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brown eyes are just brown eyes
until you fall in love with someone
with brown eyes.
in the sun,
the golden embers gleam brightly,
bringing you into a trance.
a trance you’ll never wish to leave.
- finny
Don’t tell a girl you love her.
If she calls you at 3 am,
Because she is upset,
Tell her you are too tired to talk,
Roll over and fall asleep.

Don’t tell a girl you love her.
If you fantasise,
Kissing the girl with red lipstick and brown hair,
Who waited on you two
At your six month dinner.

Don’t tell a girl you love her.
If you don’t.

It’ll break her in half,
Shred her heart,
As if it were paper,
Drown her in the oceans that do not exist.

It will destroy her.
And if it doesn’t,
She’ll wish it did.

- Finny - thoughts at 2am (18.01.16)
eyes were just different colors,
each iris strand holds a memory,
she didn't know she was deprived of this feeling,
until she looked into those brown and green iris strands,
bringing her home.

- Finny
Nicole Kennedy Jun 2018
i love these scars,
because they remind me
all the time,
i am and will always be
your moon.

as i sit with you in the night sky,
shining with a sliver and white light,
showcasing our unforgiving,
innocent love.

but they did not know of the dark path we have,
leaving us broken and lost,
but that's the thing,
there is always a horror behind,
the pure innocence.

- Finny
Nicole Kennedy Jun 2018
from that day,
the purple hazed sunset
has left a constant reminder,
everyday at 6:30pm.
I’m reminded of you.

the purple etched across your face,
your green eyes appearing blue,
your face showing unconditional love,
and your touch,
burning into my skin
never wanting to forget
what it feels like to have you near me.

but since we are so far apart,
everyday at 6:30pm
I’m reminded of you.
and i’m grateful we get to share the same sky.

- Finny

— The End —