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Windy Darlington Apr 2018
If our smiles were to touch,
By a little or by much,
I fear that we might break—
For the chance of true love’s sake.
So we only look, and sigh.
We love alone, until we die.
Windy Darlington Nov 2017
In smoke and dust and ash we die,
We little men, under a ****** sky.
I hope heaven saw us here,
I hope hell knows we’re near.
Bad men, good men, great men, all,
We fought, we cried, and now: we fall.
Windy Darlington Oct 2017
A sea of silver glass,
And a lady— a lovely lass.
Windy Darlington Oct 2017
The world is always-whirling; a constant, topsy-twirling.
We were born to be all-yearning; lessons ever-learning;
To follow like the sun, the day once it's begun.
We'll do whatever it might take, mistake upon mistake,
To live a dream within our mind, even if it isn't what we'll find.
Windy Darlington Oct 2017
I am lonely here tonight,
Lying under heaven's light.
I can see a million stars,
While I wonder where you are.
I am lonely as I wait,
Just beyond this garden gate,
To peer into the past,
Where we two will always last.
I am lonely as I stand
Where the waters kiss the sand,
As I look beyond the sky
To the days of you and I.
I am lonely in this place
Where I cannot see your face.
I miss you now you've gone
But I know you're moving on.
I am lonely here tonight,
As I lie beneath moonlight.
I am lonely, lonely, lonely,
You were my one; my only.
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