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Akshi Hargoon Feb 13
Farewell my dear friend is what I have to say;
though I wish from my heart that you could stay.
You have been an amazing friend thus far;
A true gem, a shinning star.
You have been there in the littlest of ways;
Just to show that you care always.
Here's a message from me to you;
Just remember my words are true.
The worlds your oyster as they say;
So you just go along and play.
My wish for you is all of lifes best treasures;
Coz my friend you are truly special beyond measure.
Always remain as you are;
A perfect masterpiece by far.
Akshi Hargoon Feb 17
There's such beauty on a r a i n y day
The sound of the r
hitting the ground
As if they trying to make musical sounds
The patterns I see as they drop
Just makes me want to stop and watch

There's such beauty on a r a i n y day
If only more people could say
They don't stop to take notice of this beauty
Coz they are all in a rush to perform their duties

If only one would stop and say, "what a beautiful day hooray! "
If only they would rejoice to see
This natural beauty that comes for free
Nature appreciation
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I may be wired differently but definitely not deranged
I am a glow worm emitting a light when I'm at my best
But for that to come into sight I need my antisocial rest
I blend in like a chameleon when I'm in a crowd
But feel a reckless need to leave when the voices get too loud
Makes me feel like an addict in need of narcotics
Though I'm perfectly normal I get looked upon as psychotic
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I am a normal human being - definitely not insane
I connect with people that are non judgemental
Their place in my life is definitely instrumental
If I don't like you - you'd be sure to know
Coz I ain't the type to put on a show
We all have different personalities. We should accept it instead of making judgments about a person
Akshi Hargoon Feb 21
Be not dependent like a scavenger
Instead be a survivor, a worrior that fights for survival
Be strong. Fight for what. Do not depend on anyone
Akshi Hargoon Mar 24
Run wild - an unbroken stallion
Strong and determined
Held down by nobody but you
The limits that define you are what you set forth
Your ability and capability is within your control
Akshi Hargoon Mar 11
You are beautiful, capable and amazing
You were born with a purpose - a purpose that you will fulfill when the time is right
Sure things may not always be great. You do have your days where you feel incapable of anything including getting out of bed
You question your need and purpose. You question your worth and capabilities
But remember that is just a phase
It's like a passing storm that will eventually give rise to a beautiful day. Never doubt yourself
Embrace your individuality, your sexuality, your cultural identity
Be proud of yourself
As long as your are a good human being - that's all that matters
We all are of the same language - the language of humanity
Stand proud
Akshi Hargoon Mar 24
Sometimes our eyes simply do not see
Our ears do not hear
We confuse our true self with our "Show" self
The self that's consumed by ego
The self that does not realize the value of relationships
The self that does not stop to appreciate the little simple pleasures offered by life
Do not just look.. But SEE
Do not just hear... But LISTEN
Always be your TRUE self - only then will you
truly find complete happiness and appreciation in what life has to offer
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
"Would you burn for me?" said the Candle to the Flame
Sometimes we burn ourselves for others
Akshi Hargoon Feb 18
Change just like death is inevitable
How we cope solely depends on us
We decide if we want to live in the past; let it haunt us or we embrace it, accept and move on but bare in mind - it does not mean that we forget what led us there.....
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
Do not judge me by my looks
I am a bottomless hole
A desert storm that can consume your every being
Without whom you'd be left forlorn
He kissed her - brought her back to life
With the realization that it was him
she needed all along
He is both her storm and shelter from the rain
Her anger and calmness
Her turmoil, anxiety and peace
It's madness but it's what she needs
An insane love story
Akshi Hargoon Feb 13
In silence I hear the words creep through my mind;
Latching onto my thoughts like a parasitic vine.
Darkness surrounds me with no room for light;
Yet I somehow feel quite alright.
It has a warmth, a comforting that only I can relate too;
Something that makes me feel like I'm going to make it through.
A safe haven built just for me to escape;
From life's dreaded escapades
Sometimes all you need is the lights turned off and some quiet time with your thoughts
there she stood mirrored in her reflection
a flame dancing on water
Akshi Hargoon Feb 19
I am not the same anymore
             I was once a caterpillar
       Now I'm a butterfly
We all change, grow, evolve
Akshi Hargoon Feb 12
The skies the limit, so they say, so I try to reach it every day
I drop to my knees fold my hands to pray
And hope to God for my strength to stay.

I never thought that I would see this day
When all my fears come out to play
I tried to hide them deep inside
But it's forced itself to the outside

How am I to put them back away?
Do I just dig a hole bury them in clay?
Do I close my eyes hope they go away?
Or do I stand tall and vanquish them away?
We all face difficulties. Each with their own way of dealing with it but we have one thing in common and that is our strength to push forward
Akshi Hargoon Mar 11
Anger pulses through my veins
All that remains is this undying rage
Supressed for far too long
Damaging all that mistakenly comes in my way
I cannot contain all that wishes to come out
Like the aftermath of a hurricane
Debris of emotions scattered everywhere
With no ability, no strength left to clean up
All I have is deep regret
For the situation I was unable to prevent
But how am I to blame?
I tried for far too long
My jar of emotions was overfilled
It had to flow out sometime or the other
We have all said things in anger
Akshi Hargoon Mar 11
You have burnt your mark onto my soul
I'm now branded for life
That even after death your mark will reside
For my eternal soul lives for you
Akshi Hargoon Mar 11
For the fears within you grow
When you feed them
Every uncertainty, doubt, lack of self esteem
Helps these fears manifest stronger
Providing them with a power you eventually will be unable to control
Starve these fears
Starve them so much that they fade away
Think positively
Think happily
Believe, have faith in yourself
Love yourself
Akshi Hargoon Feb 19
He was a breath of fresh air
         controlled with ease
and she was a wildfire
          that could ignite only with his
Spring time is here
What better way to cheer
To marvel at mother natures wonder
That can be admired beyond yonder
This is by far a magical feeling
Taking it in - your soul healing
All the trees and plants blossom away
Reminding us of natures ways
Leaving us all in awe
Hands to our cheeks dropped jaw
Oh what a blessing nature is to us
Providing us with calmness in life's rush
Your demons devour my soul
Drawing me closer to you
My inner voice shouts to stay away
Yet like opposite poles of a magnet
I'm stuck to you
Akshi Hargoon Feb 19
They were different but
           A force that nobody could
Akshi Hargoon Feb 27
Kissing you is like consuming a cuppa hot chocolate on a winters day - needing and wanting
Your lips on mine is life's guilty pleasure
gold burns in fire yet it shines
a constant reminder of our loves time
heated arguments that scorched our soul
polishing it vigorously to glitter like gold
of all the words that were said
there is this three we never will regret
in this moment time stood still
we gazed at each other
a galaxy of stars
no room for distractions
just the magnetism of our hearts
A love so true
Akshi Hargoon May 30
Your eyes tell a story of innocence
Yet your mind is poisoned with deception
You lure me with your inviting looks
Your Laughter a growing infection
You are a gracious orchid laced with thorns
Consumed by dark intentions
To do all the wrongs
Akshi Hargoon Mar 11
In his touch was the warmth of the sun
That melted her cold heart
With each d
Her anger released
Replaced with pure passionate love
Akshi Hargoon Feb 18
How much do I love thee you may ask?
I love thee with all that I am - it ain't a farce
I love thee by being unapologetically me
I love thee because it sets me free
I love thee with a flame that burns so bright
A flame that could rob the day of light
A flame that only thou can ignite
A flame that can withstand any fight
I love thee with all of my heart
Even at the times when we're apart
Just coz I love you
Akshi Hargoon Mar 24
And there I was
climbing my ladder of insecurities
finding what makes me tick
like a bomb bound by time
Trying to create something
that is mine
Consoling myself that all will be fine
Akshi Hargoon Mar 24
Everything beautiful comes with
a little imperfection
even a rose has thorns
Akshi Hargoon Mar 24
My minds a mess
I can't contest
Confined by the prison in my head
My thoughts are fed
I'm no longer able to get out
Even if bang on the bars and shout
There's no warden
Coz my heart has hardened
And I'm now left to my own vices
Akshi Hargoon Mar 11
And even though there were nights my tears ran dry...
Each drop of my blood would still sing your praises
For a love as rare as yours - is worth much more
I lay awake in bed
Unable to put my thoughts at rest
They argue with each other - noises in my head
Why do they do it to me
When I'm so fatigued
I do not have the strength anymore
Just wish I could shut the door
The door that let's them out
Makes me wana scream and shout
I have no control over them
My mind can't seem to comprehend
Why is it only at night
These thoughts come out to fight
sometimes the thoughts we have prevent us from getting sleep. They haunt us
Believe in better - that's what she said
to the voices that quarrelled in her head
though she knew things may never change
she refused to let go - feeling deranged
pain began to feel like pleasure
a sense of eroticism - newfound treasure
a feeling bound just to her
with silver handcuffs covered in fur
masked with a golden eye patch
a body with stories in every scratch
fevered madness loomed over
she could never get enough of her lover
And in his eyes I see love
I could stare at them for hours
Never tire
This love that's just for me
I'd happily drown in them
And feel at peace
Akshi Hargoon Feb 14
Do you know me as I am or do you see all that you can;
Too quick to pass a judgment without knowing what is true.
Where were you when I was down and blue?
You could've seen me you could've knew.
You chose to walk away n' watch me suffer from afar,
While leaving you left the door ajar.

Why did you do it? You could've stayed. You could've helped me, I would've changed.
My soul would have been glowing without even knowing, but it was you , it was you

I rise like an ocean tide, swelling up no place to hide.
I know that I am better, I know that I can.
And what is this life if I can't take a stand?
Coz we all have had certain issues that we have overcome. We all have had anger bottled up inside
Akshi Hargoon Feb 15
I was wondering. Pulling on my heart strings
And there you came, and Ignited the flame.
You brought with you, an addicting scent. A scent That made me heart ascend

My soul soared as high as sky and I knew it's coz of you I can fly. You are my life line my silver lining and it's coz of you I am shinning

But everything good thing doesn't come easy
And just like us, it made us feel queezy.
Every good thing comes with a cost and there were times we felt so lost.

There were issues that threatened to tear us apart, but we knew we would make it coz we live in each other's heart

We have broken down many times together but there's no storm that we cannot weather.
We were meant to be... just you and me
Nothing good comes easy
Akshi Hargoon Feb 14
A little kindness will live on
Long after you are gone
This will keep your memory alive
And help the wounded to survive
People remember how you make them feel
Akshi Hargoon Feb 28
You were born to live...
Not just exist
she lay her head upon his chest
his heartbeat - rhythmic poetry
put her demons to rest
messianic beats understood by her soul
his gentle touch stroking her hair
assuring her he will always be there
embraced in each others arms
cacooned away from any harm
tempestuous emotions at a rising alarm
the only time there's a storm before the calm
Akshi Hargoon Jun 21
Love is love
Why don't you see?
It's pure, non judgemental and meant to be free
Just like the magnificent deep blue sea
It does not discriminate against all that live in it
Even at those who just go for a dip
So who are we to judge who people should love?
We should learn to show respect and rise above
Kindness and humanity should matter the most
Not the ones that make fun off others and boast
We are all children of God
Love all, do good and don't make others feel odd
Showing support for pride month
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
You glistened like gold
When I first saw you
I was elated
T'was as if I had found a pirates treasure

You brought with you high promises
So high that even you were unable to reach it
You pursued me to help you for your own
selfish needs
Yet you failed to observe I was a smoldering piece of coal
Almost burnt-out
Burning yourself to brighten someone else
Akshi Hargoon May 30
Like the radiance of a full moon
she was silent, bright and powerful
embedded within her was each phase
that reflected her missing self
waiting to become whole again
Akshi Hargoon Feb 14
I lie awake, unable to put my thoughts at rest.

Visions of you fill up my mind
I smile just thinking you're one of a kind
You have stood by me through times of unrest
Even though I wasn't at my best

You encouraged me, motivated me, held me when I cried
And told me "It's okay at least you tried"
"We can get through anything" is what you always say;
"As long as we have each other, believe and pray"

I'm only strong coz of you
You are the only one that helps me through
My pillar, my strength, my shelter from the storm
It's coz of you we can face it all
For the special person in my life
Akshi Hargoon Feb 20
I gave you my heart and soul to hold
But you let it break
My heart was as pure as gold before
And now it feels fake
I knew it was you I shouldn't trust
Coz now my heart is covered in rust
Rust that can't be removed
Guess I'm left feeling fooled

I knew I should have trusted my gut
But it was out of my control
All my senses had become shut
As I had been cajoled
Why had you pretended to be mine?
You pathetic, obnoxious cold-hearted swine
You brought with you a promise of love
Yet all I received was a cold heartless shove
We have experienced what this felt like and always wondered why me? What did I do to get this?
He was intoxicating
A feeling you get after consuming a bottle of *****
A head rush, happy endorphins released
With you I felt capable, able enough to take on anything
To be anything
To touch
To feel
To believe
You were my magic pixie dust
Akshi Hargoon Feb 13
You are a work in progress
Stand tall and be proud!...... WordsFlow
My quote. We all are imperfect in some way
Akshi Hargoon Feb 15
Kindness makes a huge difference
It's something that comes for f r e e
And truly is P R I C E L E S S
Just coz it doesn't cost anything to be kind to people. Any simple act of kindness is appreciated
Akshi Hargoon Mar 24
I stand before you
baring my naked soul
my heart sizzling - a piece of coal
all my walls broken down
its in your love, I want to drown
all my insecurities ripped to shreds
an explosion of feelings being fed
your hands send me into wild frenzy
you are my potent drug
Emerald green
            Long glistening leaves
                             Dancing in the wind
Appreciate nature
In your embrace
Is where I Wana be
The warmth of your body
Seeping through my pores
Feeling of belonging, wanting, needing
Knowing that I can feel this way only with you
Sends my emotions, passions, on a roller coaster ride
This exstacy, a high like never before
It's all you, only you
It's has always been and will always be just you
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