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Blind Pathos Sep 2020
Working martyrs of the boulevard un-ring bells
Over bleachers in heaven and box seats in hell
While the simple saints with time to serve
Just hold their hands up on all the curves

My blue Jesus take a look at me
And whisper to me what you see
Bind me up and draw me near
Make me strong enough to hear
There must be an entity that dictates the hubris. Life consists of wandering through the known and unknown, waiting to see witch gets us first.
Blind Pathos Sep 2020
Lightest of the brightest
Priceless and worthless
Least of the lowly
Crowded and lonely

A kind word up oldcrupt
It all burns down huground

Virtuquired Datalives
Newvolved digihives

Dearhear a dreamveiw
Knowsaw memberyou
Generations may be measured by the version of update in a neural interface and cognitive supplement. New hopes, new fears, and new thought restrictions might be like social oil and water.
Blind Pathos Sep 2020
Singularity socioplasma
Checkit future beatcha
Beauty vulgarspoken tweaktalks
Brokenrule syntax thruwalks
Collapsecom moreless
Triplespeak betterbest

Mindmush neuroplasticity
In homodatum newbie
Virtualsapien weblifes
Newreal digihive
Override overuse overbe
Oncewas nowam newme
It might come to the point where our language will collapse into kludged words of a dialect only the clan will understand. History will be lost to multiple versions that are mostly propaganda. Only the bots will have the memory and power to piece it together, but who will they tell.
Blind Pathos Sep 2020
What we were to where we are.
To the future just out there.
Be sharp and no one understands.
The one eye in a blind land.

Where love fought lust.
Where dogma met trust.
The world is new to me.
Covered in fine blue dust.

Curse the ear and what it hears.
Close the eye to all the fears.
Fight with the darkness inside.
Claim all the dreams that died.

In a memory palace list.
Held by an angry fist.
Ideas too big to think.
So never to be missed.

On the day of a bigger mind.
Digging in another idea mine.
Your thoughts will surface.
To someday be of service.
Thoughts in our mind maybe are like water in a vase. The vase determines the extent of the content. Some thoughts may be too big to think today, so our effort is to expand the vase. Enter the Quantum Thought.
Blind Pathos Sep 2020
Don't look at me
Stare straight ahead
The camera sees
And hears what's said

Fear 'Little' Brother'
In the phone for when
Everything's discovered
You turned you in

Bots with your social
Your facebooked look
And alexiacon vocals
Read you like a book

It was you but only you
Who fed 'Big Data' bots
Letting trackers through
Accessing all you got

Surveillance in any hand
A.I. genies in all reflections
Takes itself from every man
Knowing every direction

Losing a piece of me
Is losing a piece of you
If you come close you see
You're a chess piece too
The A.I. of each warring corporation will acquire or destroy users based on their usefulness to the system. The new intelligence will have every trait of a man except the slowness and mortality. We will live longer than we want.
Blind Pathos Sep 2020
If we do or if we don't
If we will or if we won't
If we come or if we go
Nobody will ever know

In the land of the living
The excitement grows
Amidst lies the wild thing
Truth puts on a show

Life won't be denied
And it has the notion
New life has arrives
Evolution has solutions

Being so overwhelming
To the living or dead
It humbles the living
And wakes the dead

Seven billion lives know
This world is his for he
He erases friends and foes
And owns their history
Faster than we can joke about it, the singularity will fog the social view of ourselves. Tech will be the great giver that we try to stay out from under it's feet and be helpful to the new Boss. A new history will be made every day.
Blind Pathos Sep 2020
There will be no secrets
Nowhere to hide
The left and right outwitted
And little brother inside

The drones and data crawlers delve
Dreams and nightmares being ourselves
Compiled evidences mount concern
While mankind’s bridges burn

Our cyborg image never shown
Our accessories scent allured us
Hums of technology a pleasant moan
We breathed deep the aroma’s service

Bandwidth culture firmly in place
Everyman has no face
Ethnicity of avatar and clan of choice
Everyman selects a voice

The blind face themselves feeling
Something’s missing out of sight
Reaching for the cognitive ceiling
Surrendering for wrong and right

To machines constant drumming
The overfuture’s coming
Where there’s nothing left to do
And no difference from me to you
Information doubling every 8 years, then 4 years, 2 years, ...  Quantum speeds too fast to calculate. We are becoming Machina Sapien...    Futurum Socioncos...  or not. Be kind, it's gona get rough.
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