fast,
But that feeling might not last,
He's dealt with so much pain,
There's feelings that he just can't contain,
He's tired of living an unfair life,
So he wants to take it out with a knife,
He hates the people that made his life hell,
He used to wish that someone would tell,
But people just stood around,
Laughing and making every kind of sound,
He would sit on the floor,
Hoping that someone different would walk through the door,
He takes his knife and runs,
He sees everyone that he stuns,
He looks for the guilty,
He's going to make them filthy,
He spots a certain person,
Which makes his feelings worsen,
He can't keep control,
He stabs the person and takes his soul,
He runs throughout the place,
Giving every single person a taste,
Eventually his feelings had worsened,
And he made himself the last person,
At home he left a letter,
Something to make his mom feel better,
His mom had cried,
And three days later she died,
She couldn't take the pain,
Bam! Went the bullet into her brain,
At their funeral their family cried,
Now wishing they were the one's that had died.
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