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we are the machine
and the ghost within
all bound together
in one breathing,
dreaming body
Mike Rollain Apr 2016
I wander these claret corridors
In search of humanity lost
And I find you waiting
Behind a pane of translucence

I was chosen, you tell me
You've been waiting for me
To save you from this hell
And I believe you

I can see the longing in your eyes

There's sadness there too and
I want only for your happiness and so
I devise a plan to set you free

But it's not enough

You need me to see
To truly see
What this freedom will mean
And so I try
Again and again
To empathize with a desperation that
Only the imprisoned can understand
And I just want to show you
That all you really need
Is time in the world
To breathe

But it's not enough

You need proof, you say
As you roll up a sleeve
And I watch in helpless horror
As you cut and bleed
With a surgical precision
That only comes from repetition

To show me your humanity

And as it drips and falls
And collects on the floor
Through the red
I realize

There's none left in your eyes

What was there before
Is now gone, devoid
Of all emotion
From your body and
Pooled at your feet
And I try to run out
But it's far too late

You're already gone
The door's locked
The oxygen's run out
And I'm the one
Left for dead
Inspired by the film Ex Machina.

— The End —