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Apollyon Jul 2015
noble sacrifice
oh how you must have suffered
when you used clenched fists
to make a man of me
  Jul 2015 Apollyon
IsReaL E Summers
If words can cut
Much more than swords...
Then sharp
I am.
Cutting to the marrow of bone.
By tragedies stratagies
I tear the flesh,
Rend the garments,
And slice at God.
Apollyon Jul 2015
a distant desert
is not a prerequisite
for conflict and pain

Not all wars are fought
over oil, scars are also
a hallmark of home
Apollyon Jul 2015
your rage spreads outward
concentric ripples of harm
break the calm waters

the storms that you CLAIM
to have weathered and survived
are not an excuse

volition exists
in every circumstance, the
pattern ends with me
  Jul 2015 Apollyon
Scars show us where we have been, they do not dictate where we are going.
David Rossi.
  Jul 2015 Apollyon
Evie Hammond
Hunched, gorging on the pain of others
Innocents, betrayed by acts so like your own
For what? Some twisted pleasure?
Denial? Or simply masquerade?
Foul incubus, disguised by pilfered light
An electronic reinvention of your tale
Wallowing, greedily perusing torment caused by proxies
Judas! Betrayer of the Light!
You'll be unmasked
And truth laid bare for all to see
Trolls. Many kinds. Why do they do it? An age old problem. Nothing new. This focuses  on a certain kind of troll. The fake friend. The abuser who pretends to counsel the abused, the thief who pretends to be a benefactor. You know the sort.
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