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Aug 2020
I wanna hold’ ya hand,
Tell ya it won’t always feel this way,
I wanna tell ya tomorrow will be betta,
I wanna make ya believe in today.

All the promises will prevail,
All ya friends will come through,
That you’ll have a happy ending,
But my love it’s just not true.

So I’ll squeeze ya,
Hold  ya close,
Tell ya you’re important,
‘*** that’s what we need to hear most.

Lookin back I’d tell that girl,
“Everything is going to be ok”,
Lookin back at that girl,
Prayin she’d never become me.

Haunted by the memories,
That girl I used to be,
Tortured by reality,
That warped my identity.
I’m to young, to feel this *bleeping* old.
Written by
Jordon Rivir  28/F/Baltimore
   Imran Islam
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