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1d · 16
Treasonous Angst
Bard 1d
I don't have a reason
Into oblivion I ease in
Darkness is in season
To claim purpose is treason

The hall burns over us
To stay warm is enough
Breath in ash taste the rust
The house is coal black and unjust

Cracked pavement on the road
Roaches in apartments pay the toad
Thieves who can't afford a code
Slaves until were choked

Freedom is owned land
Trespassers will be shot
Kingdom of greed always the plan
Envy is all the rest have got

You are what you eat
So lets eat the wealth
Blue blooded meat
Its good for my health

Hate is the only reason afforded
The only emotion and I own it
Want the kings to eat lead
Like Caligula's head
4d · 16
Bard 4d
My feelings made me sick
So I puked out my heart
Shudder to a click an swipe

At a twilight height with a swisher lit
Good things in every hit best to forget
Every night its the same old ****

Old flames, dust to dust ash to ash
***** that if I had more cash
Our love had a chance to last

That's the past its best to forget
Lose it between every hit
And fade into my regret
Bard Nov 4
Empty holes in my thoughts
I thought to lose my soul
I am the bard I am the fool
Don't go too far that's the rule
that's the rule that's the rule

The world is a tool that's rusted brown
Once was cool that glistened an glown
A fool who hastened to the ground
Mortal wounds my laughter found
I am an actor and a clown

The passion burned hot now it burns not
From the throat came every broken note
I rely on the rope never once on hope
One will hold you afloat
The other holds until you choke
Oct 31 · 169
Tasteless Words
Bard Oct 31
The words enter you face
And replace its empty place
What a waste
Oct 22 · 42
Bard Oct 22
Our generation is somewhat infertile
Cause its hard to **** amongst ****'n bile
Oct 8 · 34
Live and Let Die
Bard Oct 8
So you don't want to vaccinate
You doubt the lies on your plate
But what of the truth you hate
Of skin turned greyer than slate

Grandfather, grandmother didn't hear a word
"Covids a sham" into a casket they slammed
Ever faster death does gather its all around
It abounds yet gets erased by radiowaves sound

Adults can't behave, to wants remain a slave
Maskless and unashamed not one is saved
Double down in those tasteless ways
Half a million dead dropped like flies

Still a toast is in order as progress is made
One casket at a time feel the change
Jobs open up and now I'm getting paid
Wonder why everyone is so afraid

Mostly we lose dregs who don't know when to fold
Costly now to lose so many empty heads to a "cold"
On hospital beds thinking shoulda woulda coulda
While the doctor thinks "I ****** told ya"

Breath your last, lungs in tatters, whats the matter
Maybe everyone isn't mad as hatters
Scientist in agreement with doctors
Riddle me that conspiracy theorizers  

Well I'm tired of being sad so happily I say goodbye
Let go and go in peace even if it was all a lie
So just sleep, leave your loved ones behind
Paul said it best "live and let die"
Oct 5 · 37
Bard Oct 5
everyone at a distance
Dead moths in the lens
Everyone loves to pretend
but thats just a pretense
Lithium lights are our friends
Helium heights chemical highs
everybody lies nobody cries
So get ****** take flight
Go get money every night
keep chasing bright lights
Feel the heat in signs
And be burnt by the times
over ashes they shine
Many are dead by thirtynine
Oh well guess we're doing fine
we made it, we touched it, we died
Bard Sep 13

Tick tock another second gained your life arranged
Clocks abound framed and bound forward marched
Now tense is present where sensation moans
Passion over sense actions set into stone
How many will reach us when thrown
And reach the seed that will be grown


Once so loud gone quiet, read our lives plot synopsis
Where is pride when you live in edges of solipsis
In a stones shade I am alive treading after sisyphus


A man or a child
Blessed or left for dead
Am I the words said
Or sins committed
The name cherished
But feels so ashamed


A hypocrite to the bone
Trite words said to no one
A life spent all alone

Sep 6 · 123
Labor Day
Bard Sep 6
Being alive these days feels like a crime
Punishment in the smog and crushed limes
Drink till it stops come pay your fines
Then work your way back through the line

Get higher get tools get cash
More fire more fuel more ash

Trace threads on your bed
Face the dead in your head

Gold plated saints lead us over the edge
Black tarmac crumbles on the ledge

Dreamers can stay in their comas
Workers can dream of some commas
Aug 27 · 29
Patriots Folly
Bard Aug 27
Take me back to the homeland
It's all Ive had its become all I am
My land, my pride, and my flag
Nothing to hide except the past
People die so that the soil lasts
My empire will never pass
Eternal taxes from axis to axis
Commit to peace through casual violence
Apple pies, red delicious lies, and amnesia
Saviors and hero's that's the ideal that's the idea
Protectors like crusaders feel zeal with a righteous cry
Drone strikes over the people we choose to die
Money is denied for most of the lives
On empty expect everyone to strive for
Picket fences a couple kids need more than more
Work harder as long as me and friends got ours
I love my country I suffer for its health
I work to death to produce its wealth
Can't even tell I'm proud of hell
Bard Aug 21
Life is a treat from your betters
So step to the letter step with fetters
Mice are good cheddar getters
Up the ladder type in your headers

Office spaces and other empty places
Smiling faces and glassy eyes
Corporate lives where everybody lies
From the top floors how many will fly


Hell is sent from the past
All body and *** living trash
Tats plaster like a mask
Let loose and shirk the tasks

Beer bottles in the lawn
Full throttle till I'm gone
Burning alive up and down town
Moths after fires we're drawn
Aug 21 · 146
Lost Touch
Bard Aug 21
Hate the voices in my head, they talk and talk
They can't stop cause they want me dead

Want love want life want another day
Nowhere left to go not okay not today

Take it day by day thats what they say
Take two pills today take me away

Nothings free especially not me
Soul on the deed sold for free

Tin flavor under the skin
Sins everywhere I've been

I'm the voices in my head
And my tongue is lead
Aug 21 · 35
Bard Aug 21
Punks who don't respect the past
Goths sitting in the back of the class
Gangsters burning up fast
**** of society
Scared of the sight of we
Be dead in a week
Left behind
Rockabillys dead behind the shed
Hippys fed full of lead
Yippys buried in sand
No living in this land
Till you follow the man
Chase freedom if you can
Jul 26 · 33
Mass Appeal
Bard Jul 26
How you doing are you feeling content?
No? Then just consume more content
Watch a show listen to a song
Get the popcorn tune in turn on
Everything is dark, the night is long

So just consume to the tune of a pop star
Your home is your tomb so get a car
And if that's not enough get four more
Happiness in jars sold at your local megastore
How long can I ignore my problems, maybe forever

Everyday devour the stars eat from palms of liars
We're all stars in a play and our stage is on fire
Over each other we climb up higher
Wonder how far you gotta to not get burned
How much can you buy how much have you earned

Enjoy the view of ones and zeros
Live vicariously through fake heros
Eat up your feed till its all you know
What did you see how was the show
Did you forget your all alone now

No? Then just consume till your bloated
The void remains unfilled and the colors are faded
Always so impatient have you waited
Time has been traded to the machine you did your part
In return it ripped out your heart

Every purchase almost feels like your really alive
Things to chase almost like a purpose to live
All of it to feel as if death isn't at your side
To hide from the fact that if you stop then you've died
So purchase, consume, eat up the happy lies

Live vicariously through heros who never lived
Watch villains make sport of mocking our lives
Look at your feeds watch as they water seeds
That decide our needs, Versace and Thneeds
We're in a sea of ads and digital goods

Look at all your things your heart almost beats
Are you feeling happy are you content?
Do you need more content?
We're all happy to sell anything or something
So we can buy something or anything
Jul 17 · 28
Wonder Lost
Bard Jul 17
No thought to evolution or gods
No more solutions or fighting odds

Not gonna ask why don't care who
My only reply to life is ******* too
Jul 17 · 116
Bard Jul 17
Nowhere left in the sky
Now no one will ever fly
Say mayday, say mayday
As all hope goes away
At the cliff feel the breeze and sway
It lifts you to a kneel and sends you away
Jul 17 · 19
20% Gratuity
Bard Jul 17
Meet me by the midnight sea
Where black waves crash over me
Burn your olive trees
Scatter salt and seed
Not what you need
It's who you want to be

Oil slick down the wireline
Cash sent down a pipeline
Downtown tick tock in time
doing fine, doin just fine
My life is just fine
Ran the stop sign

Smell the burnt rubber
Hit by the brunt of lost lovers
Real shaker and mover
Ever go still die in a gutter
Inhaling exhaust shake from the fear
No outrunning the past its already here

The future isn't real only imagined
But so sure I was that in its name I sinned
Hate when people ask where have you been
I've been busy far away dying inside
I lie and say it's nothing much I've seen
I won't fail, I'll save us all, I lied
Jun 28 · 28
Bard Jun 28
True colors show, crimson red on the snow
Deeper reds I go, in every crack is a hateful glow

I hate my ****** family that stole my cash
And **** my friends who never last
So unhappy in every camera flash
Always wondering when will it end

Hated my poverty scarred childhood
Furious in my adolescence surrounded by people who never understood
Now seething and empty I brace myself for adulthood

I dream of dripping meat and bloodbaths
Wanna hurt the elite cause all my friends are dying fast
Wanna **** cause my family got prescribed pill bags
Under my eyes darkness sags

All I see anymore is cash and pain
All I see anymore is trash and rain
All this trash and pains gonna crash the train
Focus in and be insane so wash your brain

Every talking head sounds the same
Everyone clamoring for change
Everyone clamoring for the same
Everyone saying it's such a shame
Jun 26 · 94
Bard Jun 26
Problems get bigger so pour more liquor
Livers get sicker as I chase a few figures
Faded pictures the past moves quicker
Jun 25 · 273
Peace and War
Bard Jun 25
When enemies turn to friends the time of mercy begins
When friends turn to enemy it's time for mercy to end
Jun 25 · 25
Bard Jun 25
Watch the mania in my eyes
Hysteria escapes my lips
Wisteria enters me in sips

Louder quieter see you later
Careful on all those risers
When you go meet the miser
Ask him the cost ask whats lost

Work and chores all for the poor
And they will all ask for more
Pump blood till the heart is sore

Follow our pied pipe with an empty head
He wraps it in cords and melts the meds
Needles wires pins and stems
These will fill the empty hand
Jun 25 · 33
Bard Jun 25
Citizens everyone of us
Future of business in the class
Passionless, as I pass into the middle class
Fall in line with all the rest

Boss said its time too get paid
Ghost say its best to learn a trade
Make a nest and live as a slave
Only alternative is an early grave

Citizens everyone of us
Irons and gears in our rust
Leaders that make the devil blush
Under foot the meek feel the crush

Decay on the highrises death before our irises
Ashes make me say less make me feel blessed
Blindsided by the crash burning up to fix it
Strings of violence chasing after finances

Small towns raised from dirt left to the curb
Suburbs running from filth is what I deserve
Moneys the only master left to serve
Reach out and grab it if you got the nerve
May 25 · 37
Mage of Hope
Bard May 25
Im still haunted by your embrace
Long after ive forgotten your face
Remember you were all hope and grace

I wonder if your still the same
The brightly burning flame
Do you still obsess over the game?
May 25 · 36
Bard May 25
Hope swirls round and round the holes in my head.
Heart pulses pound  pound as I roll in my bed.

What do I live for? What do I die for?
Do I want more? What would it be for?

Just trying to close my eyes but I'm in the deep end again
Just trying to lose my sighs but I'm depressed and its a drain

I'm golden and jaded a dreaded choker round the neck
Rhymes sodden, faded, and overstated what a wreck

Maybe feign my death just close my eyes and finally rest
A baby cryin for breath so sözel; lies sandy easily infest

Every nook of life filled with uncomfortable grains
The ground shook as I lied with comfortable pains
May 25 · 287
Bard May 25
Friend of mine lost his mind
Line by line  he left it behind
And he left me in kind

Burnt brain, burnt foil
Emotion came to boil
Turned black as oil

Laughter died long after the eyes
The lies he plied were just a guise
Never wise in a bed of maggots and flies
May 19 · 40
Courage of the Meek
Bard May 19
So many claim that they will commit violence
But are cowards who will commit to silence
In the moments of need remain still and compliant
Thank goodness for others cowardice
How else would we have unregulated avarice
May 17 · 58
Bard May 17
I remember, left you on read
In December looks like your dead
Bard May 12
Path to follow its paved in rust beneath is hollow
Many fell below turned to dust that's hard to swallow
It's follow or bust though so where will they go
Head off the pillow rest not a must time is shallow

Leaders after success, not yours not mine just theirs
Others suffer to cater at a dime serve wine without a share
Career servants without time tearing out their hair
Fair is never what comes near the life of a waiter

Family members, team players, sacrificed at the altar
Never allowed to falter the atmosphere grows hotter
Grease and sweat drip off wage workers
Sickness, death, and age as they grow older

Nothing to account for no money
Nothing to amount to no property
Nothing to surmount except poverty
Nothing but a body-count for inequality
May 11 · 50
Moving On
Bard May 11
Scars on my back match the scars on my lungs
I can't ever take it back I've already made the jump
Funny thing is now I don't hate myself
Funny thing is now all I have is myself
Self love narcissism and wealth
Roads paved listen as I pour out my health
Woes and leaves fall where I once knelt
May 10 · 41
Bard May 10
Narcotics are often very therapeutic
Tonics, the prescribed chronic do the trick
Unplatonic love for the sick sold by a doctorate
May 9 · 120
Gas Station Clerk
Bard May 9
Saltwater fills the tills and the tide won't let me breath
Insects chase my dread roaches burning in my sheets
Whiskey neat to help me drown underneath
How'd I still get burnt standing in the sea
Apr 29 · 352
After Fairer Days
Bard Apr 29
Woke up looking sideways
Time to get on the highway
Moving past my yesterday
No one to ask if I'm gonna stay
Wouldn't want it any other way
I have so little left in me to say
Woke up looking sideways
Pulled into different byways
One has my head in yesterday
The other took my soul to latterdays
Never given direction so I pave a driveway
I'll make the home where I can stay
Then watch ashes as I burn it anyway
Bard Apr 27
We worship under angry gods who count each and every sin
Scripture says its best to applaud as our home shall burn
So sayeth the flock so sayeth the lord look back and be unborn
Justice in faith Holyness to those that placate the form
Just once I wish to live life more than the meek and the worm
To get caught in the eye of a needle and be lost in the storm
My lifestyle called feeble looked at like I grew out horns
Living too idle, I'm no Able but I know I'm not Cain
Guess some see it as all the same can only live in one lane
Faith is the only way to deliver oneself from eternal pain
But if its all the same I'm fine gonna embrace a way of my own soon
Apr 26 · 42
Unlicensed Labor
Bard Apr 26
I live among many broken men
All of us with dented hearts of tin
Born to work and now work begins
Born separate now make the ends meet
I live among many broken men
Long gone rented out our hearts of tin
Born from labor now the labor never ends
Born desperate men of flesh men of meat

Never will the skin mend
Souls often stolen by the sin
Alcohol takes us all in the end
Spoken foul beaten brow ignorant men
Scars of hard work don't mend
Holes where darkness bleeds in
Tramadol pain killers quicken the end
Broken scowl Silent howl itinerant men
Apr 25 · 128
Bard Apr 25
Say I live in insanity
I say your lost in sanity
Apr 25 · 38
Bard Apr 25
Stopped wearing a watch cause I only waste my time
Now watch as I drop line after aimless line
Meandered and squandered all of my time
After all the wandering and wondering I missed the sign
So I'm driving past the state line
Just hoping everything will be fine
Apr 23 · 54
Bard Apr 23
So far from utopia no one even tries
Watch the weak all die, telling themselves lies
Do you feel the betrayal of a honest days pay
Despair without hope in hell we all stay

Why do we live this way, is it the american way
The kids are dying everyday as elders pray
Mothers are crying as the NRA sponsors our grave
Born long after any better days tell me to learn a trade

Or live life as a slave working off the debt of yesterday
Worthless lives who can't even look at an ICU
I have to say it seems humanity lost its way
When scraps of paper mean more than surviving the day

Some people should just say it that they hate the less fortunate
Walls to stop immigrants they just wanted to live somewhere safe
Drugs are smuggled by the guards we pay sponsored by the state
Suburbanites who never faced real fear killing in the name of hate

Drug addicts put in prison till the rot away
Some ******* wouldn't have it any other way
We're all a cancer what else is their to say
Pray to Jesus while damning all of his ways

Put spikes under the freeway to keep them away
Build cases instead of places for the homeless to stay
Then justify it by saying who will be the one to pay
Don't know why I pay taxes anyway

Bask in radioactive snow static on the TV show
Down and down we go living in misery and woe
Spiraling down further till rock bottom is all we know
How low will we all go before we start fighting the flow
Bard Apr 20
Pigs hunt us for sport
Then get awards from court
Judge and pork are cohorts
Victims to villains that's how they sort
Was it a gun or drugs put on the report

Kids dead and the feds said he deserved to be bled
Now a hole in his head and parents filled with dread
Murderers stalk the street they'll find you in bed
Watch where you tread listen to orders still your dead
Made no moves, Hands up, then your blood is shed

Now people protest the wrongs they write
Civil unrest, follow your psalms do whats right
If you can't see the plight then you've lost your sight
To be quiet is to support the violence in the night
Justice is worth the fight now, don't wait for hindsight

Media making enemy's out of friends
Bigotry, blacks against the whites
Plant the crack, give people a ***** sight
Now the injustice is looking alright
More ******* on news coming at eight

Trust your own gut go figure out what's what
Check your source cause events are never clear cut
Make sure you don't believe something stupid as ****
An example, thought blank was a gun, that's a cover up
Stay the course of the righteous never let fear shut you up

It may be hard to breath or to hold onto sanity
As the fires seethe and the jury makes claims of guilty
Hard to eat while fury builds within the family
Just stay on your feet remember you got the whole city
Don't worry the streets know whose really guilty
Apr 17 · 34
Bard Apr 17
Wake up everyday and taste the acetone
***** hands and cracking cuticles
Fill up on pharmaceuticals over the telephone
Apr 17 · 20
Passing Judgement
Bard Apr 17
Written off cause of the things they said
Locked away put your all back to bed
Heart tucked back under sleeve and thread
Words mean more than actions when someone trusts them
It's swords hidden behind fashion each word thrusts you into sin
Ask where you been what you've seen then cut you off before you begin

Judged by the most evil of thoughts left in a cell to rot
Truth and law never matter when both get bought
At least that's what the accuser thought
Play the games your never taught that's your lot
Never get lost in someone else's thoughts
Don't get caught in the ink and the blots
Apr 11 · 20
State of the Red Dead
Bard Apr 11
Doing all the wrong things seeking all the thrills
You know exactly what I mean
Its all found as it leaks from the seams with dollar bills
It's all exactly what is seems
Young suicidals going out without a hollow point
Ravers, molly, and lean
Pass the codeine left in a dream don't follow him out

The picture is the youth left in the cracks given no place
Filled with resentment and hate
Sutured with blue bullets and red stains divided by race
Shoot then get a statement
Die paying rent or Die sleeping on pavement
Misery is the raiment
Cut from peasant cloth life is the sentence

Maybe the next media personality has the answers we seek
Or maybe the next fatality
Wish we didn't live in reality TV in the middle everyone acts weak
Just clutching onto stability
While losing touch with sanity okay with atrocity when we cull the meek
To any we swear fealty
As long I get affordability then forget about our modern day slavery

Rotten teeth, family dead because of premiums
Still they sleep
Plotting robbery cause the family has needs
Like food to eat
Only then does help come for the victims
Cops on the beat
Track down criminals that scare the suburbans

Aren't we scary in these streets, so scary in this hell
But the demons weep
Brought to our knees some fall some just don't hear the bell
Guns and death on TV
Are these the answers given to me should I do as they tell
Crime, drugs, and ******
Taught the only outs are body bags and prison cells
Mar 25 · 30
Gated Communities
Bard Mar 25
Someone pass me the meds
Something to take away our heads
So we don't end up dead
Watch it don't talk to the feds
Leave you on red in your beds

Never talk it out your not a person
Villain criminal **** get taught a lesson
Punishment for all your running
Acting as protectors killing children
Only hope is being someone worth something

If your bank rolls in seven digits
Then life is what you live it
Otherwise be wise to keep a head down
Super sized painted with lies make a clown
Then on trial get paraded around

Another success of the system
Lifeless person assigned as ****
Look the systems gone and won
Victory, victory and my brother is gone
Judged booked by the pious how to atone

Live in a cell eat at the bell
Live in hell get stabbed in the hall
One last call or freedom if you tell
Oh well, oh well even if you'd never sell
Still welcome to hell may you forever fall

The people cheer for this is the cause of fear
They leer at pathetic addicts and their tears
Mock the poor as if its a choice to be born
Back to the hills and pools ignore the others
Who turn to pills and swill to pull together

Why fix a problem that can be swept into a corner
Kept in districts far from home my as well be foreigners
Don't you dare jump the border or face precincts anger  
Your no father not a toddler just society's disorder
Kept in mind as criminal stay in your quarter
Bard Mar 24
Saw an article that said people who talk to themselves are geniuses. The source most likely people who talk to themselves, but was it they or the voices that said they were geniuses.
Bard Mar 24
I was left in the snow I was pulverized
Just how it goes have a friend he'd say
"It is how it is" well now I'm in overdrive
Left by everyone to die I've never felt so alive
Lost out in the tide eyes are blasted out wide
Never go softly in the night always up at first light
Need out of my head because I don't understand whats left
Barely use my bed hes weird thats often whats said
Won't you just leave me like all those voices in my head
So silent now I don't hear them what was it they always said
"worthless, godless,  why aren't you dead"
Now its all silence and I miss them
My one and only friends
Mar 24 · 47
Hollywood Lights
Bard Mar 24
Diamonds above your head thats a pretty tiara
Tears down your face, are you a primadona?
Morphine to treat your pain, opana

Stick figure body, hollywood thinks your a hottie
wanted for your body just drown your brain young lady
anything for you I'll order the gin and roofies

Neon lights its a neon abyss
Bright nights feel my bliss
Let me fulfill your wish

Fame flashing in the fast lane
Fueled by lust and novocaine
Feel no love feel no pain

Hollywood actress
Isn't it great to be famous
Isn't it great to be tasteless

Hollywood actress in the mirror
Who is this? grey hairs and fear
surgeon knives to ply and tear

Diamonds above your head what a pretty sight
Tears down her face what a lovely night
Morphine,amphetamine, know what I mean?

Do you feel like a queen with a crown of thorns
Or are you a demon whose growing out her horns
The dress is torn as your life is gone its all been shorn

Remember a little girl who wanted to be a shooting star
Dismembered in hollywood her agent took the parts on tour
Wonder who you wanna be now, you don't really care anymore

Money, parties, and vice thats the life of the rich and deep
Thats the life they say as the put you down to sleep
Honey its lovely how your body decays as you weep

In the limelight your so alive
And every night you die
The people eat up every lie

The truth is a just little girl who chased after the stars
Got taken by darkness in blank spaces, said you'd go far
Now lost listless, witless, priceless as she plays her part
Mar 22 · 65
Daddy Issues
Bard Mar 22
In local news a killers on the loose
And he's tying up another noose
your neck feels awful, loose

The ******* son burns high above
Father is gone where has he gone
He's lost in love or has he lost his love
Don't you take that tone

Don't you know what he's done
Shouldn't you tell someone
Before its all done and gone

The ******* sun burns high above
It's tattered but its warm
It's rays push and shove
They grip till the fabrics torn

Silk and velour how did you afford more
Lost his ***** and now he feels poor
Her neck circled with silk and velour

You saw purple through the crack in the door
Witnessed light battered in the daylight
Now speaking to death your not so sure
What is illusion and what is right

Just need to see one more just to be sure
The ******* sun will shine once more
A noose in the news at four

Another dead *****
Then sirens knock at the door
And you tell them your not sure
Why this body rests on your floor

In local news a killer faces the noose
And his neck is looking awful, loose
Mar 22 · 6
Oh! My!
Bard Mar 22
Hands lost in her pants
Time for a new pair of genes
Viscera all over the lance
And the organs start to sing
Friction feels like an addiction
Intentions lost in her diction
Wanton hopes dashed for passion
Backs lashed and impassioned
Awash in sweat and heat
She's weeping at the ****
Mar 22 · 25
Goodbye, Goodbye
Bard Mar 22
do you understand, do you understand
with your feet in the sand
do you understand

beneath us all, beneath us all
that's where we fall
beneath us all

just take my hand, just take my hand
leave everything behind
just take his hand

we hold onto hearts, we hold onto hearts
All I am is spare parts
he holds onto your heart

I love you so, I love you so
When you go
I love you so

you left a hole, you left a hole
its in my soul
you left a hole

we are so happy, we are so happy
why do I feel so badly
they are so happy
Mar 18 · 22
Bard Mar 18
dollar earned only a dollar made when its a dollar saved
baller blinged out to holler about dollars he's still a slave
company store takes payments at four just your soul and more
many march in tour of golden doors as debts reach from a dirt floor
chasing the four door you can't afford its the debtors reward

dollar earned turns to dollar spent
when did life turn into making rent
was it while the middle sat on a picket fence
it came so subtle as we all drowned in media
seemed so helpful like a pound in the city

lock up your problems and show no pity
thats how they solve em out in the city
that or send them to a mortuary
words seem so incendiary these days
burning citys as life sets the people ablaze

burn a hole in your pocket to get laid
what's left when the ****** fades
pantyless and penniless riding waves
hoes and jesus since times medieval
both have kneeled to escape evil

crime is just a high risk job kinda like flipping burgers
time shows both ending without any futures
so excuse the hard worker whose turned to dope dealer
I know time is the best healer but it won't fix this
only fix I need is cash on cash in bank thats swiss

thats a low tax on racks so none of it reaches you
a million ways to hide millions from the millions that make do
charity tax breaks in the collection plate let the money accrue
get a wife thats foreign thats a tax break if your american
new legislation to make sure the middle an poor don't win again

poverty makes a child into a survivor
wealth makes a child into a toddler
prince rules over the pauper
for the price of a few cents
still the prince can't afford sense

maybe for a dollar some of mine could be lent
advisors with white collars must seem heaven sent
till someone wonders where the money went
white collar or black mask only difference opportunity
go live in a parking lot for a week if you don't believe me
Mar 10 · 32
Bard Mar 10
Every day reaching out to green lights in the bay
Everyone says let it go preach about giving it away
Flashing lights I need you to shine down today
Could live if I grasped even a single ray
That would be enough to make it through the day
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