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FrozenSmoke Apr 2018
Everyday it's hard to decide,

Is she wrong or is she right.

Should I run or should I hide,

Should I love or should I fight.

Darker than the darkest nights,

Brighter than the brightest lights.

Without her it's hard to survive,

Show me the way , it's hard to find.
FrozenSmoke Mar 2018
I need to get myself together,
I 'm gonna go let myself fly .
cuz an easy life's all I wanted,
Now I just wonder why did I.
Lessons will come from mistakes,
Learning them will make me wise.
Maybe I'll keep on trying,
Until I escape the skies.
Dimensions water goes through
Quick write .. Poetry day.
FrozenSmoke Jan 2018
I have been feeling ill ,
And its just me , who i wanna **** .
No ! No ! No ! don't stop me dear ,
I've seen it all from love to fear .
Just take back this ******* throne ,
that's not what , i ******* own .
Or just leave me the **** alone ,
See i just can't watch my ******* tone .
and tissues.
FrozenSmoke Sep 2017
Your heart is a stereo ,
and i love all its songs .
I can go on listening ,
for hours and long .

If i just miss a beat ,
would you play on repeat .
would you let me hear it ,
till our rhythm's meet .

And it might seem so crazy ,
for the reasons , unknown .
But keep me in your heart ,
its a place i belong .....
FrozenSmoke Jul 2017
Its raining and lightning over...
and in these lonely showers ...
i just miss her more than ever ...
I miss her :(
  Jul 2017 FrozenSmoke
Please don't try to tell me that my love is not enough
And please don't try to save me, I am too broken to touch

My shattered glass is poison to your complex hopes and dreams
When you try to comfort me, I'll place you somewhere in between

My smile drifts like butterflies looking into weary skies
You give me happy lullabies, and I give you my tired eyes

You bloom like May flowers
While I rain down like April showers

Soon enough you'll get sick of the rain
And search for something sane.

I thought you and I'd fit together like a railroad and it's train
But your sunshine-sweet weather didn't fit well with my pain

What a shame our colors couldn't blend
But Black loved every shade of Blue until the end

And while I watched blue search for hours,
He'd never find a love like ours.
  Jul 2017 FrozenSmoke
Tyler Matthew
If a poem could save you,
could mend all your breaks,
let it be this one,
for both of our sakes.

If a poem could teach you,
could offer you faith,
I pray that this poem
has what it takes.
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