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 Jul 2019 Eliza
Chalsey Wilder
Ladies and gentleman skinny and scout
I'll tell you a tale I know nothing about
The admission is free so pay at the door
Now pull out a chair and sit on the floor

On one bright day in the middle of the night
Two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other

The blind man came to see fair play
The mute man came to shout hooray
The deaf policeman heard the noise
And came to stop those two dead boys

He lived on the corner in the middle of the block
In a two story house on a vacant lot
A man with no legs came walking by
And kicked the lawman in his thigh

He crashed through a wall without making a sound
Into a dry creek bed and suddenly drowned
A long black hearse came to cart him away
But he ran for his life and is still gone today

I watched from the corner of the table
The only eyewitness to facts of my fable
If you doubt my lies are true
Just ask the blind man, he saw it too
This is my favorite poem. It's by Tyler Rager and I honestly don't know why I love this poem. But ever since I heard it from the movie I just couldn't wait to find it online and read it. When I read it I fell in love with it. <3 Love this poem a lot.
 Jul 2019 Eliza
Everyone comes with scars,
But you can love them away.
I told you that I wasn't perfect,
You told me the same
'You don't get it, I-"
'Shh, I love you, imperfections and all',
You said
But a month later,
Everything changed
You looked at me with disgust-
Like I was **** on legs
'I'm breaking up with you',
You said
'Why', I asked
'You're not perfect, I don't love you'
Hysterical sobs, at the loss of-
What I thought was love
'But I love you!',
I screamed at the closed door,
For you walked out on me
Your previous words meant nothing
I'm not worth loving, why?
The cuts on my thighs?
My eyes full of hurt?
My mouth full of lies?
The pain you caused,
Hurt more than the fresh cuts-
I just made
These were dedicated to you
Etched into my skin,
The perfect reminder of the pain you caused
'I love you' it said,
Used my blood to make-
a small heart on my tear-stained cheek
Then I slashed both wrists
They were dedicated to you
I love you
Hours later, remembering something-
You left
Found me lying there,
With the note cut into my hand,
'I love you' it said
The perfect reminder of the pain you caused
 Jul 2019 Eliza
 Jul 2019 Eliza
Forget the risks
Cut the wrists
Take the fall
If that's what it takes,
just end it all.
 Jul 2019 Eliza
 Jul 2019 Eliza
kissing girls is like heaven 
and worth going to hell for
 Jul 2019 Eliza
the dirty poet
exit interview
with the manager
you’re both ******
he opens his trap and you snap
"shut up phil, and do what you do best
sit down and do nothing"

You shine like the Moon but
Your illumination is like a SUN
Thus many a times I think of
Standing beneath your shadow
To experience and feel
YOUR inner darkness of LOVE

Whenever life has become difficult
And the being of my heart
Has felt like a depleted temple in ruins
I think of placing
- Your eyes
- Your smile
- Your face
- Your feet
- Your being
In place of an IDOL
To bring back the true glory to
Our LOVE'z sanctum

Many a times I think of
Drinking your LOVE as much as I can
Let the world also witness that
If ever I come to my senses
From the intoxication of your LOVE
They might see me breathe my last & die

Many a times
I think of showing you your eyes
So I can protect YOU
From the LOVE of my eyes
The same way you protect me
From the LOVE of YOUR eyes

Many a times
I think of bringing my fire
Close to your being's storm
So to extinguish myself
Annihilated in your LOVE storm

Many a times
Every single moment I'm alive
I die and live in your LOVE

Many a times I've thought
Just like that
Let me try to forget YOU
But I am unable to - I can't

Many a times

— The End —