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May 23 · 22
The Gate
Phil May 23
Dream a dream of dulcet calm, past a rubicon unseen
drifting through an iron gate, motes of ash gleam

Stare into your mirror eyes, iridescent irises - amiss
reminiscent of event horizons round a roaring abyss

That funereal passage enshrines a single lyric
“Arbeit Macht Frei”, that victory, somehow pyrrhic
Thoughts on VE day
Apr 5 · 1.4k
Phil Apr 5
Where once
There was laughter
Silence is deafening
Mar 5 · 289
Phil Mar 5
Crystal waters shimmer bright
Emerald shards piercing loam
Gull calls cross spiral heights
Sun ablaze, cerulean dome

Laughter floats into the air
Shining pins above stained glass
Lonely castles crumble there
Fireflies spark but never last

Zephyr shifts glittering grains
Shiver gainst the gloaming
Tidal black in dark refrain
Losing grip on all knowing
Feb 2019 · 122
Phil Feb 2019
Thunders roll through riven skies
spring's sweet caress on sodden ground
Gentle tears on wind swept eyries
quagmire depths grip them bound

Silken hush o'er fallen spires
Tear stung eyes feel their breath
How the sands have ebbed away
Concealing hate and bitter death

Empty heart's serrated trance
Rapt in winter's frozen grace
Distant spectres call redemption
Trapped forever in this place
Feb 2019 · 198
The Fortress
Phil Feb 2019
Outside the darkness
coiling and cold;
Inside - the garden,
balming and gold.

Sheer walls of obsidian
no structure was higher
Gleam’d black and unyielding
To petrify endless chatt’ring liars

Through dew dappled verdancy
sweet laughter sings soft in the air
bucolic days drifting, hazy and lazy
(ignoring the shadows that aren't really there)

From thunderous flashing torrent
Plucked from the devil’s maw
Under the Aegis of Truth
you can’t hurt me anymore

With warmth, sun, soothing rain
We sow ageless golden seed
From when you stopped mattering -
is when I was freed.

— The End —