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Danica Williams Apr 2019
In the beginning
There was no end
My diamond in the rough
We were tough
I cannot deny
I sometimes miss
Your touch
Text messages
Blissful kisses
Intimate nights
Deep conversations
And endless lust
I cannot deny  
The heartbreak
Staying awake
Never ending tears
Broken trust
Only then I realize
All beginnings
Come to an
Danica Williams Mar 2019
I am me
That’s all I can be
Your validation and theirs
Is not important to me
Everyone has an opinion
Of what they feel
Or think they know of ME
But the reality
Will have you shook
See I’m no open book
Hell no you can’t take a look
I am not a drug
Used and abused
For your own amuse
You stand to lose
I suffer from my own headaches
Mistakes and heartbreaks
Far from fake
I’m just awake
Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa
Yeah I made the mistake
Letting down my guard
Proving **** to a wall
Never again will I fall
Nah I ain’t no saint
But I stand tall through it all
Timeless aggression
Black butterfly has learned a lesson
She is no more
Like an eagle I soar
I owe it to my children
Peace and tranquility
So to all who speak of ME
Spill what you feel
And bash me at will
Only the children I bore will know
My love is real
Danica Williams Jan 2019
Hard to move on
Temptation way to strong
Emotions flood my mind
Taking all of my time
These feelings can’t be mine
Yet I sit here
Writing line after line
Trying to reassure myself
That my decision was sound
Should I
Risk it all
Last call
This love is a demon
A drug I’m weaning
These thoughts keep screaming
Shut up
I don’t want to be feening
Watching my goals unfold
Is costing me my soul
Danica Williams Jan 2019
This is me
I like lonely
Lonely and free
No stress
No mess
Just depressed
Time heals every mess
Danica Williams Jan 2019
When the darkness compels me
She is the light that unveils me
Patient and kind
She is mine
Oh so forgiving
It’s somewhat chilling
She loves me
When no one is willing
Heart so pure
That I am sure
Taking my breath away
Each and everyday
She knows me
More than I can say
Made just for me
She is where I want to be
She is me
Danica Williams Jan 2019
If I died today
What would they play
Well I wanna hear Amazing Grace
Let my children play
For this is a happy day
My time has come
All wounds undone
Forgive me for my wrong
Let the time go on
Love peace and joy
Let us rejoice
Happy and free
This is where im meant to be
Danica Williams Jan 2019
I am impatient
Reaching my destination

So many limitations

This ain’t no vacation

Time is perpetual
Feel what I’m saying

This vessel is evanescent
Man I learned my lesson

Where the **** is my progression
****, didn’t get the message

Progression is not of the essence

Listen at your discretion

This is my speculation

No need for susceptibility

Condemned before nativity
This world is in captivity

Brainwashed and oblivious
Under their supremacy

Never finding tranquility
Just another annuity

Contradicted delusions
Man I just might lose it

Into the abyss
Nah I don’t wanna be missed

My words are amidst
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