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Oct 2018 · 149
You always gotta put me in second place don't you?
This game I play is a game of one
The only risk is that I go insane
And I, have lost my mind in the riddles you play
Am I losing my sanity or is this my destiny?
I'm a sucker for this game I play of one
You're the ultimate prize in this game of life and I'm just the claw searching my way for you
I want you, I need
What does it take to win  
I hear patience is key, and if patience will get me to you then patient I shall be
To hold you in my arms is the ultimate prize for me
Apr 2018 · 418
I feel myself sinking
And rising again and again
My body and soul in absolute chi
I am an energy, all things flow within me
I feel the tension in my bones and warmth in my soul
I feel at ease
There is beauty within me you cannot see
There is natural peace and harmony within
We don't need no religion, we only need love and compassion
Jan 2018 · 286
4 am
Here I am
Lying wide awake
It’s 4 am, the moon is up and so is my mind...overwhelmed with lost thoughts, visions, and daydreams
What has become of me?
Am I where I’m supposed to be or have I not found it quite yet?
I find myself wondering what the future holds, but I am scared.
I am alone, on my own.
Am I who I am supposed to be or is there room for growth?
The night is lonely but I hear my thoughts swirling around my head.
Oh the endless possibilities....
I..can achieve ANYTHING.
Just watch me.

— The End —