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Nazanin Sep 2018
One chose to live
One chose to die
And he had to deal with the third choice
Not choosing at all.
Nazanin Sep 2018
Lets gather bunch of animal masks and play pretend
Nazanin May 2018
I love a girl
And i killed her last summer.
Nazanin May 2018
I can't wait till the end of the day
When daddy's home and we get to play!
Nazanin Apr 2018
He breaks you to the point that you wont even be able to ask for help
He seeds this idea in your mind that you are far beyond repair
And far too unlovable to be helped.
Nazanin Mar 2018
Anytime im unexpectedly happy or depressed, i ask myself this
What am i missing here?
Nazanin Mar 2018
The circle of despair has begun to spin.
And I'm a tiny fragil thing
Placed above it
As its perimeter gets full of shiny little pins.
It spins
It spins
It spins
And the circle turns red.
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