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Lilla May 2020
This is America
Where it is legal to **** a trans or lgbtq person
This is America
Where POC fear just going for a run or speaking
This is America
Where our president is a known ****** predator
This is America
Where only 6% of the monsters go to jail
This is America
Where I'm ashamed to be
This is America
Where I hate to be
I'm ashamed to be here, I really am
Lilla Oct 2019
I am in pain
I wonder if I'll every truly be happy
I hear the sound of the world ending
I see a fiery pit of nothingness
I want to see it all come back
I am in pain

I pretend nothing is wrong
I feel lost
I touch the blood dripping from my hips
I worry that I won't be saved
I cry about all the pain and hatred in my mind
I am in pain

I understand that somethings never end happy
I say that I'm fine, but we know the real answer
I dream about a world where nothing hurts and it's all okay
I try to see the happiness
I hope that I can be saved
I am in pain
It all hurts
Lilla Oct 2019
It was supposed to be true love
I shared with you my heart
our hearts were bound,
souls and souls facing darkness
was there no swear?

But our love was just a mirage
it cuts me truly
there was only history
may you find happiness.
To my ex
Lilla Jan 2019
The abuse changed me
a second, a second
The abuse changed me
The abuse changed me
for as the hour draws near, darkness descends
Put to rest, in your soul
Lilla Jan 2019
' ' you took away my innocence and the purity ' '
Time is precious but in its place,
I am but a lost soul
don't pray for me
I am not a perfect person
' ' you took away my innocence and the purity ' '
the sadness afflicts
Lilla Jan 2019
' ' I'm sorry ' '
this will be the last you hear from me,
not but a smile
I beg for forgiveness
for it is written,
Lilla Jan 2019
Dear Future Lover
I could never have loved anyone
the way I loved you
our hearts were joined,
for always in a moment
I would have followed you forever
I would have loved you always
But our soul was just a fever dream
and forever meant only an instant
and for always meant only a second
Maybe one day…
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