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May 2021 · 213
Alex Teng May 2021
A little bit good,
A little bit bad,
Aren't we all like that ?
Nov 2020 · 116
Quote of the day
Alex Teng Nov 2020
Pain is personal,
So is the healing.
Nov 2020 · 152
Quote of the day
Alex Teng Nov 2020
Don't live the life they want to see,
Live the life you want it to be.
Oct 2020 · 97
Quote of the day
Alex Teng Oct 2020
Maybe when time is right,
You will find me again.
Oct 2020 · 139
Quote of the day
Alex Teng Oct 2020
I passed my hardest moment alone,
While everyone believed I was fine.
Oct 2020 · 76
Love is blind
Alex Teng Oct 2020
You can fall in love listening,
You can fall in love smelling,
You can fall in love talking,
You can fall in love looking.

At the same time,
Listening to the same song bores you,
Smelling the same perfume makes it less special,
Talking to the same person agitate you,
And looks will fade over time.

It started with love,
Excitement ,
And ends with

Eventually, it becomes familiarity.

Love is blind.
Oct 2020 · 320
Quote of the day
Alex Teng Oct 2020
I'll rather be lonely than to hurt somebody.
Feb 2020 · 166
Alex Teng Feb 2020
You've became thinner,
It makes we wonder,
If he treats you any better.
Stay safe keep that smile
Feb 2020 · 175
Alex Teng Feb 2020
We all are stubborn,
We all make wrong decision,
But we all ain't rich.

'Principle' is what we all say when a successful man is being stubborn,
And a 'risk taker' is what we all call when a successful man made a wrong decision.
'Man' is a general term referring to a person regardless of the gender please don't get me wrong
Feb 2020 · 165
Alex Teng Feb 2020
Shame on the misguided, the blinded, the distracted and the divided.

You have allowed deceptive people to corrupt and desensitize your hearts and minds to unethically fuel their greed.
Dec 2019 · 215
Alex Teng Dec 2019
I guess it isn't fair to blame you,
I kept pouring myself into your palms,
Even as I watched all that I was leak through your fingers.
Dec 2019 · 230
Alex Teng Dec 2019
They said I changed a lot,
I answered
A lot changed me.
Dec 2019 · 323
Getting to know someone
Alex Teng Dec 2019
The first thing you should know is that you aren't them,
A lot more will make sense after.
Dec 2019 · 108
Alex Teng Dec 2019
When love dies,
Remember the passion when you hold hand for the first time.
Dec 2019 · 105
Men's pain
Alex Teng Dec 2019
Why alcohol taste so bad,
Yet man can't quit,
Because a man's pain,
Can only be swallowed in his stomach.

Drinking is just a temporary paralysis,
Life goes on after waking up,
A man's pain can't be told casually,
Because they are carrying a whole family behind them.
Dec 2019 · 108
What is love
Alex Teng Dec 2019
Don't ask a person who loves someone,
Ask a person who has lost someone.
Dec 2019 · 268
Alex Teng Dec 2019
A kilogram of cotton,
A kilogram of nails,
Weight the same,
Step on a cotton,
Step on a nail,
Definitely won't feel the same
Nov 2019 · 119
Alex Teng Nov 2019
I know,
You know,
That doesn't mean everybody should know
Nov 2019 · 141
Stay strong
Alex Teng Nov 2019
Throw it away,
Forget yesterday,
We will all make it today.
Nov 2019 · 199
Alex Teng Nov 2019
Love itself is poisonous,
Not when given, but when taken.
Oct 2019 · 160
Alex Teng Oct 2019
Love cannot be described with words,
Gotta feel to know it's worth.
Oct 2019 · 401
Alex Teng Oct 2019
Falling in love is easy,
Staying in love is not.
Oct 2019 · 393
All I need
Alex Teng Oct 2019
All I need ,
Is a little rain ,
A little wine ,
And a lot of you.
Oct 2019 · 475
The one
Alex Teng Oct 2019
If you can't get past the wrong ones,
You'll never reach the right one.
Oct 2019 · 143
Alex Teng Oct 2019
Sharing is caring,
Or so they say,
A share gets trending,
There goes the sway.
Oct 2019 · 158
Stop hate make love
Alex Teng Oct 2019
I ain't looking for fame,
Nor do I want to be shamed,
If you think my sharing is shabby,
Go ahead unfollow me.
Oct 2019 · 124
What attracts man
Alex Teng Oct 2019
Woman's smile, for example, attracts a man;
but an even temper retains him.

A pretty gown attracts a man;
the knowledge that it was inexpensive delights him.

A pleasant manner attracts a man;
brightness of brain holds him.

A knowledge of how, when and where to be a little stately, attracts a man;
an appreciation of the folly of frivolity, wins his respect.

A respect for the religious belief of every human being attracts man;
irreverence in woman is to him abominable.

A consideration for his comfort attracts a man;
a continuation of this makes him your humble slave.

A chat which there is no malice, attracts a man;
neither scandal nor evil speaking make a woman sweet and lovely to him.
Sep 2019 · 21.9k
Alex Teng Sep 2019
We fell in love by chance,
We stay in love by choice.
Sep 2019 · 247
Alex Teng Sep 2019
Three guys are on a boat,
With four cigarettes,
But nothing to light them with,
So they throw one cigarette overboard,
And the boat become a cigarette lighter.
Sep 2019 · 163
Alex Teng Sep 2019
There is this part of me ,
Crying out loud,
And another part of me,
That had enough.
Sep 2019 · 474
Xs and Os
Alex Teng Sep 2019
Love is a game
Of tic tac toe,
Constantly waiting
For the next X or O
Sep 2019 · 929
Alex Teng Sep 2019
So tell me where shall I go ?
To the left,
Where nothing's right ?
Or to the right,
Where nothing's left?
Sep 2019 · 183
Alex Teng Sep 2019
In times like this,
Most of us love ourselves too much,
We tend to forget,
Love is more about sacrificing.
Sep 2019 · 297
Full Moon
Alex Teng Sep 2019
Seeing the full moon shines,
Reminds me of you,
And your weird beliefs,
It seems like,
We just parted yesterday.
Sep 2019 · 831
Alex Teng Sep 2019
If I don't love you right in this life,
Find me in the next,
And when you see me for the first time,
Shake the sky.
Rain on me, warm and heavy
Sep 2019 · 134
No pain no gain
Alex Teng Sep 2019
Everybody wants happiness,
Nobody wants pain,
But you can't have a rainbow,
Without a little rain.
Sep 2019 · 141
Alex Teng Sep 2019
Sometimes I wonder,
What would I be,
If I didn't made those mistakes,
Would I be happier,
Would I be stronger,
Would I be able to make my parents prouder,
Or would I be a loser,
Or someone who's prouder,
Someone who lack the empathy,
To sympathise those weaker.
Sep 2019 · 163
Social media
Alex Teng Sep 2019
Scrolling through stories after stories in Instagram,
Makes me wonder what would my life story be.
Gotta keep going keep moving keep pushing Alex!
Sep 2019 · 259
Love story
Alex Teng Sep 2019
In love story,
Mom always agrees,
While dad disagrees,
It's because mom knows what love is,
And dad knows what boys are.
Aug 2019 · 228
Alex Teng Aug 2019
I just heard you found the one,
You've been looking for,
I wish I would have known,
That wasn't me from the start.
Aug 2019 · 1.5k
Alex Teng Aug 2019
You don't hurt people with a 'No'
You hurt them with a 'Maybe'
When you know the answer
Is 'No'
Aug 2019 · 486
Alex Teng Aug 2019
Someone once ask,
Are you afraid of falling in love,
I answered her,
I'm afraid I'm the only one falling.
Aug 2019 · 166
It's hard but it's true
Alex Teng Aug 2019
The fact that you hate me now,
Meant a lot to me,
I have succeeded,
In my own way,
To ensure that I won't be in the way between you two.
Stay safe and keep the smile girl
Aug 2019 · 955
Alex Teng Aug 2019
I miss me
The old me
The bright me
The happy me
The laughing me
The smiling me
The gone me
The real me
Aug 2019 · 264
Alex Teng Aug 2019
It used to be us against the world,
Now it's just me.
Jul 2019 · 152
Eye contact
Alex Teng Jul 2019
It's when we fall into slumber,
When we cry, when we remember,
Through the short times that we've shared,
For all the pain we compared,
It's when I looked you in the eyes,
It's when my heart couldn't lie,
For the hundredth of time,
You've hurt me inside,
I still can't let you down.
Jul 2019 · 164
I don't
Alex Teng Jul 2019
I don't hate you, although I should.
But I'm grateful for what you did,
It made me stronger and happier.

Thank you,
Because of you,
I learned what I deserve and what I don't,
Between what I want and what I don't need,
Between who to love and who to let go.
Jul 2019 · 132
Alex Teng Jul 2019
When you come out of the storm,
You won't be the same person who walked in,
That's what this storm is all about.
Jul 2019 · 371
A real man
Alex Teng Jul 2019
A real man would never lies,
He may love you,
And yet still get attracted to another,
That's the truth.
Jul 2019 · 143
Joke of the day
Alex Teng Jul 2019
There's *** without love,
Love without ***,
And there's you without both.
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