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 Jun 2016 Jo Baez
And the sun begins;
Hot damp rays which
Glow in the morning,
Glaze in the evening
And blaze in the afternoon,

And dusk begins;
of feathery air and fireflies,
Hot as firey amber,
Cool as a sea of Shadow
Growing long as day grows old

And the summer fire fades;
Long red rays dip below the sea
The cool blue air like water
Drips through the open windows
And sets cool hands on fevered flesh

The early
In a blaze

     And night becomes the world
Like a river
         within me.

       every stone,
               every lie,
                       into the sea.

Like a river
          within me.

And then
       the waterfall of joy
            meets the river
                      of peace

And I realize I am complete in Him.
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