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  Aug 2015 Apollyon
Evie Hammond
I would love to say we should love others
Just as truly and deeply as we love our children

But given the childhood of many
That would be condemning us all to hell

Better to say we should love others
As we would have chosen to be loved as children

When JC said "Suffer the little children" he did not mean literally
Of that much I am sure
For those whose experience of childhood was less than idyllic. Often marginalised by sentiment that assumes everyone's experience was perfect.
  Aug 2015 Apollyon
Bela Matyas Feher
i wonder if the old bicycle
tied outside,
rusted rims sitting on flat cracked rubber,
knows its owner is never coming back.
but it waits,
a silent vigil being kept
until it's loved again,
and both rider and machine are freed.
Apollyon Aug 2015
If I had to live
without you, all the best parts
of me would vanish

you are the essence
of what makes me a worthwhile
person, you show me

how to be decent
and though sometimes I fall from
grace, you redeem me

'love' is too small a
word, to routine a concept
to encompass how

you heal me, make me
complete, and lift me towards
being someone I like
For my wife
Apollyon Aug 2015
the journey from white
to black through coloured cotton
returning to white

feet, hips, arms, eyes, mind
so much to be considered
in every technique

the paradox that lies
in TRYING to stay relaxed
slow is smooth is fast

that eternal reach
for perfection that always
remains elusive
I've been studying shotokan karate for two and a half years give or take a bit. I've tried to use haiku to express what it is to me, but to be honest what's here doesn't even come close
  Aug 2015 Apollyon
Natalia mushara
Walking in da room
I don need to make no noisse
I am da noisee
And I speek loud
Apollyon Jul 2015
I am detritus
left ashore by the ebbing
tide of my childhood
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