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  Oct 2017 Emma Audsley
Between today and tomorrow lives a lifetime
Between today and yesterday seems untrue
Yet, here, in this moment, lies perfection
A glance feels an eternity
Doubt is squelched by honest emotion
And reality breathes in time with our hearts
copyright©PrttyBrd 22/10/2010
  Oct 2017 Emma Audsley
D Conors
i'm going to die here, i know i will,
they change their scope of helping me,
every time i slide farther down the hill,
"you can have this pill at a certain time,"
"NO! Wait! We've changed our mind,"
"you can have it at this new time, how kind!"
"just make sure there's someone on who can tell the time.."

and if i lay here waiting, for what i may or may not get,
my hands will slowly tremble and my mind so deeply frets,
all alone in this wrinkled bed clothes, no one sees me yet,
but now the nurses have come to me with a little more regret:
"the doctor says you'll now have to wait 7 more hours for relief,
it seems he doesn't like being awaken at nighttime when he sleeps."

so, i get to feel my tears build up behind my bloodshot eyes,
no one is here at all to help me understand just why.
you should see me now alone trying so hard now not to cry,
all i feel is stunned, cold shock and this feeling that i will die
--i'm going to die here, bit by bit, inside out and all alone,
i don't know what to do or say, or how to make last atone,
for all i've done in my life, that has brought me to this place,
to compose this death-wish poem to read as tear-drops paint my face.

but, for now with nothing else left to do in my hospice room,
i do the last thing that i can do the best, just write and wait for doom.

is there anyone out there?
help, help, help me, i beg and try to plead!
will anyone please come here,
hold and hug me in my need?

i'm  going to die here,
and i'll be all by myself,
left alone like a broken knick-knack
on a dusty shelf.
d. conors.

Sunday novemeber 07,2010
  Oct 2017 Emma Audsley
D Conors
the first thing i do
when i wake up
in the morning
is cry

the last thing i do
when i go to bed
at night
is cry

there are times
i do not count
during those times
in between
i cry

now i cry
and i no longer
no why
because there's
no reason
to cry
when there's
07 nov. 10
  Aug 2017 Emma Audsley
What is behind the stars in the dark night sky?
Please don't tell me nothing,
because nothing is something.

Oh, and what is deep beneath the ocean which we cannot see?
Are there mermaids or
maybe whole another universe?

Now tell me,
is happiness truly real or is it something spoken in fairytales?

I have an open mind.
I have a sense of magic that children have in themselves.

Just please tell me:
what happens when I die?
  Aug 2017 Emma Audsley
You told me turning the page would
do me good, but my book is filled of
blank pages and no one can imprint
words in them the way you could.
I guess I will never move on
  Aug 2017 Emma Audsley
Follow me into my dreams, swim in the bed of flowers I’ve built for us, maybe we could look at the stars too and find the secrets you said were hidden in chests of gold. My eyes were your chests of gold, you said. But now that I am awake, I’ve suddenly become an empty box with treasure you no longer want.
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